Does Shopko Have a Good Senior Discount?


Shopko, the retailer headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, filed for bankruptcy and closed its stores as of summer 2019. The name survives, but only as a retail location that sells glasses and contact lenses.

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However, as a senior citizen, you may be wondering if Shopko offers a discount based on age. Perhaps you have noticed that your favorite retirement magazines have lists of retailers that offer senior citizen discounts, and you want to know if you could qualify to save money on your next eyeglass prescription at Shopko.

It never hurts to look out for ways to save money especially on something so valuable but also potentially pricey like a new pair of glasses or contact lenses. Even if Shopko doesn’t have exactly what you need out of eyewear, there might be other ways you can save some money with some careful reading.

Shopko’s Senior Discount and Senior Days Policy

Shopko Optical does not have a senior citizen’s discount. They also do not offer lower prices to seniors on specific days of the week. 

If you are looking for an eyeglass retailer that offers a senior citizen’s discount, consider perhaps visiting LensCrafters or some other larger companies. For example, LensCrafters can offer a 30 percent discount on eyeglasses to members of AARP as well as discounts on eye exams.

Other Ways You Can Save at Shopko

Even though Shopko does not offer a discount to senior citizens, there are different ways to save when shopping there. Consider these methods.

Visit the Shopko website

Before you visit a Shopko retail location, visit its website. Under the “special offers” tab, you might find some specials or sales to save money when purchasing eyeglasses or contacts from them.

Some of the discounts are in the form of rebates. For example, after paying full-price for a year’s supply of contacts, you can fill out an online rebate form to receive money back from your purchase.

Under this same page of the Shopko website, you may click on a link that will take you to the eyeglass frames that are currently on sale. 

When you visit the retail location, ask the employee if there are any extra rebates or discounts based on your age. It never hurts to inquire.

Do an online search for discount codes

Before you visit a Shopko retail location or purchase eyeglass frames online, do a quick search for a Shopko discount code. 

Some basic searches on couponing sites can reveal codes giving customers a half-off discount on their second set of eyeglasses. Another code enabled shoppers to receive $10 off on a $30 (or more) purchase. However, when researching, also make sure that the coupons are valid and have not expired.

Searching for discount codes online is an excellent money-saving strategy anytime you are shopping for items that you don’t buy every day.

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Purchase your eyeglasses through a health savings account

Purchasing health-care items through a health savings account can help you save money, as the money that goes into such an account is not subject to federal income tax. Depending upon your state, your contributions to your health savings account may not be taxed on the state level, either. Using pre-taxed money to make health care purchases means that you are saving money.

Use eye insurance to help pay for your eye health

Talk with Shopko about using your vision insurance to help pay for your eye exam, glasses, or contacts. 

Under some vision policies, you are entitled to at least one exam a year. Your insurance may pay for part or all of the expenses associated with your eyeglasses. Insurance policies may pay for part or all of your contact lenses as well.

Purchase new lenses for your old frames 

If you like your eyeglass frames, and they are in good condition, you can save money on updated glasses by only purchasing new lenses. 

Most of the time, eyeglass retailers can order lenses to fit any sized frames. Once the lenses are in, customers return to the location, and a technician replaces the old lenses with the new ones while they wait.

Purchase frames that are on sale

Shopko has a wide assortment of eyeglass frames for sale on its website. While some frames are considered “designer,” others are manufactured as budget-friendly options.

If you have a budgeted amount to spend on your new eyeglasses, tell the technician at Shopko. He or she should be able to fit you in glasses that look good on your face while not breaking the bank.

Say “no” to expensive options

When you purchase a new pair of eyeglasses, the clerk may ask if you want to buy additional features. This last-minute “up-sale” is common in most industries. 

He or she may ask if you want to purchase transition or scratch-resistant lenses. If you have a rather strong prescription, you may be encouraged to buy a particular type of lens that is thinner than most. Finally, you may be asked if you want to purchase a warranty that would cover breakage or loss. 

While some of these upgrades may seem like they are worth the cost, they may not be essential. Saying “no” to these upgrades may allow you to save money on your new pair of spectacles.

See That Money Add Up

Everyone likes to save money, but seniors may have more of an incentive to do so. Perhaps you are on a fixed income and are unable to work to earn an additional salary. Or maybe you would rather spend money on checking off items on your retirement bucket list than spending all your extra cash on eyeglasses.

Some folks say that time is money, and that money is time. If you want to make the most out of your time and have fun, consider starting your end-of-life planning during your free time. Making those decisions will ensure that you can spend your time with your loved ones focusing on fun.


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