What’s Safeway’s Senior Discount Policy This Year?


Safeway is the go-to grocery store brand for hundreds of thousands of shoppers. They offer high-quality food for good prices at hundreds of locations around the world. As one of the first pioneering grocery stores, it's still a staple for many communities. This includes many communities where senior citizens live. Like us all, senior citizens want to spend money on the things they desire, rather than overpaying for groceries or other basic needs.

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Interested in finding good deals at your local Safeway? We’ve compiled some information on what the Safeway Senior Discount Policy is, as well as the ways to save money at the store.

Safeway’s Senior Discount Policy

While not every Safeway store offers it, many of the grocery chain locations offer a special discount to senior citizens who shop on the first Wednesday of the month. This senior discount may vary, and the day of the month may also be shifted depending on your local store.

To be sure that your store participates in this program, and to learn what the age cutoff may be, contact your local Safeway store to confirm. Other stores focus on their many other excellent deals. They are also pushing very convenient grocery delivery services, which can be pricey but a helpful way to make shopping easier.

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3 More Ways to Save at Safeway

Here are just a few ways to save money at your local Safeway when shopping for groceries.

Shop in time for close sell-by date discounts

Safeway offers a variety of “Manager’s Specials,” or discounts on food items. These discounts range from selling the overstock of a particular product to things that are nearing their sell-by date. In almost every case, these items are still good, but they are discounted in order to help them sell quickly.

By planning your meals around what you can labeled as a Manager’s Special, you get much more for your money. However, the key is to shop more frequently and use items quickly. Shopping every two weeks can result in your Manager’s Special foods going bad by the end of the timeframe.

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Join the Safeway Club Card for discounts and gas rewards

Like many grocery stores, its easy to use your Safeway Club Card at their gas stations and in-store. You'll qualify for online coupons as well as potential coupon mailers or other deals. The points you earn can be used to discount gas purchases, so you might get your Safeway savings at the gas pump rather than just in the grocery cart.

The card also gives you access to the online portal for Safeway, where weekly ads are published to give you the opportunity to plan your shopping trip. You can even create your shopping list online, reducing your likelihood of impulse shopping based on the bright sights and tasty smells of the grocery store.

Try delivery with their coupon for the first time

Many people prefer to do their own grocery shopping. That being said, getting out and grocery shopping isn’t always an economical or practical alternative. Safeway’s well-established grocery delivery service is a good resource to keep in your back pocket.

If you want to save money and know that you won’t be able to get out to the store sometime coming up, consider trying Safeway’s grocery delivery service. Their first-time deal varies, but it often includes both a free delivery and some form of grocery discount.

After that, you’ll pay a modest fee to have someone else grocery shop for you and bring your food to your door or be available for pick-up. If you have a period of limited mobility, the fee is very modest to save the trouble of shopping.

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Making the Best of Your Safeway Deals

As many coupon-clipping gurus will tell you, planning your meals around the deals can be a powerful way to save money.

Between Safeway’s own coupons, manufacturer’s coupons, and deals like Manager’s Specials, you can find satisfying, healthy options for every meal with just a little flexibility. Keep more of your fixed income for other purchases. Make interesting, new dishes by trying something a little out of your comfort zone but which costs less per portion.

Preparing for retirement or your golden years doesn’t have to be difficult or frustrating. You can use the tools at Cake to plan for everything from long-term care to your wishes for end-of-life. Getting started is a way to care for your family and their future.


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