What Does ‘Rest in Paradise’ Mean? 15 Messages


The phrase “rest in peace” is commonly used to communicate comfort and sympathy for someone’s death on a card or on social media. The saying, originally translated from Latin as “requiescat in pace,” has been around for ages and now there are multiple variations of the original phrase.

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“Rest in peace” can have the potential to feel slightly meaningless. If “rest in peace” doesn’t feel quite right and you’re searching for something deeper, perhaps “rest in paradise” will fit the bill.

What Does ‘Rest in Paradise’ Mean? 

“Rest in paradise” is a phrase that is often mistaken for the more common phrase “rest in peace.”

Rest in peace is used when you want to communicate that you desire the departed to leave this world without any regrets and to rest in peace now that their journey is done. It is often used as a headstone quote.

“Rest in paradise” is similar, though the emphasis is placed on wishing the deceased well now that they are in heaven.

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Famous uses

While the phrase “rest in paradise” is not heavily used, the most famous use of this occurred after the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna.

As soon as their deaths were announced, the world around lit up social media with the phrase, simultaneously expressing sympathy for Kobe’s wife and wishing him and Gianna well in their next life.

The phrase is quickly becoming a rest in peace alternative commonly used to communicate sympathy and well wishes to the one who has died.

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How You Can Say ‘Rest in Paradise’ in Messages or on Social Media

There are many deep, meaningful, and touching rest in peace quotes you can use to express your condolences and sympathy to a bereaved family member.

The moment you see a death announcement from a relative or friend, it’s best to offer words expressing your sympathy and grief. Here are several ways to express your sentiments in short social media-friendly messages.

1. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know (name of the deceased) will rest in paradise.

When you need a short message to write on someone else’s social media page that communicates your sympathy and well wishes for the deceased, this message works perfectly. This is also ideal if you need to send a brief text message to let people know you care.

2. Dear (name of the deceased), rest in paradise, brother/sister. You are missed.

When you know the deceased and you want to share a few words on his or her social media page, this short message works well. It implies knowledge of the deceased, however, due to the addition of calling someone brother or sister.

This shouldn’t be used if you didn’t know the person well since it can appear out of place.

3. Until we see each other again, rest in paradise.

This works well for writing on the deceased person’s social media page when you know the person who passed away. This also assumes the person believed in an afterlife, so be sure of that before you post it.

4. Rest in paradise with your (relative who has gone on before). We look forward to seeing you again.

If a father or mother follows their child in death or one relative follows another, this message is appropriate.

This message is particularly applicable when the two deceased family members had a close relationship, such as a father whose daughter passed away before him or an aunt whose sister passed away before her.

5. RIP (rest in paradise), my favorite (title of the deceased).

This allows you to use RIP while communicating this newer phrase. The second half of this message is ideal for any person who you were close to such as a friend or colleague.

If you want to write something more lighthearted, you can also use a nickname like “my favorite basketball player” or “my favorite swing dance partner.”

6. You lived such a good life, and I know you will rest in paradise.

When you want to share a brief message about the impact of their life, this message is appropriate to use.

7. When I think of you up in heaven smiling down on me, I smile, too. Rest in paradise.

This message is ideal when writing on the deceased person’s social media pages. This speaks to his or her belief in an afterlife and their continued impact on your life even though he or she isn’t physically present.

8. Rest in paradise, (name). I’ll never forget the way you taught me to ______.

If you want to remark on a specific way the deceased impacted your life, this is the message to use. Keep in mind that the blank space can be filled in with any lesson from serious to funny.

Some examples include, “I’ll never forget the way you taught me to love those around me,” and “I’ll never forget the way you taught me to laugh at myself.”

9. I’m so glad I got to know (name or title). May he/she rest in paradise.

When you learn of someone’s passing and want to share a message of sympathy on his or her loved one’s social media page, this is appropriate to use.

This is also appropriate to use when messaging a loved one directly. Short messages are ideal so they can be read quickly.

10. I have so many wonderful memories of (name or title). May he/she rest in paradise until we meet again.

You may want to share the news of someone’s passing on your own social media page. This brief message is one way to share your memories of the deceased and invite others to do the same as they comment on your message.

11. I will never forget you or your kindness, (name or title). Rest in paradise. 

This brief message works well on the social media page of the deceased person. It simultaneously shares what you remember and affirms that he or she will not be forgotten.

12. Dear (name or title), even though you’re not here physically, you will always be here in my heart. Rest in paradise.

When you want to communicate how much you miss the person who has passed away while affirming that his or her memory will always be present, this message is appropriate.

This can go on your social media page to share sentiments with your friends or their social media to share with others also writing on their page.

13. I am so sad to hear about the loss of (name.) He/she is gone too soon. Rest in paradise, (name).

If you need something to say to express sorrow regarding an unexpected death, this short message works perfectly. It communicates your sympathy and offers well wishes for the departed at the same time.

14. To the greatest friend that I have ever had: Rest in paradise.

When you experience grief due to the loss of a close friend, putting words to how you feel can be difficult. If you need a short message to express your pain and loss, this message is perfect. It can be placed on your social media page or theirs. 

15. Today, I lit a candle in memory of (name or title). He/she finished life well. May he/she now rest in paradise.

If you want to share how you are commemorating someone’s passing, use this message. You can change out the actions you take to make it appropriate.

Some examples include, “Today, I wore all black in memory of (name or title)” or, “Today, I listened to opera music in memory of…” Use this message when you want to share what you did that reminded you of the person who died.

Send Well Wishes

Having a ready-made list of words to say can be especially helpful if you struggle to come up with your own condolences. If you’re trying to craft a social media message to show sympathy or support, it can feel even more daunting, since you know many people will see what you wrote. 

Death is often difficult to deal with regardless of whether it’s a friend, loved one, or a distant relative. What helps every person navigate through the feelings of loneliness, grief, and loss are often the words of friends and family communicating their own sympathy, grief, and loss. Never hesitate to tell a friend or family member that you feel their pain. Even if you feel like you can’t quite come up with “the right words,” your message will mean the world.

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