No one knows you better than a sister-sibling. Throughout the years, she’s watched you become the extraordinary person you are—supporting you along the way. For those reasons and more, she’s going to need you to help her in times of celebration, sadness, and healing.  

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The sacred writings of Christianity vary slightly from one text to the next. Each one of the scriptures chosen below reflects an understanding of those parallel verses.

Look for one that serves your sister’s experiences and demonstrates your love for her.

Scriptures for a Sister’s Birthday or Celebration

Birthdays mark the perfect occasion to celebrate with songs about sisters, especially ones carefully chosen from scriptures. Check out some of the verses we’ve discovered for you here. From angels, blessings, gratitude, and solace wishes, one is sure to fit well when written on her birthday card.

1. "Security of the One Who Trusts in the Lord" from Psalm 91:9-11

In Psalm 91:9-11, God sends his angels to keep, guard, and protect those who take refuge in His grace. He assures them that no harm, evil, or plague will come to your sister because He has His army of protectors to help.

2. "Jeremiah’s Hope” from Lamentations 3:22-23" 

Scholars suggest that the meaning of these verses is to qualify God's mercies. They note that one can't be consumed or perish because He is so compassionate and magnanimous. Written inside her birthday card, she'll feel comforted knowing he's present throughout the year.

3. "Give Thanks to the Lord for He is Good" from Psalm 118:24

The entirety of Psalm 118 is packed with repetitions of devotion and recognizing God's enduring love. Verse 24 may be referencing a feast or festival, but it works well for your sister's birthday, too. Plus, you be wishing her a great deal of warmth on such a special day. 

4. "The Presence of God” from Psalm 16:11

In the final verse of Psalm 16, one becomes fully sated. One doesn't wander directionless, one will have no cravings of the heart, and there will be no joy. And, if these are the things you want for your sister, then she's lucky to have you in her life. 

5. "The Beatitudes " from Matthew 5:8

The Beatitudes are the eight blessings spoken by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. Each is a declaration of God's love and mercy, but the eighth is about how the pure of heart will see God. If your sister has done her Bible study, she can infer that you consider her a wonderful person who will one day experience God's glory.

6. "The Way of Wisdom" from Proverbs 9:11

Proverbs 9:11 works if the relationship you have with your sister has been a bit strained and you're looking to reconcile. The recognition is that you can fix the imbalance in your relationship when you allow in truth and knowledge. No one needs to be right when you're accepting some help.

7. "The Blessings of Wisdom" Proverbs 3:17 

Here, wisdom is personified. If referenced in a similar context to your sister, you're also suggesting that her mannerisms are pleasant and that her general nature is peaceful.  

8. "Warnings about the Adulteress" from Proverbs 7:4

Again, wisdom is personified. This time, wisdom is your sister, insight your relative, and love your kin. Although wedged inside a story of adultery, the value of those words still possesses great power. To your sister, she'll understand that you think highly of her.

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Scriptures for a Sister’s Funeral or Memorial Service

If you get stuck on the full meaning of verses, the officiant or funeral director you're using may provide some insight. Here, the scriptures reference devotion and character, as well as suffering and sins. Choose one that characterizes your sister yet brings comfort to those who are grieving. 

9. "The Law of Liberty” from Romans 14:7-9

The Law of Liberty will make a beautiful addition to your sister’s graveside burial service. It reveals that life and death are the same; where one is, there is always the Lord. And no one is alone during any part of this process. 

What seems like such a finite placement of someone you love, the words remind others that it’s not the end.

10. "The Lord is my Shepherd” from Psalm 23:1-6

Psalm 23:1-6 says that God's love and care are abundant regardless of one's pitfalls. For those listening at your sister's funeral, it might bring them peace or warmth, knowing she'll continue to be in good hands. 

11. "Jesus Comforts Martha and Mary from “John 11:25-27" 

Through these verses, you hear from Jesus telling both Martha and Mary that belief in him means that life will be eternal for them—that death on this earth is only temporary. Make this an addition to any funeral prayers you choose if you’re defining your sister’s eternal life with God.

12. "The Crucifixion” from Luke 23:42-43 

In the final verses of The Crucifixion, one of the criminals facing similar fates asks that Jesus remember him in the kingdom. Jesus assures him that he, too, will be in Paradise once their suffering has ended.  

13. "The Return of the Lord” from 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

These few lines pack a lot of information about life after death. The most significant point made is that even when people fall asleep to God, they can be revived by Him. So, it'll work for a sister who strayed from her initial upbringing to find herself back to it later in life.  

14. “Jesus and Nicodemus” from John 3:16

John 3:16 is a commonly-known verse. It references God’s love, sacrificing His only Son, and eternal life for those who believe. 

15. "Abram and Sarai in Egypt" from Genesis 12:13

The story of Abram and Sarai is about trust, fear, and belief in the word of God. It would work for a funeral as a kind of enlightenment for how your sister devoted herself to God; how she trusted him. Plus, Sarai was said to be exceptionally beautiful—a compliment to your sister.

16. "Teaching Sound Doctrine" from Titus 2:4

Was your sister a mentor or counselor to anyone who stopped by? If she believed that she would reflect a morality to her community through her good actions, then check out Titus 2. God 

praised respectful behavior as the right way of living and behaving.

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Scriptures to Share With a Sick Sister

Below, you’ll find some “get well soon, sister” messages. Whether the sickness is mild or has been languishing her spirits for a while, one is sure to serve your needs. 

17. "The Virtues of a Noble Woman" from Proverbs 31:26

Here’s an opportunity for you to reference the character of your sister, this time as someone well-respected for her wisdom and guidance. It may offer some resolve to get better for that normally busy-bee sister who’s a doting mother and constant source of calm and strength. 

18. "The Blessings of Wisdom” from Proverbs 3:15"

Wisdom is often personified in the Bible, often referred to in the feminine form. Proverbs 3:15 also compares wisdom to rubies or jewels, depending on the version you read. 

19. “The Wages of Sin” from Romans 6:23

The final verse of Romans 6 summarizes the previous lines in which sin releases those from the obligations of righteousness and commitment to God. Where it works for your beloved sister’s illness is the final lines, which assuage the fears of the unknown with plans for eternal life with Him.

20. "Thanksgiving and Prayer" from Philippians 1:3

A powerful statement about anyone, especially your sister who feels unwell, is that you thank God for her. 

21. "Aaron’s Benediction” from Numbers 6:24-26

When you write this inside a get well card for your sister, you’re asking God for his divine presence and guidance. Through this blessing, He’ll act as a protector for your sister, helping her find peace and aid now that she needs it.

22. "The Promises of God” from Deuteronomy 7:15

If your sister has a minor sickness, such as a cold, then look to Deuteronomy 7:15. The parallel texts read similarly in that God will provide relief from illness and prevent disease. 

23. "The Restoration of Israel and Judah” from Jeremiah 30:17" 

The full verse need not be used in a get well card because the final lines deal with outcasts and destruction. That said, the first words of Jeremiah refer to the restoration of health and healing of wounds.

24. "The Feeding of the Five Thousand” from Matthew 14:14

At the Sea of Galilee, Jesus stopped to heal a crowd, even though he was trying to find some moments of peace and solemnity. It works here if your sister is concerned about the length of time that she's been waiting for God to heal her.

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Supporting Your Sister With Scripture

While there are many occasions to share love and affection with your sister, few times are more important than these. That's why it's essential to get the right scripture to serve your purpose and her needs. 

If you're looking for more ways to support a sibling, read our guides on prayers for a sick sibling and a quiz on how well you know your sibling.


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