12 Stress Relief Gift Ideas to Help Him Unwind


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Do you have a man in your life who could use a stress-reliever now and then? Whether it’s a husband who’s been working hard, a dad juggling too many responsibilities for one person, or simply a friend going through a tough time, you could help this person out with the right gift. Gifts can’t always solve a problem causing stress, but they can certainly make stress easier to deal with.

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Affordable Stress Relief Gifts for Him

Funny Stress Relief Gifts for Him

Stress Relief Gifts to Help Him Sleep

Stress Relief Gifts to Help Him Relax

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This list of stress relief gifts for him will help. Some of these items could, for instance, make for ideal first Father’s Day gift ideas. Others may be more appropriate on an anniversary.

Others are simply perfect gifts to spontaneously give to a man who needs to relax. Either way, if you’re trying to help a man cope with stress more easily, keep these gifts in mind.

Affordable Stress Relief Gifts for Him

Stress relief gifts for him don’t need to be expensive. Like all encouragement gifts, the intention is more important than the cost. These are a few options to consider when you’re on a tight budget:

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1. Sleep mask

Sleep masks don’t merely promote sleep. This blog will cover sleep-centric products a little further down. 

When someone needs to take a few moments to step back from whatever is stressing them out, putting on a sleep mask and listening to some music can help them immediately feel like they’ve truly escaped from their worries for a few moments.

Although there are pricier weighted sleep masks that may yield even greater relaxation, a basic sleep mask is usually an affordable gift.

2. Stress balls

Don’t forget about the classics! Stress balls can give anyone a little bit of relief by letting them release some of their pent-up energy in a relatively safe and healthy way.

They’re very inexpensive, and many brands of stress balls now feature everything from funny sayings to motivational quotes. They’re also particularly ideal for a man who is constantly traveling, given their portability.

3. Jigsaw puzzle

Puzzles help people turn down the volume on their stress by focusing their minds on another task. It’s hard to think about your stresses in life when you’re trying to complete a large jigsaw puzzle. Fortunately, you can easily find plenty of jigsaw puzzles featuring calming scenes at very affordable prices.

It’s also worth noting that other types of puzzles may also make for perfect gifts if you don’t think the person you’re buying a gift for is crazy about jigsaw puzzles.

For instance, you could buy them an inexpensive subscription to the New York Times crossword puzzle archive, or a few affordable Sudoku books. These can also provide the same stress-reducing benefits as jigsaw puzzles.

Funny Stress Relief Gifts for Him

In some instances, such as when you’re giving a miscarriage gift for a dad, a stress relief gift should be relatively serious and heartfelt. However, there are also plenty of occasions when it makes more sense to give something that will make the recipient laugh. These types of gifts include:

4. Funny books

Funny gifts don’t necessarily need to be gag gifts. For instance, if a man in your life has been stressed out lately, you might want to give them a few funny books as a gift.

These can be joke books, collections of essays from favorite comedians, and basically any other kind of title you’d find in the Humor section of the bookstore. Remember, genuine laughter promotes stress reduction. If you’re giving a gift to someone who isn’t a big reader, buy them a few comedy movies instead.

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5. Adult coloring books

Coloring books are making a comeback with adults! That’s because coloring actually tends to be a fairly relaxing activity. Luckily, a quick Google search will reveal there are many adult coloring books with funny themes, such as fantasies about showing your boss how you really feel about them.

Keep this option in mind if, for instance, you’re wondering how to say “Thank you to my husband” when you know he’s been putting in long hours at work for your family.

6. Rant journal

Looking for a funny stress relief gift for him when you’re low on time and cash? If so, you can simply pick up any basic notebook and add your own text or decorations to the front cover to specify that this is a “rant journal.”

This will be a particularly funny little gift if you’re giving it to someone who knows they have some trouble staying patient with others from time to time. When they just need to rant, but don’t want to do so out loud, they can scribble all the angry words they want in their journal.

Stress Relief Gifts to Help Him Sleep

Stress can interfere with someone’s sleep in a big way. The problem is, lack of sleep also leads to greater stress. The result is a cycle that’s hard to break. 

Hard, but not impossible, thanks to gifts like these:

7. Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are incredibly effective when you consider just how simple they are.

By sleeping under a blanket that’s substantially heavier than most, many people feel more at ease in bed and are thus able to fall asleep faster.

8. Blue light glasses

In this day and age, there’s a good chance that any man you’re buying gifts for spends a decent amount of time looking at their phone, computer, or any other digital device throughout the average day.

That’s why blue light glasses are a great gift for a techy guy with sleep issues. They filter out the blue light so a person can look at their devices without the negative side effects. They can also be surprisingly stylish!

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9. Guided meditation/imagery downloads or subscriptions

Sometimes people who struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep benefit from listening to recordings in which soothing voices guide them into a state of relaxation.

Consider this option if you’re trying to find digital, emailable gifts for a man who could use some more rest. Although you can still find these types of recordings on CD, they’re also available in the form of digital downloads, as well as subscription-based apps.

Stress Relief Gifts to Help Him Relax

The goal of any stress relief gift for him is to help a man enjoy a little more relaxation in their life. These are some of the best gifts for achieving that goal:

10. Hammock

A hammock is a classic stress relief gift for him simply because it works. Resting in a hammock after a long day is blissfully relaxing.

Thankfully, if you don’t have two trees to suspend a hammock between, you can find many hammocks you can set up even in a small apartment. Some are also travel-friendly.

11. Punching bag

Consider this stress relief gift for him to be the opposite of the one above. Yes, dozing off in a hammock is a great way to reduce stress for some, but others find they’re better able to keep stress at bay when they’re active. After all, research has shown that exercise is one of the most effective stress-busting techniques.

That’s why you may want to invest in a punching bag if you’re looking for a gift that will help a man in your life relax more easily. This can be a heavy bag, a speed bag, or both. Sometimes, you just need to throw a few punches to deal with stress.

12. Neck hammock

The Neck Hammock is a simple but remarkably effective product that lets someone suspend their head on (you guessed it!) a small, well, hammock suspended a few inches above the ground.

This stretches the neck and promotes relaxation. Some users also find it reduces the severity of headaches and even helps them sleep better.

Stress Relief Gifts for Him: Help Him Relax

Again, there are plenty of reasons you may be on the lookout for gifts that will help a husband, father, or friend manage their stress. These are just a few options to consider.

If you're looking for more ways to help a loved one unwind, read our guides on self care and grief and stress relief gift basket ideas.


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