20 Common Claims of Signs From Deceased Pets


Pets can bring light and comfort to even the darkest moments. So it’s a painful truth that for one of the darkest moments in our lives—the loss of our beloved pet—they’re not there. At least not physically. 

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Without your pet around to comfort you when they’re gone, you might start seeing subtle signs of your pet’s presence. Many pet owners claim to experience signs from their deceased pets, letting them know they’re not alone. And those signs can appear just after a pet’s death or many years later. 

You might believe in signs from the afterlife, or you might not. And we’ll never truly know the true meaning of these kinds of messages. But no matter your beliefs about the afterlife, recognizing the potential signs from your pets will help keep them close to your heart and alive in your memory

Below, we’ll look at some of the most common claims people have made of signs from their deceased pets. So if you notice one or more of these signs, keep in mind that your pet might not be as far away as you think. 

1. Familiar Sounds

The most common sign that pet owners report after their pets pass away is the sound of their pet. Pets make all kinds of sounds throughout the day, and we often just ignore them. 

Even when our pets are gone, we might continue to hear those sounds without realizing they shouldn’t be there anymore.

But if you happen to notice a particular sound when your pet is no longer with you, it might give you pause. Some examples of sounds that might be a sign from your departed pet include: 

  • The jingling of a collar. 
  • The thudding sound of a tail against furniture. 
  • A faint bark, cry, or whimper. 
  • The doggy door flapping back and forth.
  • The sound of nails on a glass door or window. 
  • The tip-tapping sound of their nails on the floor. 
  • The sound of the floorboards or stairs shifting as they run across. 

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2. Familiar Smells

Every pet owner knows their pet has his or her own distinctive smells, for better or for worse. 

If it’s been months or years since your pet’s passing, those smells should have worn off of the furniture and carpets. But you might suddenly catch a whiff of something familiar and wonder if it’s your furry friend saying hello. 

It might be your pet’s shampoo or the musky smell of their breath. If it’s raining, you might catch the distinctive scent of wet fur when you open a door or window. 

3. Memories Out of the Blue

As you’re going through your normal day, a memory of your pet might suddenly pop into your mind for no apparent reason. 

Many pet owners see this as a sign that their pet is with them in spirit. And if it’s a happy memory, your pet might be trying to remind you that everything’s OK. 

4. Songs 

Maybe there’s a song you used to sing to your pet or a song that reminds you of your time together. 

If that song gets stuck in your head out of nowhere, or if it comes on the radio at random, it might be a sign from your pet. 

5. Physical Feelings

Have you ever felt the brush of a cat or dog up against your leg when there’s nothing there? You might recognize that feeling as your pet coming to lend you some comfort or say hello. 

Other feelings that might be a sign from your pet include the feeling of a pet’s panting on your skin or a playful nip at your hand or foot. You might even feel the scratch-and-knead of little claws from a departed feline friend. 

6. Change in Temperature

Another physical sign is a temperature change. You know the feeling when a pet climbs under the covers with you or just sits on your lap? The temperature rises and becomes notably cozier. 

If you feel a small space of warm air around you, it might be your pet stopping by for a cuddle. And if you notice that the spot where they always curled up is warmer, that could be a sign, too. 

7. Interacting with Other Pets

Some pet owners claim to interact with pets that are just like their pets who are deceased. 

If you pet another person’s dog and notice the same smile as your departed friend, or if a cat comes by your house who looks just like yours, it might be a sign from your deceased pet. 

8. Behavior of Other Animals

Speaking of other animals, keep an eye out for the behavior of other pets in the house. Many pet owners believe that animals can see things—including signs from the afterlife—that we can’t.

If your other pets start acting like they see your departed pet, it might mean they’re there in spirit. 

9. Signs in Nature

Animals in nature might be signs from a deceased pet, too. If you see a bird, insect, or wild animal you don’t normally see around, it might be your pet checking in. 

For example, you might notice a dragonfly by your house, where you’ve never seen one before. Or you might encounter a symbolic bird, like a blue jay, a robin, a cardinal, or a goldfinch, while you’re out for a walk. 

Any animal or bug that starts appearing after the passing of your pet could be a sign. 

10. Dreams

Some pet owners believe their pets’ spirits can visit them in their dreams. If you suddenly have a dream that revolves around your pet, or if your pet just stops by in your dream, it could be a sign from your beloved friend. 

11. Unexplained Movement

Do you keep seeing a furry little blur out of the corner of your eye? Does food keep getting knocked off the counter and onto the floor? 

Unexplained signs of movement like these could be considered signs from a deceased pet from the afterlife. 

12. Shapes

Some pet owners see shapes in the clouds the remind them of their pet, or they see flowers blooming in the shape of their pet’s face. 

If you notice any shapes in nature or around the house that remind you of your pet, it could be them stopping in to let you know they’re OK. 

13. Dates and Times

If you look at the clock regularly and see the same time over and over again, it might be a sign. Consider whether the time on the clock is symbolic of anything, like the time of your pet’s passing or a special time you used to share. Is it the time you would usually feed your pet or take them for a walk? 

Also, take note if you find any coins out of place. You might find a coin with the year your pet was born or the year you adopted your pet, which may be a sign that they’re there with you. 

14. Fur and Whiskers

You might continue finding tufts of fur or even whiskers around the house, in new places or places you’ve cleaned already. 

This could be your pet reminding you of their presence in the home. You could even find things like baby teeth or nail clippings in odd locations. 

15. Scratches and Markings

As you’re going through your day, you might see a smudge on the sliding glass door from your pet’s nose. If it wasn’t already there before, that smudge could be a sign that your pet’s spirit is still around. 

You might also find other signs on the furniture or around the house, like a scratch on the upholstery or a muddy pawprint by the door. 

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16. Feathers

Finding feathers in unusual places is thought to be a sign from the afterlife. If you find a feather in your home or while you’re on a walk, it might be your pet giving you a sign.

17. Mice and Birds

If you had an outdoor cat who liked to bring you “gifts,” like mice and birds, you might keep noticing these special presents when your pet is gone. 

If you see a deceased bird or mouse outside your home, don’t be alarmed. It may just be your kitty bringing you a gift from the other side. 

18. Your Pet’s Name

Your pet’s name is special to you, so when you see it somewhere out of the blue, you’ll probably take notice. If your pet’s name comes up somewhere unexpected, that may be a sign of your pet saying hello. 

19. Electrical Disturbances

Many people believe that spirits, including those of deceased pets, have a strong electrical presence. 

So if you have a light that keeps going out after your pet’s death, more static “shocks” than normal, or any other type of electrical disturbance, it could be a sign from your pet. 

20. Objects Around the House

Finally, keep an eye out for unusual objects around the house. You might find things related to your departed pet, like a toy ball or pieces of kibble. 

Take note of whether you put those items there or not. If they weren’t supposed to be there, they might be a sign that your pet is visiting from the other side. 

Signs From the Afterlife 

Some people believe deceased family members, including pets, can communicate with us from the other side. Others are more skeptical that something like that could be true. 

But whether or not you believe in signs from the afterlife, the “signs” we listed above will always remind you of your pet. And whenever you think about your pet, they’re close to you in spirit and memory. 

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