10 Popular Types of Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry


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Many families are looking for a better way to keep their loved ones nearby after cremation. While cremation urns are still the most popular choice for keeping a large quantity of ashes in a columbarium or at home, a new trend is gaining popularity for small amounts of ash: cremation jewelry. 

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Some types of unique cremation jewelry feature small urns you can wear on a necklace or bracelet. Other types include rings that infuse cremains in glass. You can even get real, lab-created diamonds crafted from cremains. Cremation jewelry comes in various metals, from sterling silver and copper to rose, white, and yellow gold. 

As with any jewelry purchase you make, there are certain things to look for in cremation jewelry, including quality, reputation, and craftsmanship. Here’s everything you need to know to purchase your own sterling silver cremation jewelry.

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What Should You Look for in Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry?

When looking to purchase sterling silver cremation jewelry, you should look for several things, including quality, reputation, and craftsmanship.


When purchasing any type of precious or semi-precious metal jewelry, you should always make sure you’re getting a genuine item. For silver jewelry, this means your ring, bracelet, necklace, or earrings are marked with the number 925. This stamp accompanies all genuine sterling silver jewelry. 

If a store or online shop claims to sell silver jewelry, but there is no accompanying stamp, the jewelry is most likely silver-toned or silver-plated instead of solid silver. Unreputable sellers use this trick to charge you a sterling silver price for a ring made entirely of copper or brass with a thin layer of silver on the outside.


A seller’s reputation—whether it’s online or a brick-and-mortar storefront—is key to purchasing a quality item. This is where the benefit of third-party review websites comes into play. When considering a cremation jewelry dealer, check reviews from prior customers on two or more review sites such as Yelp, Google Reviews, Trust Pilot, and the Better Business Bureau.

If a company’s reviews are riddled with unsolved complaints, it’s best to stay away. Instead, try to buy from a company with an overall rating of 4 out of 5 or higher. Naturally, the better the overall rating, the better experience you’re likely to have.


The craftsmanship of an item is how much detail, effort, and work goes into each piece. If you want a one-of-a-kind piece that might become a family heirloom, then you’ll want a high-quality piece with excellent craftsmanship. 

If you’re not concerned with how elaborate your piece of jewelry is, there are plenty of items to choose from that are more mass-produced. For mass-produced items, you’ll want to check the engraving or stamp, overall construction, and quality.

How Much Does Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry Typically Cost?

Sterling silver cremation jewelry can cost anywhere from $30 for a mass-produced sterling silver urn necklace to $200 or more for a custom piece. As with any piece of jewelry, the cost will increase according to specialization, customization, and quality. 

Authentic 925-stamped sterling jewelry will start around the $30 mark. If you see silver jewelry for less than this amount, proceed with caution. You may be looking at silver-plated or silver-toned jewelry. Silver-plated jewelry will eventually need to be re-plated. If it isn’t, you’ll be exposed to the metal underneath. Substandard metals such as copper will turn skin green with regular use unless it’s replated with silver.

Types of Sterling Silver Cremation Rings

Sterling silver cremation rings come in several types, including those with space for ashes like a mini urn and those that incorporate ashes into the ring itself. When purchasing urn rings, make sure they come with the necessary mini funnel, micro screwdriver, and screw. 

1. Flower ring

There are many rings available that feature a flower urn. The flower is the main feature and is held in place by a silver band. The two most common flowers for urn rings are roses and sunflowers. Depending on where you shop, you may be able to choose a flower that’s color-tinted.

2. Angel wings in heart ring

This ring features a heart with angel wings printed on the top of a silver band. The heart is an urn with room for a small quantity of ashes. This type of ring is commonly produced and widely available with a plain band or with generic inscriptions. For specific names and dates, you can order a custom ring.

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3. Doggie or kitty paw ring

Pet parents can keep their furry friends close with these rings. They’re made of solid silver and feature a darling doggie or kitty paw. Th, a seller’s reputation Whether paw doubles as a small urn that holds some of your pet’s cremains. 

This type of ring is both mass-produced and custom-made. Mass productions are often etched with a generic saying inside the ring band, such as, “Forever in my heart.” If you want your ring customized with your doggo’s name and dates, order a custom ring instead.

4. Memorial diamond in a silver setting

If you’ve opted to have some of your loved one’s ashes turned into a memorial diamond, you can have the diamond set in a ring, necklace, or earrings of your choice. Jewelers can help you pick a ring and setting that best complements the diamond and set it for you. 

5. Ashes infused memorial ring

If you’d rather not deal with the small parts that come with an urn ring, an ash-infused ring might be a better choice. These rings come in various styles, from thick and wide to small and delicate.

These rings feature ashes infused in resin or glass. Some rings combine ashes with crushed opal or another type of stone, glass, or gem for added beauty. Since ashes are infused into the ring, you’ll never have to worry about a screw coming loose and spilling ashes. 

These rings are always customized, and you’ll be required to send ashes to the company that makes your ring.

Types of Sterling Silver Cremation Bracelets

If bracelets are your preferred jewelry, you have plenty of options to choose from to memorialize your loved one.

6. Bracelet with an urn pendant

Bracelets with urn pendants are widely available, and they can be tailored to anyone’s style and preference. 

The pendant is hollow and large enough to hold a small amount of cremains. Mass-produced pendant types include dog and cat paws, hearts, stars, flowers, religious symbols, and butterflies. You can also order custom-made pendants.

And if you prefer a simple bracelet without a dangling pendant, some urn pendants are built directly into the bracelet chain.

7. Leather and silver urn bracelet

These bracelets are crafted out of leather for the band and silver for the urn. The urn can be inscribed for custom orders, and it can often hold a larger amount of cremains than other pendant styles.

8. Bangle or cuff bracelet urns

Bangle and cuff bracelets consist of one solid piece of metal. The top of the bracelet features a decorative urn with a compartment to hold ashes. 

These bracelets often feature elaborate designs and can be worn for any occasion, from everyday errands to formal events. The urn is incredibly discrete and goes unnoticed by observers. And since bangle and cuff bracelets fit most wrist sizes, they make excellent gifts for a grieving friend.

Types of Sterling Silver Cremation Necklaces

Necklace urns can be simple or quite elaborate, and you can wear one during everyday events and special nights out alike. They’re often understated and unrecognizable as an urn. 

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9. Pendant urns

Pendant necklaces are similar to bracelet charms. The necklace comes with a sterling silver chain and a pendant, also made of silver. The pendant functions as a miniature urn, and it can be permanently sealed once the ashes are inside. 

Pendants come in various styles, from hearts and infinity symbols to trees, scrolls, teardrops, flowers, religious symbols, butterflies, paw prints, and more. If you cannot find the symbol you want, an email to a custom necklace maker is all it should take to acquire one.

10. Ash-infused necklaces

Ash-infused necklaces feature a glass or resin ash-infused pendant with a sterling silver backing on a sterling silver chain. They come in various colors and can also be combined with extra materials, such as colored beads or crushed opal.

Where Can You Buy Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry Online?

As the popularity of cremation jewelry increases, more wholesale and custom jewelry companies are offering their products online. Here are several places where you can find cremation jewelry online.

Online marketplaces

An online marketplace is a website where multiple businesses and craftsman can post their goods for sale. These are often ready-made items, but you might be able to find a few sellers that offer customization. Check the reviews for each business thoroughly before purchasing from an online marketplace seller. An online marketplace includes websites like:

Online artisan marketplaces

For custom cremation jewelry, you may want to look through artisan marketplaces. Here, you’ll find many vendors offering similar types of jewelry with plenty of options to customize everything from engraving to color. Artisan marketplaces include:

Online storefronts

Some companies have physical store locations or are solely online, but these storefronts are businesses dedicated solely to providing you with cremation jewelry. Some of our favorites are:

Tips for Purchasing Online

Buying cremation jewelry online gives you the ability to take your time, look through the available options, and customize your jewelry. Simply keep these tips in mind:

Check ratings. Stores should have at least a 4 out of 5 customer satisfaction rating, and higher is always better.

Learn your ring size. Silver rings can be resized, but this requires a jeweler and adds to your overall purchase price.

Check for the 925 marking. Check the example photos and customer review pictures to ensure the product is solid sterling.

Memorial Jewelry Is Forever

Cremation jewelry offers a unique and highly personalized way to keep a relative close to you, no matter where you are. Choose a piece that reminds you of their love, life, and smile, and you can’t go wrong.

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