21 Top Solar-Powered Grave & Cemetery Lights


Are you looking for a way to decorate your loved one’s grave? Instead of placing flowers, flags, or windchimes on and around the headstone, you may consider using solar-powered cemetery lights. These highly-decorative pieces can add beauty to the gravesite of your loved one. And having a solar-powered light near the grave would also make it easier to pick it out from all the others nearby. 

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Here are some solar-powered grave or cemetery lights to consider. Before purchasing, make sure you consult with the cemetery superintendent. There may be rules against adding such decorations. Not following the rules is not advisable since the cemetery staff has the right to remove anything you place around the grave. Don’t waste your time or money purchasing something that will later be thrown in the trash.

What Are Solar-Powered Grave Lights?

Grave lights are decorative items some people choose to place near a loved one’s headstone. Since most cemeteries are closed at dusk, they are more decorative than utilitarian. 

Solar-powered grave lights do not need to be plugged into electrical outlets. They contain a battery that is charged by the sun’s rays during the day. The charged battery operates the lights at night. This makes them the perfect choice for outdoor use, whether in a cemetery or along your sidewalk at home. They also make perfect decorative pieces in a backyard garden.

Solar-powered lights are easy to install and maintain. They are inexpensive and come in a wide variety of designs and colors. You should be able to find cemetery lights at many online retailers, although you may consider searching for “solar-powered lights.” Of course, solar-powered lights are eco-friendly.

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How Much Do Solar-Powered Grave Lights Cost?

Solar-powered grave lights can be rather inexpensive. They may cost only $20 for single decorative stakes. If you are interested in purchasing several connected lights, you may pay $50 or more. 

Solar-powered lights marketed as “eternal lights” tend to be more expensive. Expect to pay around $50 to $100 for those items.

Different Types of Solar-Powered Grave Lights

There are many different types of solar powered grave lights. Most solar-powered lights come on pointed stakes. The solar panel is mounted halfway up the stake and the light receptacle is on top. Of course, care should be taken so the solar panel gets regular sun. 

Here are several different designs and types:

1. Angel solar-powered light

There are several angel solar-powered lights on the market. Most of them can display lights in alternating colors. Some may come in only white or yellow.

2. Rose solar-powered light

You can bring flowers to your loved one’s grave or bring solar-powered roses to your family member’s headstone. Check online to find your favorite colored rose. Most of the solar-powered roses come in “bouquets,” with some of the stems just budding and others in full bloom. 

3. Butterfly solar-powered light

Butterflies are popular symbols in cemeteries. When people see butterflies, they are often reminded of the person they lost.

Most butterfly solar lights come in a variety of colors and designs. Since design experts often advise people to group items in odd numbers, you may want to purchase three to place near your loved one’s grave.

4. Solar-powered crosses

Online retailers sell solar-powered crosses in a variety of colors and styles. You may be able to find crosses of specific designs, such as Latin, Greek, or Celtic styles. Some come with clear or yellow lights, but you can find multi-colored crosses as well.

5. Solar-powered moon

What would you expect to be shining at night? Place a shining moon near your loved one’s grave. These grave decorations may be accompanied by glowing stars as well.

6. Solar-powered American flags

Was your loved one a veteran? If your family member served our country, you might consider purchasing a solar-powered American flag for their grave. Share your loved one’s patriotism with the rest of the world.

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7. Solar-powered bald eagle

You can also purchase a solar-powered bald eagle to place in the cemetery? The bald eagle is a symbol of fierce independence, freedom, and strength. Tell others what was important to your loved one by displaying this image.

8. Solar-powered Jesus

If your loved one was a Christian, consider purchasing a solar-powered Jesus. Most of the ones online display Jesus as an adult with his arms open wide. This image may give comfort to other Christians visiting the cemetery.

9. Solar-powered lanterns

There are a lot of solar-powered lanterns on the market. They are ideal for use in a cemetery because they have an old-fashioned look. You may decide to purchase solar-powered lanterns that hang from a shepherd’s hook or those that are placed in a stake in the ground.

10. Solar-powered balls

You may want to purchase colorful solar-powered decorative balls for your loved one’s grave. You can find balls that change color throughout the night. 

11. Solar-powered praying hands

Was your loved one’s prayer life an essential part of his or her life? Tell others about this part of your loved one’s life and share the power of prayer with other people who visit the cemetery.

12. Solar-powered fairies

You can purchase solar-powered lights in almost every shape. Solar-powered fairy lights could give a magical look to the cemetery. 

13. Solar-powered tree stems

Some solar-powered light systems don’t merely have items at the top of the stake. You can also purchase lit tree stems that have leaves up the side. 

14. Solar-powered lightning bugs in Mason jars

Who says that solar lights in cemeteries have to be serious in nature? Add a bit of whimsy to the display by your loved one’s headstone, especially if that would fit his or her personality.

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15. Solar-powered string lights

Although solar-powered string lights are decorative and trendy, they aren’t commonly used in cemeteries. This doesn’t mean they can’t be used, but you do have to consider how you would hang them around the grave. 

16. Solar spotlight

Although a spotlight would not be appropriate for a public cemetery, it may have its use near a grave. Consider the grave of a person who is buried on private property. You may also choose to use a solar spotlight to shine on an American flag so that it can be displayed at night.

17. Solar-powered pathway lights

Even though most cemeteries are closed at dusk, you may feel like shining a light along the path on a particularly dismal day. Solar-powered pathway lights would be perfect for this use. 

18. Personalized solar light

Search for personalized solar lights online. Some companies are able to make a solar-powered glowing sign that can be personalized with your loved one’s name, birth, and death dates. You can also add a verse or quote as well as a lit photograph. These distinctive pieces would stand out in any cemetery. 

19. Solar-powered eternal light 

While it may have been customary at one time to leave candles lit in the cemetery, this is no longer the practice. Luckily you can purchase solar-powered eternal lights that look like a candle with a cross but are safe and ecologically friendly. These eternal light candles seem to be more expensive than the other designs. 

20. Underwater solar light

Is there a small pond or fountain near the grave of your loved one? Add distinction to the space by adding a solar light to the water. 

21. Solar light to fulfill a promise to a loved one

Leaving your loved one behind in a cemetery is always heart-wrenching. Even though your loved one is deceased, you can’t help but feel like you are leaving them behind in the dark. There are stories online of parents of deceased children who feel better leaving their child’s grave illuminated with solar light.

Other Ways to Decorate Your Loved One’s Grave

You may love the idea of adding solar lights to your loved one’s grave. If you know this is something you want to do, make sure you choose an appropriate cemetery.  

Many modern cemeteries have rules regulating grave decoration. Many cemeteries do not allow solar lights on graves. You may be able to find church cemeteries or rural cemeteries that don’t have such rules. 

Just because your loved one’s cemetery does not allow solar lights doesn’t mean that you can’t honor the one you lost. You can add floral displays to your loved one’s grave at most cemeteries. You may also be able to add a small flag or pinwheel to the display as well.  

If your loved one’s cemetery only allows flowers, create a display for your loved one at home. Create a memorial garden in your backyard using solar lights, rocks, and flowers. Create a display inside your home with your loved one’s photo, a candle, and other commemorative items. 

Remember, even if you are unable to create an outdoor display for your loved one in a cemetery, your loved one will always live on in your heart. 

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