What’s Subway’s Most Current Senior Discount?


When you’re in the mood for a submarine sandwich, Subway is often one of the fast-food places closest at hand. With more than 42,000 stores in 100 different countries, they are the world’s largest sandwich chain. They are also one of the largest franchising companies in the world, so don't be surprised to see them around when you're traveling.

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Subway’s selection offers quite a lot of healthy options. They offer salads and sandwiches that can be filled with a variety of cold cuts, hot meats, spreads, and vegetables. These options offer great value for a senior citizen who is hoping to save a little money while also eating well. The Subway senior discount is a great way to accomplish both goals.

Subway’s Senior Discount Explained

Subway offers a senior discount that is in effect in many, if not most, of its stores. The discount is 10 percent with proof that you're either 60 years old or older. Your proof can be a card for an organization like the AARP or a driver’s license, anything with your birthday clearly demonstrated.

Be aware, though, that if you want to use a coupon, you’ll have to pick between the 10 percent off and the coupon for a particular visit to the store. You can’t combine this deal with other promotions.

You also need to check to make sure your local Subway store honors this discount since some stores can opt-out of offering the senior discount. If you’re one of many people calling about the discount, you may influence the store’s leadership. They might consider offering the discount more regularly in order to bring in more customers.

4 More Ways to Save at Subway

Subway offers a wide variety of affordable sandwiches and salads on their everyday menu. Here are some extra ways to make sure you're saving as well as possible while getting your delicious sandwich fix.

“Sandwich of the day/week” promotions

Subway has a popular feature where their individual restaurants or the entire chain will have one or more options for a “$2.99 6-inch sub.”

If you're willing to go with the choice they’ve made, you can get a substantial sandwich for a very low price. They often have both a vegetarian and a meat-based sub sandwich on this offer. If you aren’t typically, say, a turkey sandwich person, try the sandwich one time and see if you find a new favorite.

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Get the Subway app for your phone

Subway offers a variety of rewards through their phone application. You receive ‘tokens’ for each food or beverage purchase at a Subway restaurant. When you get enough tokens, you can redeem them for $2 off coupons for your next visit.

They also send surprise rewards as well, where you get a discount or a special deal that pops up in the application. Not every reward will stack with a promotion, so if you hope to get the sandwich of the week but also want to use a reward, check the fine print before you redeem the coupon.

Facebook updates for promotions and deals

Subway’s latest push has involved social media, so if you use Facebook regularly, it can be an ideal way to find out about the latest Subway promotions. They recently offered a $5.99 coupon for any footlong sub but for a short time.

Keeping Facebook notifications on from this page will give you the information every time they post something new. Senior citizens and younger people alike can benefit from this perk.

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Avoid the add-ons

In-terms of food value, the core product - salads and sandwiches - tends to be the most affordable and the healthiest part of the meal.

While getting a bag of chips, cookie, or soft drink can absolutely be a tasty option, it’ll drive the price of your meal up. Consider getting a larger sandwich and a cup of water for an overall good deal and to leave well satisfied.

Saving Dough at Subway

Whether you're a fan of the spicy salami or the cheesy fresh-baked bread, Subway delivers an affordable and customizable dinner and lunch option. They structure their menu so that more personalized or piled-high sandwiches are more expensive, so just aiming for vegetarian or simple options on the menu can save you some money.

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