Does Sam’s Club Sell Caskets? 5+ Tips for Buying a Casket


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If you’re looking to purchase a coffin or a casket, it may be tempting to coordinate everything through your funeral home. You may be wondering if there are more affordable or non-traditional places to buy caskets. 

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The answer is yes. There are plenty of places you may not typically consider when it comes to buying a casket. If your family relies on Sam’s Club for groceries and other household staples, you can go ahead and add a new item to your list the next time you’re in need. Yep, that’s right, Sam’s Club also sells caskets

Below, we’ve provided some tips for buying a casket at Sam’s Club, as well as some frequently asked questions. And if Sam’s Club isn’t your thing, but you have a Costco membership, check out our guide to buying a casket at Costco.

Can You Buy a Casket at Sam’s Club?

Searching for a casket isn’t necessarily an enjoyable experience. However, if you’re looking for an affordable casket with a simple buying process, Sam’s Club is a great option. They have respectable options, and you can rest assured that you’re burying your loved one with dignity.  

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5 Tips for Buying a Casket at Sam’s Club

Before buying a casket at Sam’s Club, it may help with your overall decision if you consider these five tips. No matter where you buy a casket, keep the same list of factors in mind to help streamline the process. 

1. Shipping cost is included

One of the best parts about the price you see listed for caskets from Sam’s Club is the fact that fast shipping is already included. The shipping cost isn’t limited to specific locations or styles, either. You can ship any casket you choose from Sam’s Club anywhere. 

This is likely a huge relief, as it is natural to worry about shipping costs and hidden fees when buying large items. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the listed price will be the exact same at checkout. Taxes often depend on shipping location, for example. 

2. Understanding the price difference

Even if you’ve never shopped for a casket before, as you can likely imagine, there are various types of caskets. What types of caskets does Sam’s Club offer? Is their selection limited? Luckily no, Sam’s Club actually provides multiple options, all in an affordable price range. Casket prices can vary significantly. 

As aforementioned, fast, flexible shipping is already included in all of the prices at Sam’s Club. However, you might find that some casket options from Sam’s Club are in the pricier range due to materials and construction.

For example, Sam’s steel options are more costly than their 100% White Pine option. Other materials involved include things like the casket lining (or lack thereof). Sam’s most expensive option ($1899) is stainless steel and has a tufted velvet interior. You also have the option of choosing from a few different colors.  

3. If your chosen funeral home will accept the casket

If you’re shopping for a casket for the first time, you may be unfamiliar with certain rules. It might seem more comfortable or cost-effective to purchase everything from the funeral home. However, this simply isn’t always the case. It pays to be particular and shop around. 

You might be concerned that your funeral home won’t accept a Sam’s Club casket. Don’t worry, federal law requires that funeral homes accept any casket. The only exception to this is if you are having your loved one cremated inside of their casket. In that case, the casket has to be made of fully combustible materials without any metals.

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4. If your deceased loved one was a veteran

Military funerals are dignified events, and you may fear that a Sam’s Club casket won’t stand up to such an honor. Fortunately, one of Sam’s Club’s casket options is crafted specially to honor veterans. 

This option is made from top-quality steel and features a high-gloss exterior, a poly blend interior, and a panel with military-inspired emblems. This design also features swing-bar handles and a rubber gasket. Like all other options from Sam’s Club, it will arrive fully assembled at the funeral site with fast, free shipping.

5. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option

When shopping at Sam’s Club for a specialty item like a casket, you may expect a limited selection. However, Sam’s really does have a wide variety, including green options.

Better yet, their natural White Pine option is not only the most affordable of their offerings at less than $800, but it is also eco-friendly. This casket is made entirely out of White Pine — including the screws and handles. This makes it the perfect fit if you’re looking for greener funeral options or a cremation casket. 

Buying a Casket at Sam’s Club: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs about buying a casket at Sam’s Clubs. Beginning your casket-buying process as informed as possible will only make it easier.    

How much do caskets cost at Sam’s Club?

Casket prices can range pretty significantly in general — anywhere from $100 to more than $10,000. Of course, caskets that only cost a few hundred dollars are typically less elaborate or intended purely for cremations. 

Caskets from Sam’s Club specifically, however, range in price from $749 to $1899. This makes all of their options feasible for many budgets and on the lower end of the market range. You’ll also be pleased with the variety and features of Sam’s Club’s caskets, even at affordable prices. 

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What types of caskets does Sam’s Club sell?

Sam’s Club offers several different types of caskets made in varying materials.

To add to the pleasant surprise that Sam’s Club even makes caskets — you actually have the ability to choose from different materials and constructions. Sam’s also offers an “XL” option to accommodate larger individuals. 

Sam’s offers an eco-friendly option with 100% wood construction. Sam’s also offers a few different steel options, one of which is made of stainless steel. The casket materials may also differ inside the casket and range from simple to premium. The most expensive option from Sam’s is lined with velvet. Less costly options feature a crepe material. 

Sam’s also offers a few different colorways for each casket they sell. This helps you ensure that the casket is unique to your loved one.  

Another facet of casket construction is the handles. Handles are typically “swing style” or fixed. Both handle types are functionally sound, and this is just about preference. 

What are the pros and cons of buying a casket at Sam’s Club?

No matter where you decide to buy a casket, there are certain pros and cons to consider. Much of this relies solely on preference.

Some pros of buying a casket at Sam’s Club include:

  • Casket ships free and assembled to the location of your choice
  • No hidden shipping costs and is guaranteed “fast”
  • A variety of materials, styles, colors, sizes, and prices 
  • Caskets can be made to honor a veteran

Some cons of buying a casket at Sam’s Club include:

  • Simplistic designs 
  • Aren’t totally customizable
  • May feel odd buying this item from a large retailer 
  • Prices may still be out of your budget

The strangest part about buying a casket from Sam’s Club may be the principle of it. However, no one needs to know where you purchased the casket from, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. In many cultures throughout the world, buying caskets from a local market is standard practice. Sam’s Club caskets are similar to many others on the market, are convenient, and affordable. 

Alternatives to Sam's Club Caskets

If you're not completely comfortable buying a casket from Sam's Club, here are some alternative options to consider. 

  • Other major retailers. There might be a major retailer that you're more comfortable with. You can purchase many of the same caskets for the same price through Walmart, Amazon, and Costco
  • Funeral home. As mentioned, you can almost always buy a casket from your local funeral home. However, that may come with a markup in price. 
  • Casket manufacturers. Another option is buying the casket directly from the manufacturer. Sam's Club sells Titan Caskets, which is a manufacturer that also sells directly online. 

A Casket Is a Small, But Important Factor

If there’s a little voice telling you that buying a casket from a large retailer seems odd or cheap — don’t listen! There is nothing to suggest that Sam’s Club caskets are less respectable or of lower quality than other expensive or inaccessible options. 

Though caskets are an essential part of burials (and cremations in some cases, too), they are just a small part. Yes, they may house your loved one’s remains for a long, long time. But what’s more important are the memories, sentiments, prayers, and wishes that you shared with your loved one before their departure.

Tying up loose ends after the death of a loved one can be scary and difficult to navigate. If you’re looking for more tips for how to plan a meaningful funeral or how to write an unforgettable eulogy, Cake has plenty of resources.

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