25+ Ways to Say ‘Sending You Strength & Love’


When people face tough times, often they'll need some hearty support structures. Experiencing complicated surgeries, processing grief, working through job challenges, or facing everyday concerns can be hard, especially if someone is on their own. That's where you come in.

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Knowing the right words to send strength and love to your friends and family isn't always easy. To avoid flubs, keep it short and make it as sincere as possible. Check out some examples below

What to Say Instead of ‘Sending You Strength and Positivity’

A well-lived life is often messy because working hard to get what you want isn't always easy. And you know as well as anyone, when you hear some well-placed positive words of support, it’ll give you enough gas to keep moving forward through the storm.

1. “You’ll get through this. Not because you have to. But because that’s who you are.” 

Here’s a saying for when pragmatism and resolve are the two most significant characteristics of a loved one. Why? Because a sensible person understands that life moves forward with or without any help. And, because a person with resolve is fully committed to finding solutions to their problems. 

2. “Failure is not an option—it’s not in your DNA.”

Do you know someone who can always pick themselves back up no matter what? If so, this message speaks to that person. Regardless of the setback at hand, they will always brush themselves off to find another way to reach their goal. 

3. “You have the strength and drive, and deep down, you and I both know you can do this!”

If your loved one feels they have control of their destiny and the ability to secure a goal, then write this in a card or email. If you already know how good it feels to have people who believe in you, then don’t forget to add that in there.

4. “Stay the course. Don’t listen to the negativity.”

If you are a rational person who can see the wood for the trees, use your practical instincts to help a loved one who needs your wisdom. It’ll work for the person who is similarly straightforward in characteristic but won’t for one who’s strengths lay in passionate responses.

5. “I always knew greatness was coming your way. Hold tight. It’ll be here before you know it.”

If you have ever traveled a seemingly ceaseless road that drained you at every chance, then you know how exhausting the pursuit of a goal can be. You also understand that it doesn’t stop there. Still, one step at a time is all it takes.

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What to Say Instead of ‘Sending You Strength and Comfort’

Whether loss, tragedy, uncertainty, or doubt sits on their minds, sprinkle in some comfort to make sure they don’t get stuck in the negatives.

6. “I know you’re hurting because I’ve been where you are. But what you’re doing is not serving you. Your dad would want more for you.”

Losing a beloved parent is world-shattering. That’s why it’s critical to help a grieving friend hear truth, even when they don't want to listen. After all, no parent wants their kid to become immobile from grief.

7. “Your goals are more important than what you’ve got behind you. I believe in you.”

No matter what hurdle a loved one has jumped or puddle they have climbed out of, the only substance is what lies ahead. Help your friend understand that failures happen, but mean little next to the victories. 

8. “I never doubted you. I always knew you’d find your path.”

While it’s important to offer advice when asked, other times, words of support are more comforting, especially when you can sense someone doubts their potential. Often, some well-placed character boosts will help them along their way.

9. “I’m always here for you. I support you in everything you do, wherever you are going. I am here to help you get there.”

When life feels like a long haul, empty and false words drain people’s energy. But if you provide someone with a place of comfort for some actual support, you can deliver relief.

10. “The feeling in your stomach isn't nervousness; it's a fire. Don’t worry, I'll always be here to help catch you if you falter.”

Navigating through life with a lifeline feels like such a relief. If that works for you, here's how to let them know you're going to be that person on which they can count.  

What to Say Instead of ‘Sending You Strength and Love’

Are you a mentor, parent, partner, or sibling? If so, here are a few words of love to send when times get sticky.

11. “If you're not being served by what's at hand, then let it go. No one else will worry more about you than you, so find it in your heart to love yourself first.

Before anyone else, real friends can speak truths without fluff or trying to sugar-coat things.  Without being gruff, here's a way to let someone know they need to make immediate changes.

12. “Of all the things I am grateful for, it's you. You're my favorite everything. And if you keep thinking the way that you do, what does that say about me? Just remember that every time you try doubting your value.”

The right words from a partner can stop self-deprecation in its tracks. Next time you need to help your loved one pull their heads out, write this in a card.

13. “If the goal seems too big right now, then take a step back to breathe. No one is more capable or more loved—and we have faith that you’ll succeed.”

A father's sage advice is a welcome reprieve from the chaos fed to the mainstream. So, if your child is struggling, share your wisdom and love. They might need it.

14. “Grab my hand, because we're going to travel this road together. I'm going to make sure you stay on track every step of the way.”

If your partner is gearing up for some significant career changes, grab a pen and some stationery. Then write them a note they can keep in their purse or billfold to read when times get tough.

15. “Dad left too soon, but he taught us to be strong so that we'd be prepared for times like this. He helped make the world a better place, so we'd remember life's beauty in dark days. Dad paid it forward so he could continue sharing the sunshine he held in his big, beautiful heart.”

It's a significant challenge to learn how to support each other when a parent dies. This works because it applauds a parent's values and provides a way to see its influence throughout everyday life.

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What to Say Instead of ‘Sending You Strength and Prayers’

Some people would rather “wear out before they rust out,” but they might still need a boost now and again. Check out the suggestions below for some help with words from a few different faith backgrounds.

16. “My prayers are with you, but I know you’re in great hands. Plus, I hear the surgeon is pretty good, too.”

Dispel some anxiety with a little humor if you’re looking for some words to offer before surgery. However, make sure to know your audience well.

17. “It’s all part of the bigger plan. So, let’s praise Him with our hands in prayer.”

Many people believe that even the struggles are part of the big plan. Here’s how to send some best wishes with a slightly positive tone, but without sounding patronizing or exposing too much.

18. “Embrace change, and you’ll discover beauty everywhere. You’re in my thoughts.”

Here’s a Zen-like pick-me-up for someone who is having trouble seeing past the problem at hand. It’ll work well in a card attached to a little thinking of you gift.  

19. “I pray that your heart is lifted by the wonderful people and things that surround you. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.”

For most, family and friends are backbones. They keep you secure when you're weakened and guide you when you're struggling. This message will remind a loved one of those things.

20. “Old Duwamish wisdom says, ‘Day and night cannot dwell together.’ Remember this today.”

For something more spiritually guided, here’s some wisdom from a west coast Native American tribe. It’ll remind them that the struggle can’t endure forever. 

What to Say Instead of ‘Sending You Strength to Your Family’

Parents, grandparents, sisters, and brothers find strength in each other. But when life events postpone memorial events, it’s even more important to send love their way. 

21. “Your grandmother was a sense of inspiration to us all. May her strength guide and her wisdom continue to guide you during this time of grief and separation.”

Here’s how to simultaneously express how someone was well-loved, but also respected for her insight. 

22. “We were so sorry to hear of your struggles as of late. We’re sending this card in hopes that you may find some strength knowing you still have loved ones who care.”

When you hear of a loved one’s hardships through the grapevine, it’s much easier to send a quick note than to pick up the phone and pry for details. 

23. “I’ll always remember your grandpa’s warm smile and laugh. I hope you find strength in knowing everyone admired him greatly.”

Here’s a small, but sweet note to send to your friend when their grandfather passed away. It’ll remind her of the things she loved about him, too.

24. "I know I didn't get a chance to meet your sister, but I can tell how much everyone loved her from your stories. May you eventually come together to find peace sooner than later."

When disease or unexpected trauma removes a family member too soon, the family can be devastated. So, choose words that speak of love, strength, and peace like this message. 

25. “I am so glad you are finally able to gather to celebrate Gene's life and story.”

Here's a short, simple spin you can put on any postponements made for a loved one's funeral and memorial services. What's been left unsaid will be understood, but what has been said is positive. 

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Messages of Strength and Love

When difficult times come without warning, you may be looking for some new ways to be a voice of support and love. Hopefully, you’ve found a few messages you could add to a card or email when loved ones need your support.

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