How to share your Cake profile with someone


The planning you do with Cake is only helpful if people have access to it when it's needed.  There are two ways you can share your Cake end-of-life plan:

1. Share your Cake profile with someone

When you share your Cake profile, you are sharing access to all of the planning you have completed on Cake.  People you share with will have 24/7 online access to a read-only version of your Cake profile.

  • Log in to your Cake account

  • Navigate to the "Sharing & Key Contacts" section

  • Click on "Share with someone new

  • Enter their contact information, then click "Next"

  • On the following screen, you can preview and customize the email invitation they will receive if you like.  

  • Once you are ready to share, click "Send email & share"

We recommend following up with anyone you share your Cake profile with by phone or email to ensure they take action on the email notification.

Troubleshooting: "My key person can't find the sharing notification email from Cake"

Sometimes these emails can be hard to find in an email inbox. Here are some tips you can pass along to them:

  • If your inbox has a search bar, type in "" to locate any email from Cake
  • Check folders like "promotions" or "spam" — some email service providers filter out messages from Cake

If they still don't see the email, make sure you properly entered their email address in the steps listed above for "Share your Cake profile with someone." 

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2. Print your Cake documents to provide copies to people 

  • Log in to your Cake account

  • Navigate to the "Documents" section

  • Locate the document you wish to print

  • Click on the "Actions" button for that document

  • Select "View"
    • Please note: certain file types may require you to download them before viewing

  • A new browser tab will open to display your document

  • Click the print icon at the top of the window to print the document

If you make changes to your documents in the future, make sure you print out new copies of those documents and provide them to your contacts. Ask them to destroy any previous copies to avoid confusion with old documents.

Stuck? Send a message to Cake Support. 


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