8 Better Ways to Deliver Good News to a Loved One


Sometimes it seems like we’re surrounded by bad news. The latest headlines, news from your local community, and the general feeling of uncertainty can weigh you down. Luckily, the only thing that’s certain in life is change. For every bad day, there is good that follows. 

If you’ve been blessed with good news, it’s normal to want to share this with your loved ones. It’s one of the many ways to show gratitude. Whether you’re sharing a big life event or announcing something big, here are eight better ways to deliver good news to a loved one. Like all things in life, good news is all about the delivery!

1. Use Social Media

If you want to share the news with all of your friends and family at once, the best way to do this is through social media. While social media doesn’t always have the best reputation, it really does bring people together when it matters most. 

You can use social media to share your good news in a few different ways:

  • Post the big announcement for everyone to see
  • Send a group message through a messenger app to those you’re sharing the news with
  • Post a photo or video announcement
  • Do a countdown to the big news day

No matter what you choose, social media is a powerful tool for sharing. You don’t need to go into the details if you value your privacy, but this is the easiest way to get the announcement into the public quickly. 

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2. Wrap the News Into a Gift

We’ve all seen the videos of soon-to-be grandparents unwrapping the news that there’s a new baby on the way. These wrapped up messages are always a hit, and they’re easy to pull off on your own. 

Whether you’re sharing new baby wishes or something else life-changing, this is a literal “gift” to someone special. To start, choose something that represents the news. For a baby, this might be baby clothes or a pacifier. For a vacation, it might be a printed plane ticket. Get a bit creative.

From there, wrap this symbol of the news as you would any other gift. Sit back and wait for the moment to be right! Don’t forget to record their reaction! It’s sure to be a memory you’ll want to hold on to. 

3. Mail the News

If your news isn’t time-sensitive, you could take an old fashioned approach. Snail mail doesn’t get the love it deserves nowadays, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the perfect way to share something new with your friends and family. 

All you need is a set of announcement cards, some stamps, and free time. You could get an announcement card for anything from a new baby, new job, graduation, and so on. Personalize your cards with a message and kind regards for the recipient. Address them, put them in the mailbox, and you’re good to go. 

What’s nice about mailing a formal announcement is that it gives your friends and family something to hold on to. It’s the perfect memento for this special occasion. 

4. Gift Something

Another way to share the good news with a loved one is by giving them something. This is similar to wrapping your news, but you’ll also include a practical gift. 

To do this, think of a gift that’s perfect for this situation. Here are some ideas:

  • Graduation: Empty frame, coffee mug, school memorabilia
  • Wedding: Wedding photo, candy/chocolate, thank you note
  • New baby: Grandma/uncle/aunt memento, baby photo, family photo
  • New home: Wine/cider, houseware, keychain
  • New job: Favorite book, nice pens, mug

These gifts are a thoughtful way to let someone know you’re thinking of them during this exciting time. It’s also a great way to give back to someone who might have helped you reach this milestone.

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5. Host an Event

Everyone loves an excuse to get together, especially if it’s centered around good news. When you share something happy that’s happening in your life, it makes those around you happier as well. Why not include them in the fun and excitement?

Plan an event around your news. You might share the news at the big event, in front of your friends and family, or you might make the announcement before. Either way, it’s sure to be a great time. This doesn’t have to be a fancy occasion. Here are some simple ideas for any budget:

  • Family dinner
  • Housewarming party
  • Engagement party
  • Friendly happy hour
  • Picnic in the park

Once everyone’s together and having a fun time, break out the big news. It’ll be a hit!

6. Video Announcement

For a digital-savvy approach, film a video announcement. This is a great idea if you don’t live near your friends and family, but you want to keep your news personal. You don’t need a fancy camera or equipment to get started. Your smartphone can get the job done!

Once you’ve recorded yourself and the news, share via email, text, or social media. This doesn’t have to be anything complicated. The simpler, the better. For example, if you just got engaged, share the story of how you met. Though simple, a video announcement is a personal way to share something exciting with those you love. 

7. Bake Something Sweet

Who doesn’t love getting surprised with a sweet treat? If you have the baker’s touch, you could whip up something delicious in the kitchen. If not, feel free to visit a local bakery or grocery store to find what you’re looking for. 

Once baked, wrap some of your sweets individually to share with friends and family. Include a card or note announcing the big news. Better yet, include the news on the treat itself! This is a delicious way to get your loved ones excited about what’s to come!

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8. Have an In-Person Conversation

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to have a conversation in-person. This is recommended for those you’re closest to who might feel left out if they aren’t let in on the news earlier than everyone else. You don’t want the soon-to-be grandma to find out there’s a baby on the way from a Facebook post!

When in doubt, talk in person. You can always do one of the above in addition to a conversation, but this is always a great first step. Not sure what to say? Try these openers to break the ice:

  • I have big news! Can we talk on the phone later?
  • You’ll never believe what I have to tell you!
  • Something really exciting is happening. Can we meet up?
  • I have some good news that I think you’d like to hear!

Those you love always want to be included in your big moments, and this is no exception. Sometimes it’s the simplest conversations that make the biggest impact.

Share Your News with Creativity

We’ve all seen the same announcements again and again. While there’s nothing wrong with them, it’s fun to do something a bit more creative from time to time. If you’ve got good news to share, why not shout it loud?

When our daily lives are often filled with so much bad news and uncertainty, we can use all the good news we can get. It’s time to start sharing what matters most. You’ll be drowning in best wishes in no time. 

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