15 Best Spa Gift Basket Ideas for Relaxation

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A spa gift basket is the type of gift many of us love to receive. That means it’s also a smart gift idea for just about anyone in your life, whether it’s a spouse, friend, or any other person who deserves to relax.

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That said, not all spa gift baskets are interchangeable. Different types of gift baskets serve different purposes, and their prices can range from very affordable to pricey.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of spa gift basket ideas. The examples here will help you choose the ideal gift for its intended recipient.

DIY or Affordable Spa Gift Basket Ideas

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to add some relaxing luxury to a friend or loved one’s life. Just consider these examples:

1. Free sample DIY spa gift basket

A free sample DIY basket is an idea worth keeping in mind if you think the person to whom you’re giving a gift basket would be happier with small amounts of numerous products, rather than large amounts of just a few products.

Many of the companies that supply the types of items you might include in a spa gift basket will gladly send small free samples of their products to customers who request them. With that in mind, you might spend time collecting as many of these samples as you can, finally putting them all together in one DIY basket.

2. DIY discount store spa gift basket

Many discount clothing stores also carry very affordable bundles of fragrances, toiletries, cosmetics, and various other types of products you might include in a spa gift basket.

You could pick up a few of these and customize the gift basket with items from the different bundles you choose. You could theoretically create an additional gift basket for someone else with these items on top of that because you’ll likely have some items left over.

3. Spa gift basket for new college student

The items you include in a spa gift basket don’t need to be expensive. As long as you carefully choose objects that a recipient will genuinely find useful, they’ll still be sure to love the gift.

For instance, maybe you know someone who is off to start college soon. The odds are good that your friend needs to stock up on some essentials like bath and shower items. You could make pre-college shopping a little less stressful (and their first few college weeks much more relaxing) with a spa gift basket containing affordable but relaxation-inducing shampoos, body washes, and related items.

Make an inexpensive care package for a best friend if you and your best friend are heading off to different colleges.

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Luxury Spa Gift Basket Ideas

If your budget isn’t tight these days, you may be willing to spend more on a spa gift basket like one of these.

4. Premium products gift basket

Go for a premium products gift basket. It’s worth including because it’s the type of spa gift basket you can easily find. Numerous brands offer high-end gift baskets featuring only the premium versions of all the products they contain.

5. Full spa treatment package

While some spa gift baskets feature just a few related items, you can also find plenty that include a more extensive range of products, like this 15-piece set. These often include everything someone needs to enjoy a full weekend spa experience from the comfort of their own home.

6. Gourmet spa gift basket

A spa gift basket doesn’t need only to feature bath and body products. Some of the best luxury gift baskets also include various gourmet food items, such as fancy teas, unique treats from around the world, and specialty condiments, just to name a few.

Are you sending this to a partner or spouse you’re currently far away from? A gourmet spa gift could also serve as a perfect long-distance relationship care package, featuring gourmet food items from the part of the world you’re living in right now.

Calming Spa Gift Basket Ideas

One of the best ways to make someone feel loved is to give her a gift that helps them relax. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

7. City-themed spa gift basket

Does someone in your life have a deep love for a particular city? Paris, London, New York, or any similar destination? If so, you could purchase or even create a gift basket with that city as its central theme.

For example, many cosmetics and toiletry products highlight the romance of Paris in their branding. A gift basket with such products, as well as a few edible treats from Paris, is a unique take on a spa gift basket that’s sure to impress.

8. Relaxation-centric spa gift basket

Although most spa gift baskets promote relaxation to some degree, some do more so than others. For instance, a spa gift basket for someone who could use a stress break might include bath salts, soothing candles, calming teas, and even massage products.

9. Day at the beach gift basket

Spa gift basket items, such as soaps and candles, are often scented. You might want to find (or, if you can’t find one, create) a gift basket where the scented products share a theme, such as a beach. 

Beginner Spa Gift Basket Ideas

Don’t make the mistake of assuming a spa gift basket is just a feminine gift. Anyone can enjoy this type of gift. These ideas would be great for someone who's usually reluctant to have a spa day.

10.  Cologne-centric spa gift basket

Most spa gift baskets primarily feature items that belong to the same general category, such as shampoo products or relaxation products.

Another example that might be ideal for your loved one is a gift basket featuring a sampling of various colognes. It can complement a shower gift basket, as they’ll always have a fragrance to try after getting out of the shower.

11. Shower supplies gift basket

A popular spa gift basket is one that includes various products someone would use in the shower, such as shampoo, conditioners, and face scrub.

It could be a smart appreciation gift from someone who wants to show gratitude to a hard-working partner with something that will help make their showers more soothing and relaxing.

12. Grooming spa gift basket

A spa gift basket doesn’t merely need to promote relaxation! It can also serve a practical purpose.

For instance, someone in your life might appreciate a gift basket that includes various grooming products and supplies, such as shaving cream, aftershave, and maybe even a fancy new razor. Something like this kit would be an ideal gift for someone who wants to both look and feel their best.

Delivery Spa Gift Basket Ideas

If you can’t give someone a gift basket in person, you can still make their day with one of these delivery ideas.

13. Energizing spa gift basket

Although many spa gift baskets feature items that help people unwind after the end of a long day, others feature everything from teas and face washes that can help someone feel more energized and refreshed waking up in the morning.

A spa gift basket might make a smart encouragement gift for a friend or loved one moving away from home for a new job. Schedule the delivery so they receive the gift basket a few days after they settle in. The items it features will help them wake up and seize the day with enthusiasm as they pursue their career in this new opportunity.

14. Health-centric spa gift basket

Are you trying to think of a care package for a sick friend who’s currently recovering from an illness or injury at home?

If so, consider ordering them a spa gift basket featuring items that promote health, such as soothing teas and various detoxing products. It’s a surprise delivery your friend will appreciate.

15. Home essentials spa gift basket

Numerous brands offer gift baskets featuring premium versions of essential home items such as hand soap and hand towels.

You could schedule delivery of such a spa gift basket for the day after a friend or loved one moves into a new home, making their transition a little bit easier.

Spa Gift Baskets: Why We Love Them

So many of us love receiving spa gift baskets because, in our increasingly busy world, relaxation is becoming more critical than ever. Luckily, these examples prove that giving the gift of relaxation may also be easier than ever.

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