Rose Urns: 9 Types of Rose-Shaped Urns For Ashes


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Roses have strong symbolic power. In many cultures, roses represent love and passion. Thus, when considering various types of urns for the ashes of a lost loved one, some people find rose-shaped urns appealing.

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Many urn suppliers offer rose urns in a variety of styles. These include rose urns in the form of jewelry, larger rose urns you could display in your home, and smaller keepsake rose urns you can carry with you wherever you go.

If you’re in the process of looking for an urn, and you believe one in the shape of a rose would properly symbolize your feelings of love for the deceased, the following list will help you better understand your options. It covers some of the most popular design styles for rose urns. One of them may be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Types of Rose-Shaped Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is a common form of cremation art, as jewelry naturally boasts striking designs and aesthetic qualities. Cremation jewelry also gives you the option to bring a piece of someone you’ve lost with you wherever you go.

There are plenty of urn pendant options, or you can even opt to have a memorial diamond created from a loved one's ashes. Some companies, like Eterneva, create lab-grown diamonds and allow you to pick from several cuts and colors for your gemstone.

The following are a few common styles of cremation jewelry rose urns you may consider if that idea appeals to you:

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1. Rose petal pendant urn

A simple but striking piece of rose urn jewelry is a pendant in the shape of a rose petal. You can find such pendants in a wide range of colors, from realistic red to silver.

The necklace itself functions as a small urn for a loved one’s cremains. Similar necklaces feature more than just a rose petal. Some include a pendant in the shape of a rose and stem, the flower falling from the necklace chain. This is another option to consider.

These pendants are not obviously urns, so you could wear this type of necklace without worrying that people will realize you’re wearing your deceased loved one. While you may want to keep the cremains of someone who’s passed with you, the extra meaning behind your subtle jewelry may be something you wish to keep to yourself. 

2. Rose heart pendant urn

This type of rose urn isn’t technically in the shape of a rose. Instead, it’s a heart-shaped necklace pendant featuring an engraving of a rose shape. However, it’s still worth including on this list, as it combines two popular shapes for urn jewelry into one single pendant.

You can find numerous pendants in common urn jewelry shapes featuring engravings or images of roses. For instance, you may prefer a pendant in the shape of a teardrop. Several urn jewelry designers offer such pendants, with glass or transparent resin on the front and an image of a rose laid into it. Some designers combine two designs, such as a heart pendant connected to a rose.

3. Two-rose petal pendant urn

This design is similar to the first on this list. The difference is that, instead of the necklace pendant featuring only one rose petal, this design option features two petals next to each other.

It’s an alternative you might consider if you were using it to store the cremains of a lost partner or spouse, as the closeness of the two rose petals could symbolize your ongoing connection through love.

Types of Rose-Shaped Urns for Display in Your Home

Many people choose to display urns in their homes after a loved one passes because it helps them feel that, in some way, the deceased is still with them.

They may also consider it a sign of respect, clearly displaying a gorgeous urn to affirm that no member of the household will ever forget those who’ve passed on. If you’re looking for a rose urn you could display in your home, consider the following options.

4. Traditional cremation urn with rose decorations

When displaying an urn in your home, you may prefer to opt for a traditional urn design, such as a vase shape or a box. These designs allow you to more easily include an engraving of a loved one’s name (and any other text you like).

Many of these traditional urns feature paintings or engravings of roses as well. Some even include metal sculptures of roses rising along the front or side of the urn.

5. Bouquet urns

Some rose urns don’t merely feature the shape of a single rose. Some consist of a base urn, shaped like a box or bowl, topped with a sculpted bouquet of roses.

The result tends to be a subtle but beautiful urn that’s ideal for displaying in your home.

6. Rose planter urns

The above example features sculptures of rose bouquets on top of the urn base. While you may find that appealing, you might wish the roses were alive. This is a nice way to symbolize that your loved one lives on in your hearts and home.

If this is the case, you could get a rose urn that also serves as a vase for actual roses. This is another creative urn idea that’s inspired many urn designers. An urn topped with a bouquet of living roses would look gorgeous in virtually any household. It’s also ideal for an outdoor space, such as a memorial garden.

This type of urn is usually used for scattering. That means you would first use it to scatter a loved one’s cremains, then use it as a planter. Thus, you might not choose this style of urn if you want to keep your loved one’s cremains in your home.

Types of Small Rose-Shaped Urns

Small urns often serve the same purpose as cremation jewelry. You can easily bring them with you virtually anywhere, making them popular among people who move around often or frequently travel, whether for work or recreation.

Keep these options in mind if that’s the type of rose urn you’re looking for.

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7. Rose shape with stem keepsake urn

If you want to keep your loved one with you in some way, but you travel often, you may want to use a keepsake rose urn to do so. Many suppliers offer rose urns that are so small you could keep them in your pocket or purse.

Their designers also tend to use durable materials such as brass, so you don’t need to worry very much about the urn sustaining damage, despite its small size. Just keep in mind that these types of rose urns are often so small they may not be able to hold all of a loved one’s cremains.

8. Rose petal keepsake urn

This is another option to consider if you’d like to keep a loved one’s cremains in a small rose-shaped urn you can carry with you, but you’d also like a simpler design than the one described above. Many rose keepsake urns come in the shape of a rose petal without the stem. 

Choosing this option over a rose keepsake urn with the stem may also be a matter of convenience. Some people find it’s simply easier to carry a small circular urn in the shape of a petal.

A rose-shaped urn that includes the stem may be ideal for displaying in a small vase, whereas an urn that merely consists of the petal shape is often more portable.

9. Traditional keepsake urn with rose pattern

Just as you can find urns in traditional shapes featuring rose patterns or illustrations to display in your home, so too can you find small keepsake urns in traditional vase shapes featuring such engravings, designs, and illustrations.

Rose Urns: A Symbol of Undying Love

Choosing an urn involves asking yourself many questions, such as “How much does an urn cost?” and “Do I want to display the urn or keep it stored away somewhere?”

Hopefully, if you’re interested in rose urns, this guide has at least answered your questions about your design options.


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