16 Calming Self-Care Gift Basket Ideas to Send a Loved One

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Now is the perfect time to look for self-care baskets and send thinking of you messages to loved ones and friends worldwide. Whether you can drop it off or you need to send it by mail, you've got plenty of options to share the love and brighten someone's day.

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With a combination of traditional and non-traditional ideas below, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs (and budget). 

DIY Self-Care Gift Basket Ideas

DIY baskets share your heart, craft, and joy with others. They come from the heart and head straight into someone's home.

1. Farmer’s market fare

When summertime fare is in an abundance, head to the local farmer’s market to pick up some once a year flavors to infuse with butter, olive oil, and even brie. Choose from luxury items such as truffles, figs, garlic, and rosemary. 

Then head home and get to work on a basket of indulgence for the epicurean in your life. 

2. Bread and honey

Spend a day preparing a basket of homemade bread, tartines, and cookies with some honey or preserves fresh from the farm.

Include a hand-stitched tea towel, and you'll have the perfect basket to give someone special that loving, from-home feeling. 

3. Garden flowers 

You've got the greenest thumb on the block and the prettiest flowers, too. So, head out into your garden and gather up your best stems and buds to bring someone who needs a pick me up. 

Make sure to drop off plenty of flowers so the recipient can arrange them all over the house. 

4. Homeopathic aromatherapy rice compresses

Aromatherapy rice compress projects are a great way to show someone you care. And they take little to no time to make as long as your sewing machine is working correctly. 

Pro-tips: Look online for patterns specifically for the neck, belly, back, and shoulders. Then calculate how much fabric you'll need (use fabric and thread that you already have). Purchase the jasmine rice in bulk and choose from one or two essential oils for the project.

ยป MORE: Make loss a little easier. Use this "after death" planning checklist to keep track of everything you need to do.


Spa-Inspired Self Care Gift Basket Ideas

This list is about both the mind and body. Once you've read through the ideas below, you may want to purchase a few duplicate items to ensure some awesomeness for your self-care routine.

5. Ditch-the-plastic bath items

Sustainable living is on the rise. That means it's the perfect time to help out a friend or loved one hop on the trolly and ditch the plastic bath items for a more sustainable lifestyle. Look for:

  • Dental floss and cotton-tipped swabs
  • Bamboo toothbrushes
  • Bars of shampoo, conditioner, and soap
  • Bamboo soap trays
  • Plant-based mesh pouf
  • Natural pumice stone and brushes

Once you’ve helped them check off reducing plastic in the bathroom, maybe they’ll be inspired to do another room in the house.

6. Epsom salts and candles

You can make scented Epsom salts at home for a fraction of what you’ll pay in the store. To do so, start with a mixture of:

  • 2 parts Epsom salts 
  • 2 parts kosher salt
  • 1 part baking soda

Then, make a few different scents using essential oils for different uses:

  • Clear breathing - eucalyptus and peppermint
  • Clear mind - lemon and rosemary
  • Calming - lavender, geranium, and rose

Once you’ve mixed up your salts, pour them into reusable jars, tie a ribbon, and add a descriptive tag.

Pro-tip: Buy in bulk to save some cash.

7. Champagne and polish

For those days when you can’t make it to the salon, make a mini basket to drop off at your friend’s house for a mani-pedi afternoon at home. Include non-toxic products like:

  • Nail polish options
  • Nail polish remover
  • Salt scrubs
  • Peppermint lotion
  • Champagne splits

Even though the local box store pharmacy will have everything you need at your fingertips, it's time to support your local mom and pop. You'll find a much more exciting selection of goods and an abundance of sustainable or toxin-free options.

8. Skincare

One solid morning to take away the stresses of a bad week can work wonders. Here’s a basket for skin from head to toe:

  • Salt scrub for scalp and skin
  • Sugar scrub for face and lips
  • Cuticle scrub
  • Facial skin toner 
  • Clay mask
  • Fizzy bath bombs
  • Natural loofah
  • Natural lotions

If you're savvy, make some of these items at home to give it that personal touch. Otherwise, check out an online marketplace to avoid harmful GMOs, artificial colors and fragrances, synthetic chemicals, and other toxins to sensitive skin.

Self-Care Gift Basket Ideas for Him

You’ll find basket ideas ranging from outdoor adventurers to coffee lovers, anxiety reducers, and even beard care. Check out the ideas listed here and see what suits the guy in your life best.

9. All-day outdoor adventure with the doggo

What's the perfect gift basket for an adventurous guy and his equally adventurous pup? It's a backpack, and it's filled with easy to find items that will give them both reason to stay out from dawn until dusk.

Just include the following and then send them on their day:

  • Pack them both a lunch
  • Water for two
  • New ball and ball launcher
  • Natural insect repellant or ocean safe sunblock
  • Paw wax and poop bags
  • Write a thank you or love note and tuck it inside

Once your crew arrives back home, wait for the call to hear all about the day’s adventures.

10. Coffee aficionado basket

The true coffee lover will tell you they snub their nose at the coffee you and I drink, but there are some ways to percolate their senses if you’re inclined. Check out:

  • Monthly subscription to customize their bean delivery
  • Coffee scale
  • Milk frother
  • Coffee journal

This self-care basket idea for him is a bit on the expensive side. But you get to decide which coffee puns you’d like to put in a card to go along with this uplifting gift.

11. Up in the air

For some people, the boredom bug feels like a growing anxiety monster. So, check out some gift certificates ideas to put in your basket for more than just outside fun. Get him flying and soaring high above the ground and watch him smile from ear to ear. 

  • Floatplane tour
  • Hot air balloon trip
  • Paragliding lessons
  • Skydiving lessons

It's undoubtedly an extravagant gift basket, but a week of this will quell his anxiety quickly. Plus, If you tack on a massage or a hot tub at the end of each day, you'll have one tired and seriously chill guy. 

12. Beard care basket

Whether he's got a short-boxed, ducktail, garibaldi, spade, French fork, anchor, or some designer stubble resting in near perfection, his beard will need some professional care to stay looking good. If you're starting from scratch, here are the basics:

  • Comb or brush (to detangle)
  • Oil (to hydrate)
  • Balm (for shape)
  • Cream (for itchiness)

Beard fashion has never been more popular, so make sure he's looking his best for whatever arises next.

Self-Care Gift Baskets Ideas for Someone Who’s Sick

No time is a good time to get sick. So it feels extra amazing when someone tries to help you get well faster. Look below for some boredom reducers as well as some food to brighten spirits from the inside out.

13. Book basket

Did you know that a lot of gently used books wind up at donation stores?  Actually, with more and more people downsizing, you can find treasure troves of hardcover books for next to nothing.

Pro-tip: Sale days generally come once a week, so wait for one and stock up on more books for your friend who’s stuck inside feeling under the weather and unable to venture very far.

14. Vitamin C basket

Vitamin C is one of those vitamins that the human body can't produce but needs daily.  And did you know that both vegetables and fruit can be high in vitamin C? Here's a super short list of the top vitamin C producing produce that you can pick up for a friend or have sent via an online service:

  • Oranges
  • Strawberries
  • Kiwi
  • Kale
  • Broccoli 
  • Brussel sprouts

Pro-tip: Certain medical conditions require monitoring of vitamin C intake, so make sure this is the right choice.

15. Puzzles and pizza

Okay, maybe the doctor would disagree with the pizza angle, but puzzles can help consume time while your loved one is on the mend. You can choose from puzzle books to jigsaw puzzles, or even head over for some actual block agility games. 

And, maybe if “Dr. Mom” lets you send some “healthy” pizza, you can hang out with dad via video com and watch an old western movie, too.

16. Anxiety or sympathy gift basket

Music is the eternal soother whether you’re a fan of Vivaldi or Van Morrison. And what goes better than vino with some vinyl when you’re feeling some anxiety and need someone to call?

Don’t forget, feeling under the weather is more than just physical ailments. It also includes moments when your mind is in disarray, too. 

Nontraditional and Traditional Self-Care Baskets

Having someone on our side who knows what we need and when is a gift in and of itself. Likely, you're one of those people, which means you've already got some ideas up your sleeve.

But if we've given you a few extras for some self-care and sympathy gift baskets that you hadn’t already considered, then we're happy to help however we can.


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