What Does ‘Rest Easy’ Mean?


There are plenty of euphemisms and metaphors to help us talk about death. And while it’s sometimes best to speak directly, terms like “rest easy” also have their place. 

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If you’ve ever come across the term “rest easy” in reference to death, you might have wondered what it means and how you should use it. 

Below is everything you need to know about the term, “rest easy,” whether you want to use it in an obituary or you’re interpreting some euphemistic sympathy cards. 

What Does ‘Rest Easy’ Mean When Someone Dies? 

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You might use the phrase, “rest easy,” to comfort someone who needs to relax. But it’s also a euphemistic phrase that applies to death. 

By saying that someone is “resting easy,” you’re implying that death is a peaceful state, and one of restful repose. It frames death in a way that sounds less final, which can be more palatable for people in many situations. 

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Difference between ‘rest easy’ and ‘rest in peace’

“Rest easy” and “rest in peace” essentially mean the same thing. They both refer to death as a state of “rest” and reflect hopes that the person is enjoying a relaxed, peaceful state. If you’re looking for a synonym for “rest in peace,” “rest easy” is a good option to consider. 

Some people, however, might consider “rest easy” as a more casual form of the phrase, “rest in peace.” If you want to keep your message more formal, you may consider using “rest in peace,” instead. 

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How You Can Say ‘Rest Easy’ in a Text, DM, or on Social Media

It’s hard to know what you should say via text, direct message, or on social media when someone dies. You might want to send a message or write a post for the purpose of informing friends and family about your loved one’s death. Or, you might use social media as a way of memorializing the person you’ve lost and saying a sort of final goodbye. 

No matter what your reason for posting on social media after a death, you can incorporate “rest easy” into your message. Here are some examples. 

1. Rest easy, old friend. You’ve earned it. 

Being truly at rest isn’t something we always get to experience in life, which makes the phrase “rest easy” all the more meaningful. It implies that the person can finally experience relief from the stresses of life. You might consider a message like this for a good friend who always worked hard, day in and day out.

2. My heart aches to tell you all that my beloved aunt is resting easy. 

One of the benefits of euphemistic phrases like “rest easy” is that they help you talk to others about death. By phrasing “rest easy” in the present tense in this way, you can put it to use in gently informing your network of friends and family that a loved one has passed away. 

3. Rest easy, dear one. You’ll always be with me. 

Losing someone physically doesn’t mean they’re completely gone. Posting a message like this conveys that you’ll never forget about the person who passed away. They’ll always be with you in memory and in spirit. 

4. I hope with all my heart that you can rest easy now. 

You can keep a “rest easy” message short, sweet, and to-the-point. By phrasing “rest easy” this way, you can share your wish that a loved one is at peace. If you sincerely hope your departed family member or friend is at rest, consider phrasing your message in such a way.

5. You were a fighter until the very end, but you can rest easy now. 

“Rest easy” can be especially poignant for someone who died after a long battle with illness. Undergoing treatments and just living everyday life with a terminal illness is exhausting. It can be deeply comforting to picture your loved one at rest after all of that. 

6. Your soul can rest easy now. 

You might want to convey the sentiment of the soul being at rest, as well as the body. Saying that the person’s soul can rest easy makes your meaning more clear, and evokes feelings of peace. 

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7. Rest easy, and know that you’re missed. 

A message like this gives you, as the writer, and others, as the readers, the sense that the deceased is still with you in spirit. Even though they’re physically gone, their soul is just “at rest,” and they can still observe that you love them and miss them. 

8. Rest easy until I see you again. 

People of many religions and philosophies believe that they’ll see their loved ones again after death. Saying, “Rest easy until I see you again,” is a way of sharing that idea. A departed loved one might not necessarily see the post you write on Facebook or Instagram. But you can still feel like they sense your intention when you write a post like this. 

9. It’s so hard to let you go. But my soul knows I have to let you rest easy now. 

When someone close to us passes away, our mind struggles to believe they’re really gone. But in your soul, you might know that it’s time to let your beloved family member or friend rest.

10. Rest easy. We’ll take it from here. 

When someone dies in the line of duty, it can be heartbreaking for their crew, as well as for their family. If a member of your police precinct or fire department died in service, for example, you might want to let them know, “We’ll take it from here.”    

11. Your life was full of adventure, and endless energy. I only hope you can rest easy now. 

Some people’s lives are so full of life and energy that it’s nearly impossible to believe they’ve passed away. It might be hard to picture them as someone who would “rest easy.” At the same time, sharing the “rest easy” sentiment can help family members and friends mourn the loss. They can picture that energetic spirit finally coming to rest in a positive light. 

12. Rest easy and go with the faith you lived with. 

This quote by writer Walter Mosely might help you put what you’re feeling into words. If the person who passed away was religious and lived their life with notable faith, the quote might be more appropriate. 

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Other Ways to Say ‘Rest Easy’ 

“Rest easy” is a euphemistic sentiment that helps us picture death as a type of sleep, which is more palatable for many people. It’s a way for us to speak to the departed, too, letting them know we hope they’re in a better place. 

You can use the phrase “rest easy” as much as you’d like if you find it reflects how you’re feeling and what you want to say. And there’s always the old standby, “rest in peace.” 

But there are also plenty of other euphemisms that can help soften the topic of death if you’re writing a message or posting online. Here are some examples of death euphemisms to consider. 


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