What's Ross Stores’ Current Senior Discount Policy?


Ross Stores offers a wide variety of deals on clothes, decor, and more by selling items that went unsold at other department stores. Excellent options abound, though you may have to dig through a variety of racks of clothing to find them. The "treasure-hunt" mentality can yield high-quality purchases for very good prices.

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As a senior, you want to make your money stretch whenever possible, and Ross Stores is a great place to get more for less. Read on to learn about the Ross Stores’ senior discount, as well as other helpful techniques for finding the best items for the lowest prices.

Ross Stores’ Senior Discount Policy

Ross Stores’ Senior Discount Policy

Ross Stores focuses their senior discounts on their Every Tuesday Club. It's a free program that seniors ages 55 and older can sign up for. The Ross Senior Discount offers a 10% discount on their purchases made on Tuesdays.

Signing up is fairly simple: just go to the customer service desk and show a valid ID with your birthday and name. There is no way to sign up online or by phone. You'll need to visit the store itself.

In many stores, they’ll give you a card that will be the key to getting your discount. Bring it with you when you shop at Ross Stores. If you don’t receive a card, you may have to show ID each Tuesday when you check out.

5 Tips for Saving Money at Ross Stores

5 Tips for Saving Money at Ross Stores

Ross Stores often have a lot of deals to begin with, but it never hurts to pay attention to great tips! Here are some ways shoppers keep their bills low at Ross Stores.

Ask for markdowns for ripped or stained items

Ross Stores associates are often authorized to provide a markdown for items that have an unexpected rip or stain on them.

Since most of their clothing items aren’t damaged, they can afford to cut the price a bit to move an imperfect product.

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Shop the bargain clearance areas of the store

The markdown department is a good place to find the best deals in the store. Start from the deepest clearance areas and work your way into the regular areas.

While Ross Stores regularly discounts their products 20–60% anyway, you’ll get your best bargains in the clearance areas.

Use Facebook to enter contests and giveaways

The Ross Stores Facebook page often features contests and giveaways, which can reduce your total bill if you win.

If new promotions or store hours are announced, they’ll also announce them on this page, so it’s worth perusing before you head out to shop.

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Be ready to walk away and come back next week

Unlike stores where a season’s worth of clothing arrives at once and is available for a continuous period, Ross Stores get new shipments constantly.

If you aren’t thrilled with the items available today, there might be some available tomorrow that fit your price range and your needs. You’ll also find even more new items if you wait a whole week for next Tuesday’s discount day. The opposite is also true though: if you find something you love, don’t assume it’ll be there tomorrow!

Check out another Ross Store or dd’s DISCOUNTS

Ross Stores owns another brand, dd’s DISCOUNTS. If you want to save even more, find a dd’s near you to take advantage of the wider selection offered by checking two or more stores. Unlike traditional department stores,

Ross Stores don’t have a homogenous collection. Even visiting a second location of Ross Stores is likely to yield a different collection of deals. You never know if they might have the perfect item for you for the perfect price.

Ross Stores to “Dress for Less”

Ross Stores offer a wide variety of high-quality clothing without the big-name store prices, so you get a bargain the moment you go through the front door. Knowing to get the senior discount can save you a bundle. 

Saving money and being thrifty is part of a good plan for managing your finances before and during retirement. Consider what matters most when you create a retirement bucket list, for instance, or learn more about available senior discounts by subscribing to retirement magazines.

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