20 Best Statler Brothers Songs for a Funeral or Memorial


The Statler Brothers are well known in the old-timey Christian and country music scenes for playing gospel and classic country tunes. Their four-part harmony and clear notes on the guitar, violin, and banjo haven’t quite been replicated by any other band.

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Many people love the Statler Brothers for their unique sound, story-telling lyrics, and melodies which harken back to simpler times. Whether your father enjoyed this band or you’ve heard a song of theirs that perfectly captures the outlook or personality of a loved one, they have quite a few options that are perfect for playing at a funeral.

Sad or Sorrowful Statler Brothers Songs for a Funeral

The country band is known for its ballads and heartfelt lyrics describing the highs and lows of life. Though most of their songs may not end up on the best funeral songs list, they do rank high on lists of country funeral songs. If this genre suits someone you know, perhaps one of these sad songs will be fitting for their funeral.

1. “Too Much On My Heart” from Pardners in Rhyme

This song can be played in tribute to a loved one or to share how those left behind are feeling. The song is decidedly about a lost relationship, but the lyrics echo similar sentiments with lines like, “Pain shoots through me like a dart and I've got too much on my heart.”

2. “Elizabeth” from Today

The lyrics of this mournful song speak about missing a loved one who is gone. The singer reminisces about the life they shared and repeats the central message, “I’m sure missing you.” This is a perfect song for any spouse or significant other who is mourning the loss of their “Elizabeth.”

3. “My Only Love” from Atlanta Blue

Though this song is meant for weddings, it would be a fitting tribute to play at the funeral of your spouse. Even though death may separate you from each other, your heart can still resonate with the lyrics, 

“Listen closely to the words I'm saying
I know I never meant them more
For your love only, I've been prayin'
You and I are what this love is for.”

4. “(Oh Baby Mine) I Get So Lonely” from Sing the Classics

Many funeral attendees can identify with this song. The lyrics pay tribute to the loneliness caused by loss and common experiences like dreaming about someone after they’ve passed away.

5. “Atlanta Blue” from Atlanta Blue

As with many country songs, this is about a romantic relationship that ended too soon. The sentiments apply to relationships ended because of death. Many will resonate with lyrics such as, 

“I'm Atlanta blue wishin' I could be with you
Summertime in Georgia
I'm dreamin' of you
And that makes me Atlanta blue, blue, blue.”

Uplifting Statler Brothers Songs for a Funeral

Uplifting songs are perfect when planning a celebration of life service, planning a memorial service, or putting together a funeral slideshow. Here are five of the best Statler Brothers songs that have uplifting lyrics and a peppy tune.

6. “Flowers On the Wall” from Flowers On the Wall

This is a fun, swinging song about living life the way you enjoy most. The singer tells his friends that he’s doing fine with the little he has and tells them not to worry because he doesn’t mind the life he’s living. 

7. “Do You Know You Are My Sunshine?” from Entertainers . . . on and off the Record

This upbeat and uplifting song talks about the way a loved one can make everything feel right in the world. The lyrics express loss due to the absence of his love but just the thought of his spouse makes the sunshine come back again.

8. “Do You Remember These?” from Innerview

If you want a romp down memory lane, this song is perfect. In it, the singer reminds us of things from days gone by, like pedal pusher pants, rock and roll, and Cracker Jack prizes. This is a fun song to pair with a tribute video in honor of someone who grew up during that era.

9. “I’ll Go to My Grave Loving You” from Sing the Classics

If you need a tribute song for a husband or wife or want to share a song that demonstrates your continued commitment to your spouse even though they’ve passed away, this song might be what you need.

10. “You’ll Be Back Every Night In My Dreams” from Innerview

The lyrics to this song speak of a broken heart because their spouse is gone. However, the singer asks why they should be so brokenhearted when their spouse shows up every night in their dreams. Dreams become a way to keep their spouse close even though they are no longer present with them.

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Statler Brothers Songs for a Parent’s Funeral

These songs reminisce good times and memories from long ago, and they just might be perfect for a parent’s funeral.

11. “Class of ‘57” from Country Music Then and Now

Think of this song as a class reunion and you’ll know what to expect. In it, the Statler Brothers talk about where everyone from their graduating class is in life and what they’ve done with themselves. It’s a perfect throwback song to play at a parent’s funeral, especially if they stayed in contact with their high school friends.

12. “How to Be a Country Star” from The Originals

This song is perfect for the dads who loved old-timey country and wouldn’t listen to anything else. Play this tribute song that mentions all the greats of country music on its own or as a backing track to a funeral slideshow and he’s sure to smile down and listen in.

13. “Hello Mary Lou” from Sing the Classics

If you need an adorable song that pays tribute to the relationship that your mom and dad shared, this song might do it. The lyrics highlight a deep and never-ending love between two spouses that all started because of a single chance encounter and simple “hello.”

14. “Every Day Will Be Sunday (By and By)” from Innerview

For parents who enjoyed the old gospel songs, this might need to be a must-play at their funeral service. It’s a classic gospel song with a decidedly hopeful tone with lyrics that encourage the listener. For those who believe in eternal life, lyrics like these will be encouraging,

“When I reach that city so bright and fair
All of my friends and loved ones are gonna welcome me up there
I'm gonna sit down put on my long white robe sit down beside my Lord
And every day will be Sunday bye and bye.”

15. “Turn Your Radio On” from The Statler Brothers

This is another classic gospel song that encourages those left behind to look to heaven for their hope, knowing one day they’ll be reunited with those who have gone on before. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect from this song,

“Listen to the songs of the fathers and mothers
And the many friends gone on before
Some eternal morning we shall meet them
Over on the alleluia shore.”

16. “Daddy” from Innerview

If you’re looking for a tribute to the father in your life, this is it. The lyrics praise the steadfast dedication of fathers who go to work, tirelessly love their families, and work hard to make the world a better place for their families. The setting of this song is a funeral, so it can feel particularly meaningful if played at your father’s funeral.

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Statler Brothers Songs for a Child or Adult Child’s Funeral

Choosing funeral songs for a child can be a difficult task. These selections below all pay tribute to the precious lives of children.

17. “How Great Thou Art” from How Great Thou Art

This is a classic hymn sung in churches around the world. First written in England, it’s become well known and beloved by many people of the Christian faith. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why this gets played at funerals is because of the hope it offers of seeing loved ones in eternity.

18. “Count On Me” from Four for the Show

Children count on their parents for hope, support, encouragement, and love. This song is a tribute from a parent to a child and tells them that, even though they’re gone, they can still count on their parent’s love.

19. “Precious Memories” from The Statler Brothers

When a person passes away, we’re left with precious memories of our time together. This song talks about those memories and encourages you to hold them close.

20. “Life’s Railway to Heaven” from The Statler Brothers

The lyrics of this song talk about a person’s commitment to living well by being dedicated to their family and to the God they worship. If your adult child lived like that, this song would be fitting for their funeral.

Say It With a Song

Sometimes, expressing heartfelt sentiment is easier done with a song than with a speech. If you’re trying to put together narration for a slideshow or choose words to pay tribute to a loved one, playing a song might be the next best thing. Simply choose a song that reminds you of their life or one that shares a message with those who attend, and you’re sure to do your loved one proud.

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