18 Simple ‘RIP, Sister’ Tattoo Design & Sayings Ideas


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Losing a sister is like losing a best friend. But even though your sister might be gone, her memory is still with you in everything you do. One way to honor this everlasting memory is with a memorial tattoo. 

Tip: Grief is just one of the many challenges you might be facing after the loss of a beloved sister. For help sorting out what you might need to do next, check out our post-loss checklist.

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Honoring someone with a memorial tattoo is a touching tribute to a sister who died. There are so many symbols of remembrance and ways to say ‘Rest in Peace’ to the sister you loved so much. 

Because a tattoo is a permanent form of legacy, make sure you’re committed to the design before going ahead with your tattoo. For inspiration, here are simple ‘RIP, sister’ tattoo designs and saying ideas for your memorial tattoo. From meaningful images to important quotes, here are the tattoos that are perfect for a lifetime of memories with your sister. 

If you're interested in other unique ways to honor a loved one, you can consider a custom urn from a store like Foreverence or even have a memorial diamond made from ashes with a company like Eterneva.

Small or Minimalist Memorial Tattoos for a Sister

A lot of people prefer small or minimalist tattoos, especially if this is your first tattoo. Because it’s small and minimal, it’s easy to cover up if needed, and it doesn’t attract too much attention. These are subtle, timeless memorial tattoo ideas you’ll never tire of. 

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1. Heart

When it comes to what to do in memory of someone, a heart is a common choice. Hearts are a symbol of everlasting love and affection. For a close sister, a minimal heart tattoo is a subtle way to show that your sister’s heart is always with you.

2. Angel wings

Many people find peace knowing that their sister is always watching over them. She’s acting from above as a guardian angel, so honor this symbolism with an angel wings tattoo. 

3. Birds

Birds are always flying free, and this is a beautiful representation of your sister’s everlasting spirit. Birds are also a simple, minimal tattoo concept, especially when they’re taking flight into the horizon. 

4. Tree

For the sister who loved nature, a tree tattoo reminds you that new beginnings always come from another ending. Like a tree, your sister’s legacy sprouts to new heights, always staying in someone’s view. 

5. Infinity symbol

Though your sister might no longer be around, her memory is still with you. This will never go away. An infinity symbol is a simple, powerful way to show that you carry her with you for the rest of your life. 

6. Initial

Finally, honor her memory with her initials. Getting her initials tattooed in combination with these ideas above or on their own might be simple, but it’s also a lasting tribute.

There are so many font variations to choose from to find something that represents what she meant to you. Better yet, use her handwriting. 

Large or More Complicated Memorial Tattoo Ideas for a Sister

For those who aren’t afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve, a larger, more complicated memorial tattoo might be a great fit. Something bigger leaves room for greater detail, honoring your sister’s life in a new way.

Tip: If you're looking for something really unique, consider getting a tattoo made out of your loved one's ashes.

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7. Portrait

While not for everyone, a portrait tattoo is the ultimate form of remembrance. Having her face on your body keeps her in your thoughts every day. It’s also a great way to get more people to ask about her, giving you the opportunity to share her story. 

8. Flower

For a beloved sister, capture her beauty in her favorite flower. Flowers have their own language of meaning.

For example, a rose is a symbol of everlasting love. Tulips represent joy and friendship. Find the flower that captures what your sister meant to you for a stunning pop of color. 

9. Butterfly

Butterflies aren’t just beautiful, but they’re freedom and innocence in its purest form. A butterfly tattoo reminds you that though life might be brief, it’s still unyielding in its beauty. 

10. Religious symbol

If you or your sister held religion close to your heart, a religious symbol like a cross, Star of David, and so on is a touching tribute. This is a creative way to honor someone while also honoring your own belief system. 

11. Feather

Feathers are a common tattoo choice because they’re so beautiful, and they also carry a lot of meaning.

In Christianity, feathers are thought to be a sign that a guardian angel is watching over you. In other belief systems, feathers are a sign of good luck. Having this meaning embodied on yourself reminds you that you’re never alone. 

12. Memorial ribbon

If your sister passed away from an illness, condition, or other tragedy, a memorial ribbon is a powerful way to raise awareness.

These ribbon tattoos are very popular, and they show that you’re a lifelong supporter of this cause in honor of your sister. 

Sister Memorial Tattoo Sayings and Quotes

If you’d prefer a more direct memorial tattoo, use touching ‘Rest in Peace’ quotes or sayings to honor this memory. With so many ways to honor them, sometimes your words say it best. 

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13. “Never forgotten”

Though your sister might no longer be with you, you’ll never forget her. When we’re gone, we live through the ones we love the most. Your sister is still with you, and she’ll never be forgotten.

14. “Always with me.” 

The ones you love stay with you in your memory for the rest of your days. Having a reminder that she’s always with you helps ease the grief and pain on the harder days. 

15. “Watching over”

Your sister might be gone, but she’s also watching over you. She’s your guardian angel or companion spirit, guiding you through every challenge in life. Though grief can be isolating, you’re never alone. 

16. “In loving memory”

A more direct way to honor your sister is with an ‘In loving memory’ tattoo. This can be signed with her name, another quote, or something that has meaning to you. You vow to live your life in loving memory of your sister and what she meant to you.

17. “Cor cordium”

‘Cor cordium’ is Latin for ‘heart of hearts.’ This phrase is common in music and literature, and it’s used often in relation to grief and love.

Your relationship with your sister was meaningful, and it always rests in your heart. 

18. “Always my sister”

Many feel that after the loss of a sister, they have one less sibling. In reality, once a sister, always a sister.

You’ll always be a sibling, and that relationship will always be an important part of your life no matter what comes next. 

Honoring Your Sister’s Memory with a Memorial Tattoo

A memorial tattoo is a powerful tribute to someone’s life and legacy. Getting something permanently tattooed on your body carries a lot of significance. It’s a symbol of a lifelong relationship cut too short. Even if your sister isn’t near, they’re never far. 

Whether you use her handwriting or a favorite quote, your tattoo is something you’ll come to cherish for years to come. Having her memory so close to you means you’ll always have something beautiful to turn to when you feel the tide of grief making itself known. Though those first weeks or years after a loss can be lonely, you’re never really alone. 

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