16 Short Poems for Your Step-Dad’s Special Day


Let’s give a shout-out to the amazing men out there who are terrific step-dads. The job can’t be easy —because being a parent in normal circumstances isn’t easy. We are sure it must be challenging to enter a marriage with a ready-made family, but many men are able to not only make it work, but excel in the role. 

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Are you a son or daughter who would like to find a way to thank your step-dad? Here are some poems to consider using as a part of your gift. We tried to locate poems that cover a variety of situations.

Some say “happy birthday,” while others are appropriate to be read at a funeral. Some are appropriate for Father’s Day, and some can be shared with your step-father if he chooses to adopt you and your siblings. 

Step-Dad Poems From a Daughter

Did you have a good relationship with your step-father from the beginning, or were there rough years where you behaved not so kind to the man you would eventually view as your “dad”? Some poems to step-parents offer apologies for not accepting them when they first came into the family.

Here are some poems about step-fathers. Some of the poems are from a daughter’s perspective. They can be used as a father’s day gift if your step-dad is still living. Unfortunately, you may also find that you may have to use it in a funeral speech for a step-dad, as well. 

Share one of these poems and tag your step-dad. We are sure it will make his day.

1. “Daddy” by Ginger C. Smith

If you call your step-dad “dad,” you will be able to find tons of poems praising the man who fills that role. If you call your step-dad by his first name, your choices of poetry might be limited. Even though this poem is titled, “Daddy,” there is a line that signifies the poem is for a step-parent. It reads, “Even though you’re not my father, you’ll always be my dad.”

2. “Today We Remember” by Lorraine Brooks

Hopefully, you were able to share your feelings with your step-father before he passed away. Here is a poem to honor a step-father who died. We love the line, “We’re all better people because you were ours.” This is a poem written from the perspective of several step-children.

3. “My New Daddy” by Roxanne Heard

We love it when we can give recognition to young poets. This piece was written by the poet when she was 15. The speaker in “My New Daddy” appreciates the man who “cared when he did not have to.” This is a common sentiment that is expressed in poetry honoring step-parents.

4. “The Best Step-Dad a Girl Could Ever Have” by Angela Luard

One of the best things about amateur poets is that they speak from the heart. The speaker in the poem expresses thankfulness that her mother picked this particular man to be her step-dad. Although there’s nothing fancy in the wording, the poet expresses lovely sentiments. 

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Step-Dad Poems From a Son

You may be especially grateful for your step-dad if you have no other father-figure in your life. Or you may be a lucky person and have both a biological dad and step-dad who get along with each other. 

We hope you can find a poem from our list that describes your situation. Some are written from the perspective of someone who does not have a relationship with a biological father, so if you don’t want to cause hurt feelings, be careful with the poem you share. 

5. “To the Dad You Didn’t Have To Be” by Gerardo Campbell

In this heartfelt poem, the speaker thanks his step-father for fulfilling the father role in the home. We appreciate the line that says, “You saw family bonds instead of seeing bondage.”

6. “To My Stepfather” by Gerardo Campbell

This poet wrote quite a lot of pieces about step-fathers. We like the line, “For taking us in as your own, and giving us your life, And loving with a father’s love the children of your wife.” 

7. “My Dear Step-Dad” by Unknown

In this poem, the speaker thanks his step-dad for having an “open mind,” but our favorite part is the first line that reads, “To me you are a priceless commodity.”

8.“Step-fathers Are No Less Than Those of Blood” by Unknown

This poem includes an interesting line, “Fathers are defined by how they love, and not by how they multiply or breed.” This poem is written from the perspective of someone whose birth dad is not in the picture. 

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Step-Dad Poems for a Birthday

Is it time to celebrate the birthday of your step-father? Say “thanks” to this special man in your life by reading one of these poems to him at his party. You may also be able to have a calligraphist create a beautiful wall hanging out of one of these poems, so your step-dad can be reminded of your feelings every day.  

9. “The Light That Shines on Your Birthday” by Gerardo Campbell

The speaker in this poem is eternally grateful for his step-father. One line reads, “You came into my house, and you were the one who shone light on me and showed me a new way.” The only mention of a birthday is in the title and last line, which could be changed to fit the occasion. 

10. “Dear Father, Stepfather” by Unknown

This rhyming birthday poem thanks a step-father for fulfilling an important role in life. We like the line that reads, “You are truly our “father” and not just a “step”. Consider using this verse on a homemade card or reading it to your step-dad at his birthday celebration. 

11. “I Made Some Wishes” by Unknown

This is a rhyming poem for a step-father’s birthday. It begins, “I made some wishes, Step-Dad, as your candle was blown out.” If you wish your step-father well on his birthday, this is the appropriate poem to share. 

12. “To a Step-Father Like You” by Julie Hebert

Did it take time for you to accept your dad into your family? If you had a rough beginning to your relationship, this may be a poem that you would want to share with your step-dad. In the poem, the speaker thanks the step-dad for having patience as the family adjusted. 

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Step-Dad Poems for Father’s Day

The card companies have not popularized a separate holiday for step-parents yet. Until then, they will have to celebrate on the regular Mother’s and Father’s Days. Here are some poems to share with your dad on the third Sunday in June. Happy Father’s Day to all those great step-dads out there!

13. “What Makes a Dad” by Unknown

We know that this poem does not explicitly use the word “step-dad,” but if the man in your life has all the attributes listed in the poem, you should share this poem with him anyway. According to the poem, dads have strength, warmth, kindness, and generous souls. This poem is written from a Christian perspective. 

14.“Your the Step-Father Best” by Unknown

The only thing that we don’t like about this poem is the title. Even though the title is awkwardly phrased, the sentiments in this heartfelt poem are lovely. 

15.“A Message for My Step-Father” by Unknown

Although the title does little to give away how the step-child feels, the first line is a dead giveaway. It reads, “I’m so lucky to have a step-father like you. Without you in my life, I don’t know what I’d do.”

16.“To Step-Dad From Us” by Julie Hebert

Is your step-dad a “superstar?” Perhaps you would like to share this poem with him. This is another poem that admits that life hasn’t always been smooth at home. In fact, one line in the poem says that the dad probably feels as if he had lived through a war in Vietnam with all the struggles that had been going on in the house. 

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Your Step-Dad?

What makes your step-dad special? Perhaps you appreciate that your step-father is there to take care of and support your mom. Maybe you like that he has been kind to you and your siblings. Perhaps you appreciate the sense of structure and security that your step-father provides.

If you are lucky enough to have a special man come into your life and fulfill this role, offer your thanks and appreciation. Even if you have a close relationship with your biological dad, you can still be thankful for having a secondary father-figure in your life.

Sometimes, people feel awkward expressing their feelings to others, especially someone who is “new” to the family. But because life is short, we all need to show gratitude and love every chance we get. 

So, share one of these poems on social media, read one to your step-dad, or write one of the poems out in a blank card. Tell your step-father that you love him. Or would you rather declare your love while speaking at your step-dad’s funeral?

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