30 Same-Day Gift Ideas for Last-Minute Shoppers


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Life can get busy. Sometimes, you may be too busy for too much forethought when it comes to giving gifts. But that’s no reason not to celebrate the ones you love! 

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Don’t stress if this happens. There are many same-day delivery gifts that won’t embarrass you if you need to come up with something fast. Whether you’re trying to send the perfect Mother’s Day message, show a kid a fun time on their birthday, or cheer up someone going through a tough time, odds are good you’ll find something here that suits your needs.

Same-Day Delivery Birthday Gift Ideas

Between friends, family, and coworkers, you probably have to keep track of quite a few birthdays. These same-day delivery gifts will help when one takes you by surprise.

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1. eGift cards

A gift card typically makes for a smart birthday gift because it gives the recipient the freedom to spend the funds on something they genuinely want. Luckily, many online retailers allow you to send someone a gift card digitally.

We like the Amazon.com eGift Card.

2. Subscriptions

This is another same-day delivery gift you can quickly order via the Internet. From streaming services to monthly gift boxes, there are plenty of subscription-style gifts worth considering.

We like the House Plant Box - Subscription: Pet-Friendly House Plant Box.

3. Food or drink delivery

Depending on someone’s tastes (no pun intended!), they may be thrilled to receive a surprise delivery in the form of a meal or beverage from their favorite local restaurant.

4. Tickets

In many cases, it’s easy to purchase tickets for movies, sports games, concerts, and a wide range of other events directly through the internet.

If you’re not sure the recipient’s schedule will allow them to attend an event that only takes place on a specific date, you can instead opt for a more flexible voucher from Groupon or another platform.

5. Digital versions of classic gifts

You may be noticing a trend here: many of the items on this list are digital gifts. That’s partially because the internet allows us the option of giving digital versions of many classic physical gifts.

Everything from books to games may now have digital equivalents. Consider them if you don’t have time to wait for a physical gift’s delivery.

Same-Day Sympathy Gift Ideas

Occasions that warrant giving a sympathy gift tend to take everyone by surprise, such as the sudden passing of a friend’s loved one. That means you may not have time to plan a gift idea. Luckily, these last-minute gifts ensure that’s not a problem.

6. Sympathy card

A sympathy gift should remind someone they have the support of others when they’re going through a difficult life experience.

Thus, a simple but effective same-day delivery gift in these circumstances might be a sympathy card with signatures and messages from coworkers, friends, loved ones, or any other relevant people.

7. Gift baskets

In some instances, an appropriate sympathy gift might be a gift basket consisting of food or other items a person would welcome during a tough time in their life. This is often the type of gift you can either put together yourself or arrange a delivery in a single day.

8. Needed help

Don’t assume a same-day delivery gift needs to be an actual object. When a person is in pain, many times, the best gift you can offer is some form of immediate help.

For instance, maybe a coworker recently got some bad news that took them by surprise. You and your other colleagues could offer your support by getting together and deciding how you can take over some of their work while they cope.

Or, if they need help with chores, many on-demand apps now allow you to easily hire people who can arrive at their house within the day to offer assistance.

9. Helpful books

Numerous authors have written genuinely helpful books that offer practical advice or comfort to someone struggling with the loss of a loved one, a scary diagnosis, and much more. Consider sending a digital version of such a book to someone in need.

We like Healing After Loss: Daily Meditations For Working Through Grief on Kindle.

10. Healing experience gift card

Depending on the specific nature of someone’s circumstances, an ideal sympathy gift might be a digital gift card for an experience that will help them overcome some of the stress resulting from their current experience.

This could be a gift card for a spa session, a session with a spiritual healer, or anything else you’re confident would help.

Mother’s Day or Father’s Day Same-Day Delivery Gift Ideas

No child wants to come across as unappreciative by forgetting to purchase the right Mother’s or Father’s day gift ahead of time! Fortunately, these gift ideas will help you avoid that uncomfortable situation.

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11. Thank-you letter

Saying “Thank you, Mom” (or Dad!) with a heartfelt letter expressing your appreciation for everything they do is an easy but kind way to give a last-minute gift on Mother’s or Father’s Day.

12. Wine or beer

A special bottle of wine or a case of premium beer are common gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Luckily, in many areas, you can now schedule same-day wine, beer, or liquor delivery.

13. Online activity archives

Is there a particular activity your mom or dad enjoys? Specifically, is there an activity they can enjoy via a computer, phone, or tablet?

Examples include crossword puzzles, Sudoku, card games, or maybe even video games. If so, consider buying them access to an archive of such activities. For instance, the New York Times crossword archive, accessible for a low cost, offers literally decades’ worth of daily crossword puzzles.

14. Plants or gardening supplies

If one of your parents enjoys gardening, many local garden centers will deliver plants and supplies within a day.

15. Surprise gesture

Whether it’s making Dad his favorite meal or delivering a tribute speech for your mom during Mother’s Day dinner, if you don’t have time to pick up something or schedule a delivery, you can still treat a parent to a surprising heartfelt gesture.

Anniversary or Valentine’s Day Same-Day Delivery Gift Ideas

You probably don’t need anyone telling you the consequences of forgetting to give an anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift can be “unpleasant.” These ideas will ensure you never experience that.

16. Flowers

Sure, flowers may be a common go-to gift for anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, but that’s because plenty of people love to receive them. A little Googling will also reveal there are many services (both local small businesses and national chains) that offer same-day flower delivery.

17. Impromptu date

No time to buy your partner or spouse something you’re sure they’ll receive on time? Make it up to them by planning a surprise date!

18. Relaxing experience

Show that special someone they deserve a break by scheduling a last-minute relaxing experience for them, such as a massage.

Remember, if their schedule doesn’t allow for this on your anniversary or Valentine’s Day, you could still give them this treat in the form of a gift card.

19. Chocolates

Like flowers, this is a fairly common gift for these occasions, but if your significant other enjoys chocolate or candy, it’s easy to schedule a delivery for this type of gift within a day.

20. An online course

One of the smartest ways to let your spouse or partner know you pay attention to their interests is to give them a gift that helps them explore their passions, such as an online course in one of their favorite subjects.

Same-Day Delivery Get Well Gift Ideas

When a friend has taken ill or sustained an injury, let them know you’re there for them with these quick gifts.

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21. Grocery delivery

While this may not seem like the most heartwarming gift at first, ordering someone groceries can take a big chore off their hands at a time when they need to focus on recovering.

22. Wellness app subscription

Many subscription-based apps help people improve their health in a range of ways. These can include meditation, guided imagery for sleep, and much more.

23. Medical goods

There’s a strong chance at least one pharmacy in your area will deliver basic medical goods within one day to someone who may need them right now. If that’s not an option, visit the store and put together a get-well-soon care package with cold medicine and soup.

24. Ice cream

If you remember being sick as a kid, you might also remember that surprise ice cream or similar treats may not have cured you, but they certainly put a smile on your face. There’s probably a nearby restaurant or shop that will deliver something along these lines.

25. Online games

Give someone recovering from an illness or injury something fun to do in the meantime by ordering them some online games they can play the moment you complete the purchase.

Same-Day Delivery Gift Ideas for Kids

As these examples prove, whenever you need to come up with a last-minute gift idea for a kid, you’ll have plenty of options.

26. Toys

Don’t forget the basics! You could theoretically give a kid their favorite toy or game in one day if you enroll in the same-day delivery programs that retailers such as Amazon and Target offer.

We like this 24 Pack Bundle Sensory Fidget Toys Set-Liquid Motion Timer/Grape Ball/Mochi Squishy/Stretchy String/Flippy Chain/Easter Egg/Marble Mesh/Squeeze Bean/Cube for Autistic Kids, ADHD, Anti-Stress Toys.

27. Virtual trips

No matter what a particular kid finds interesting, odds are good there’s some sort of online virtual experience they’ll love.

Options include virtual “visits” to aquariums, zoos, noteworthy travel destinations, farms, and even space! You can “deliver” these experiences to a kid via a computer instantly. Best of all, many of them are free.

28. Digital activity book

This is a good same-day delivery gift idea for a younger kid who is nevertheless old enough to use a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Google “digital activity book” or “download activity book” to find a range of options featuring digital coloring book pages and similar activities.

We like these 20 Color By Number Coloring Pages | Kids & Activity | Animal Coloring Book Pages | Instant Download | Print From Home.

29. Entertainment

Do just a little research, and you may be surprised to see just how many children’s entertainers are available for hire at the last minute!

30. Annual memberships

Is there a nearby zoo, amusement park, or similar destination your kid can’t get enough of? Surprise them with a last-minute gift they’ll love in the form of an annual membership. This is often something you can purchase directly through a website.

Same-day Delivery Gifts: Ideas for Every Occasion

Whether you’re trying to wish your mom a Happy Birthday, give a kid lasting memories, or show Dad how much you care, these same-day delivery gifts will help when you’re too busy to get a gift ahead of time. Refer back to this list any time a gift-giving occasion sneaks up on you!

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