30+ Songs About New Beginnings & Change


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Everyone needs a fresh start now and then. Whether you’re turning over a new leaf romantically or decluttering your home, it’s never too late to begin again. And if you’re putting together a playlist to help you wipe the slate clean, we’re here to help. 

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The songs included in this article can offer the inspiration you need to take on a much-needed change in your life. Whether you’re a fan of pop, rock ‘n’ roll, hip-hop, or country, this list has you covered. We’ve even included some gospel tracks and spiritual tunes about transformation, forgiving and forgetting, and new beginnings. 

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Pop Songs About New Beginnings

Example of a pop song about new beginnings over an image of a person playing the drums

If you want to add a few pop songs to your fresh start playlist, try the songs below. 

1. “I Can See Clearly Now” by Johnny Nash

It may not be a modern pop hit, but it certainly is one of the most popular tunes about new beginnings. With likes like, “It’s gonna be a bright, bright, bright, sun-shiny day,” Johnny Nash’s reggae tune will get anybody psyched up for starting over. 

2. “Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’” by Michael Jackson

When you think of pop, do you think of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson? If so, this hit by the King is perfect for your new beginnings playlist. It’ll help you get in high spirits when you “Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’” new in your life. 

3. “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone

If you don’t recognize the lyrics, “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, and I’m feeling good,” then you haven’t been listening to enough uplifting music. Nina Simone originally recorded this tune in 1965, but numerous pop artists, including Muse, the Pussycat Dolls, and Michael Buble have covered it since. 

4. “Up and Up” by Coldplay

Coldplay’s soothing beats and accompanying lyrics let us know that “we’re gonna get it, get it together I know.” It’s a perfect addition to your starting-over playlist if you’re trying to go “up and up” from here. 

5. “This Year” by Cooper

Some years of our lives are the best in some ways and the worst in others. Cooper’s upbeat tune about a fresh start talks about just that kind of year, and how you can go uphill from there. At the same time, it reminds us to “just be who you are, and everything falls into place.” 

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Rock and Alternative Songs About New Beginnings

If rock and alternative music is more your style, try these rock songs about starting over again. 

6.  “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles

Starting over new can feel like the sun coming out from behind the clouds. And this recognizable Beatles song exemplifies that feeling. 

7. “Brand New Sun” by Jason Lytle

Jason Lytle might have taken a touch of inspiration from George Harrison when he created the soothing, acoustic melody, “Brand New Sun,” all about running towards new things.  

8. “Pack It Up” by Pretenders II

Sometimes starting fresh means leaving an unpleasant situation (or unpleasant people) in the dust. This Pretenders anthem is all about “flushing out” your enemies and burning those bridges that are holding you back. 

9. “Brand New Day” by Sting

Sting calls it like it is with lyrics like, “How many of you people out there, been hurt in some kind of love affair,” but gives us a positive message in the end, all about greeting the “brand new day.” 

10. “Closing Time” by Semisonic

Everyone who’s heard Semisonic’s hit, “Closing Time,” knows that “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” 

Gospel Songs About New Beginnings

Example of a gospel song about new beginnings over an image of musical instruments

These gospel songs will help you move on from the past and manifest a brighter future. 

11. “Amazing Grace” by Various

“Amazing Grace” may be the most popular gospel today. And with lyrics like, “I once was lost, but now I see,” it’s a perfect inspiration for starting over. You have nearly endless renditions from which to choose, including Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley, and Ray Charles, to name just a few. 

12. “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen” by Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong’s powerful rendition of this spiritual reminds the listener that a higher power (Jesus) knows the trouble you’ve seen and gotten through on your way to a new beginning. 

13. “Break Every Chain” by Tasha Cobbs

Making a big change in life can feel like breaking through the chains that hold you in place. 

14. “Move On Up A Little Higher” by Mahalia Jackson

This gospel might be about “going home to live on high,” but it can also be interpreted as a starting-over song about “moving up” in life. 

15. “I Need You Now” by Smokie Norful

When you’re making an important change in life and starting over, you might need even more help from your higher power. Smokie Norful reflects on that with lyrics like, “Not an hour or another day, but at this moment with my arms outstretched, I need you to make a way.” 

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Hip-Hop Songs About New Beginnings

Making life changes is easier if you have a good beat to dance to along the way. These hip-hop songs about new beginnings are evidence of that fact.

16. “Good Day” by Nappy Roots

“Good Day” by Nappy Roots is the perfect hip-hop beat to start any day on a positive note. And it’s especially applicable for the first day of your new start. 

17. “Reborn” by Kids See Ghosts

American hip hop duo, Kids See Ghosts, brings us the lyrics, “I'm so, I'm so reborn, I'm movin' forward,” making “Reborn” an essential part of your new beginnings playlist. 

18. “I Can” by Nas

“I Can” by Nas is one of the most inspirational hip-hop tunes out there, and with lyrics like, “I know I can, be what I wanna be,” it’ll help you get the fresh start you need. 

19. “Start Over” by Beyonce

Not all fresh starts mean leaving people in your life behind. If you’re getting a fresh start in your romantic relationship but staying together, “Start Over” by Beyonce is the perfect soundtrack. 

20. “Brand New Day” by Dizzee Rascal

Add some British flair to your playlist with Dizzee Rascal’s inspiring song, “Brand New Day.” 

Religious and Spiritual Songs About New Beginnings

Example of a religious song about new beginnings over an image of a person playing the guitar

If you want to incorporate religion and spirituality into your new beginning, try adding some of the songs below to your starting-over playlist. 

21. “G.O.D. (Gaining One’s Definition) by Common ft. Ce-Lo

Failing at something isn’t always a negative. If you can come out on the other side having learned a valuable lesson (or in this case, having gained your definition and found meaning in life), you can count it a positive overall. 

22. “Start a Fire” by Unspoken

Unspoken urges you to “start a fire” in your soul through faith. Even when “this world can be bitter and cold,” the fire in your soul can keep you warm. 

23. “Courageous” by Counting Crows

The religious tune, “Courageous,” reminds us that “we were made to be courageous, we were made to lead the way.” It’s perfect for when making a change takes great courage. 

24. “I Will Rise” by Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin recalls the story of Jesus’ resurrection to inspire listeners to “rise” in the face of adversity. 

25. “Beneath the Waters, I Will Rise” by Hillsong

Another tune referring to Jesus rising, Hillsong sings about a baptism “in blood and fire,” and what it takes to start over again. 

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Country Songs About New Beginnings

Not all country music is about dirt roads, trucks, and falling in love. These country classics are about changing your life for the better. 

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26. “These Boots Are Made for Walking” by Loretta Lynn

If your “boots are made for walking” towards a brand new start, make sure you add this hit to your playlist. 

27. "Bless the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts reminds us that getting to a new beginning sometimes means traversing a “broken road,” or making our way through hard times. 

28. “Easy Come, Easy Go” by George Strait

George Strait’s classic breakup tune tells us that sometimes “it’s time to hit the road” when things just don’t work out. 

29. “A Better Man” by Clint Black

Clint Black’s version of the classic country breakup ballad reminds us that you can leave a bad situation “a better man” (or woman). 

30. “I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack

Lee An Womack hopes you dance when you get the chance, and that might mean choosing to turn over a new leaf and get a fresh start. 

Tips for Making a Much-Needed Change

If you’re looking for music to help you turn over a new leaf in life, you’re already well on your way. But here are a few more tips for making changes and getting that new beginning you’re seeking: 

Accept your spilled milk

The old adage, “Don’t cry over spilled milk,” could use some updating. After all, there’s no harm in shedding a few tears when something goes horribly wrong. The trick is accepting that the milk is spilled, rather than attempting to force it back into the cup. Just mop it up, and start moving on. 

Take smaller steps

We often set goals like, “Stop being so messy.” But those are goals that are all too easy to break. Why? Because we haven’t given ourselves specific methods for how, specifically, we’re going to stop being so messy. It’s okay to set lofty goals that are relatively vague, but it’s also important to lay out a game plan for how you’re going to get there. 

Take your time

Finally, don’t beat yourself up if it takes longer to make the change in your life than you expected. There will be times when you find yourself falling back into old habits, and that doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It just means you’re still on the path to achieving the change you want to achieve. 

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