'Donations for a Sick Loved One' Sample Letters


When a loved one gets sick, one of the most stressful tasks is finding the funds you need. Unfortunately, insurance and personal savings aren’t always enough to cover the costs of treatment and care. 

Even if the family has support in the form of insurance, covering the cost of household expenses is more challenging with a sick loved one who’s likely taking time off from work. There might come a time when you need to ask for financial assistance in the form of donations. 

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Similar to asking for donations for funeral expenses, requesting donations for a sick loved one means reaching out on a personal level, while also following the proper etiquette. You can write donation request letters to friends, family, organizations, or anyone else who might be interested in helping out. 

Because writing such an important letter is understandably difficult, we created five sample letters asking for donations for a sick loved one. Just as you need to know how to support someone with cancer or another illness, it also helps to know how to ask for help when you need it. 

What Should You Include in Your Fundraising Letter?

Whenever you’re writing something important, understanding a basic outline of what to include is key. Fundraising letters asking for help aren’t something most people write often, if at all, so it’s normal to be a bit intimidated by this process. 

The basic donation letter has all of the following elements:

  • Salutation: This is your greeting to the donor, and it should be personalized for every recipient. 
  • Your mission: You also want to make clear what your mission or goal is. This could be to raise a specific amount of money, to fund home care or a specific treatment, etc. 
  • Details: Because you’re asking for money, it’s only fair to include some details about your loved one, their treatment, and the long-term outlook of this illness or condition. 
  • Specific request: Here’s the most important part—you also want to include a specific request. In this case, you’re requesting a donation. 
  • Call to action: Including a call to action gives concrete steps the recipient can take to get involved, donate, or help. 
  • Contact information: Lastly, you’ll want to have simple contact information, like a phone number, website, or email address. 

Aside from the elements above, you’ll also want to make sure you’re keeping track of your donation letters and recipients. This way, it’s easy to send thank you letters to the families, companies, organizations, and individuals who offer their support. 

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Example Letters Asking for Donations for a Sick Person’s Surgery, Treatment, or Other Expenses

Asking for money for a sick loved one’s surgery, treatment, or other expenses can feel awkward and uncomfortable. This isn’t something that comes naturally, but it’s OK to ask for help when you need it. 

Many charities, organizations, groups, and individuals love to give to worthy causes, so it’s sometimes just a matter of asking the right question at the right time. To spark your inspiration, here are five example letters for asking for donations in honor of a loved one in need. 

1. Donation request letter or email for a coworker

Dear Company Inc. Family,

I’m Ms. Jane Smith, a fellow employee of Company Inc, and I’ve partnered with other employees in the marketing department to organize a fundraiser for one of our colleagues. 

Susan has been unable to come to work for the past few weeks due to an illness that needs urgent intervention. She is very sick, and his treatment is too costly for her family and loved ones to pay for alone. It’s not covered by his medical insurance. 

I am appealing to the hearts and kindness of my fellow Company co-workers to help her family raise $50,000, which is the amount needed for this life-saving treatment. Her family has already raised 50% of these funds, but they can use any help they can to meet their goal. 

I have a lot of confidence and faith in the Company family. If you’d like to show your support, we invite you to attend a company-wide fundraiser event on [date] at [location]. Any funds donated will help save Susan’s life. For any other inquiries or support, please contact 555-555-5555. 

Thank you all for your compassion. 


Jane Smith 

Company Inc.

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2. Donation request letter or email to support a family with a sick family member

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. Recipient Name, 

My name is John Smith, and I’m writing on behalf of the Jackson family. Last month, the youngest member of the Jackson family was diagnosed with cancer. His parents have since left their full-time positions to support their youngest son. He requires around-the-clock care, in addition to hospital stays, and his family is struggling to make ends meet. 

Though the family’s medical insurance covers the cost of chemotherapy sessions, they need assistance in making mortgage payments so they can keep their family in their home. According to the family’s bank, they need approximately $15,000 to support themselves through the next months of their son’s treatment. 

We have heard that your generous organizations provide help and support for families of children with cancer. Any amount you can give us will greatly contribute to the family’s peace of mind during this difficult time. Please contact us at 555-555-5555 to offer your support. 

Thank you in advance,

John Smith

3. Donation request letter or email to support a sick student or classmate

Hi University Family, 

I wanted to reach out and let you know that I’m currently fundraising on behalf of Sarah Smith. She was recently in a car accident on her way back from break, and she’s in need of ongoing physical therapy and treatment on her road to recovery. 

We know the University family always comes together to help those in need, and we’re asking for your help at this time. Her first month of physical therapy is expected to cost around $15,000, and we’re asking for any help you can give. 

Please join us at our virtual fundraising event online this Friday at 5 pm. Any contribution makes a big difference in Sarah’s recovery. To donate directly, visit the fundraising page created by Sarah’s family. 

I hope to see the entire University family there!

Thank you,


4. Donation request letter or email to support someone in your own family

Hi Recipient Name, 

It’s never easy to ask for help, but I’m reaching out to you on behalf of our cousin Joseph. As you know, he’s struggled with his chronic condition for years, and he’s recently learned of additional treatment that his doctor believes is a good fit. Unfortunately, this treatment is not covered by his medical insurance. 

As you know, Joseph has always been there for us. He’s the first one to any function, and he’s also there to lend a helping hand. Now it’s time for us to be there for Joseph. We’re asking all friends and family if they can contribute anything to help cover the cost of this new treatment. According to his doctor, we need to raise $20,000. So far, we’ve raised a quarter of that, and anything you can give would be a real blessing. 

To make a donation, contact Joseph’s sister, Mary, at 555-555-5555. Thank you so much. 


5. Donation request letter or email to support a cancer patient

Dear Recipient Name, 

I am writing this letter to seek your support. My sister, Becca Smith, has suffered from throat cancer for the past two years. She is in need of her medication as soon as possible, but it is not covered under her health insurance. 

I am humbly requesting your financial support to assist Becca in receiving this treatment. My sister is a hard-working, kind mother of three, and this medication could potentially save her life. I know your generous organization helps cancer patients cover treatments, and we would be so grateful for your donation. 

Please contact us at 555-555-5555 for further inquiries. I know you are a benevolent donor, and I thank you so much for your time. 


Ask For Help When You Need It Most

Though it’s not always easy to know what to say when someone’s sick or how to ask for help, it’s sometimes a necessary part of life. If you find yourself unable to support the ones you love, don’t hesitate to write a donation letter or fundraiser request. These may be easier than you think, and there is a world of resources for making these letters stand out. 

Whether you’re sending a company-wide email or writing to loved ones, it’s okay to ask for help when you need it. Paying for healthcare, treatment, and household expenses when you’re sick or in recovery is not easy. Financial assistance relieves this burden so you can focus on healing and being there with family. 

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