18 Succulent Plant Gift Basket Ideas + Tips


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House plants have seen a massive surge in popularity and succulents are having their moment, thanks to their striking looks and ease of care.

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What Can You Put in a Homemade Succulent Gift Basket?

Where Can You Buy Premade Succulent Gift Baskets?

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These sturdy little plants bring a fun pop of color and texture to a home or office and can survive in the hands of a less-than-competent caregiver. If you’re looking for a cool and creative gift for someone in your life, a succulent gift basket might be the perfect fit. 

What Can You Put in a Homemade Succulent Gift Basket?

DIY gift baskets can be a great present for all kinds of occasions. Whether you give an uplifting sympathy gift or a memorable holiday present, a homemade gift basket makes a statement. Here we explore some clever DIY succulent baskets.

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1. DIY succulent starter gift

Does your friend or loved one love embarking on a new project? Give her the tools she’ll need to start her own succulent garden. Package together planters, tools, seeds, and jars full of rocks and soil. All of these things will help the recipient start growing her own succulents from the ground up. 

2. Succulent planter gift basket

If you know someone who loves succulents but is quickly running out of space, put together an assortment of hanging planters.

Pick up geometric glass hanging pots, slatted wooden hanging planters, or metal hanging flower troughs. You can even combine a few different styles of planters in one gift basket. This will give your friend or loved one room to keep growing her collection. 

3. DIY succulent terrarium jar

Succulent plants require ample drainage, as their roots can rot easily when wet. Many people like to display succulents in terrariums with lots of rocks and minimal soil. You can create your own DIY succulent terrarium kit. Include the following items:

The terrarium itself can be assembled right in the vessel the supplies come in.

4. Self-care succulent gift box

Many people find the act of caring for succulents to be a therapeutic experience.

Put together a special gift box packed full of self-care items. It could include a scented candle, a mini zen rock garden, and a potted succulent. You could also include aromatherapy owners and a diffuser.

5. Succulent jewelry box

You can find different variations of succulent plants. One of the most interesting is called the Haworthia cooperi.

Also called the clear succulent, they almost look like glittering jewels. Get a decorative box and fill it with pieces of jewelry that incorporate depictions of succulents. And in the midst of that, nestle a small potted Haworthia cooperi as the crown jewel of the collection. 

6. Gift box with serious buzz

You can plant succulents in all kinds of different vessels. Coffee mugs can make for a particularly whimsical planter. Scour thrift stores for eye-catching coffee mugs. They may have a floral motif or a silly or ironic slogan. Plant succulents in a few different mugs and arrange them in a gift box.

Then add an empty mug and some ground coffee so the recipient can enjoy some caffeine with her new collection. 

7. Succulent cupcake assortment

If you spend much time on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen many examples of cute succulent cupcakes.

If you’re skilled with a piping bag, you can add whimsical succulent detail to the tops of chocolate cupcakes. The result looks like little potted plants. Put several cupcakes in a pastry box and nestle a few real succulent plants in among them for a silly surprise. 

8. Pop of color

Succulents need ample drainage in order to flourish, so many people use rocks in lieu of dirt. Specialty pet stores often sell brightly colored aquarium gravel. Adding hot pink or vivid turquoise to a planted succulent is an easy way to add a bold decorative feature.  

9. Teacup succulent garden

Decorative teacups can make for whimsical and visually enticing succulent planters. Visit thrift and secondhand stores and look for interesting teacup and saucer sets.

An assortment of mismatched teacups adds a charming eclectic feel to your succulent garden. Arrange the teacups on a tray for an interesting tableau. 

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10. Cactus curio box

Many people think that cacti and succulents are two distinctly different plants. In fact, cacti are just a subcategory of succulent plants. There are more than 1,750 known varieties of cacti, many with distinctive features. 

You can get a decorative wooden box divided into individual compartments, then nestle miniature cacti inside for a striking presentation.  

What Can You Write on a Succulent Gift Basket for a Loved One?

You can make gifts even better when they’re accompanied by a thoughtful card. Including sentimental thinking of you messages like these will really elevate your gift. 

11. “You are the sunshine of my life.”

This line is actually a lyric from a Stevie Wonder song, but it pairs well with succulents as they thrive in sunny areas. A succulent gift box with a message like this conveys the sentiment that the recipient brings you a lot of joy. 

12. “Bloom where you are planted.”

This inspirational quote reminds us that no matter where you end up in life, you can make positive changes. 

13. “I’m a succa for you.”

A silly message like this is a great way to tell someone how you feel. 

14. “Grow your own way.” 

If your friend is facing a major milestone like a career change or a breakup, she might need uplifting and inspirational messages. This one can remind people that growth is worth the growing pains you experience on the way. 

15. “This succulent reminds me of you — tough, prickly, and hard to kill!”

If your loved one has recently survived a challenging struggle, this tongue-in-cheek message may make her laugh. Humor this irreverent isn’t for everyone, so make sure your intended audience will appreciate it. 

16. “A succulent wild woman is one of any age who feels free to fully express herself in every dimension of her life.”

This line comes from the aptly named self-help book “Succulent Wild Woman” by Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy. A message like this can be very moving to the right recipient. 

17. “You’re growing another year older and another year wiser.”

If you’re giving a succulent gift basket for a birthday present, a message like this is cute and clever. 

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18. “Find beauty in all things.”

Some succulents may not make the best first impression. They may be prickly or gnarled. But even the most homely succulent has its own unique beauty. 

Where Can You Buy Premade Succulent Gift Baskets?

Not everyone has the time or interest to put together succulent gift baskets. Luckily, several companies make premade succulent gift baskets. These can come in handy when picking out gifts for long-distance friends.  


Etsy gives independent artisans a platform to sell handmade and vintage treasures. Several different Etsy storefronts sell succulent gift boxes. The succulents inside tend to be paired with a candle, handmade pottery, or even a personalized hand-painted card. You can find countless variations available to purchase on the site at various price points. 

Uncommon Goods

If you’ve ever visited a local craft fair or farmer’s market, you’ve encountered individual artisans selling their wares. Uncommon Goods seeks to recreate that experience online. They've created a virtual marketplace that showcases thousands of independent artists. They offer an array of succulent-related goods, including cute animal-shaped succulent planners. 

Harry & David

When the holidays roll around, Harry & David always offers a vast selection of culinary gift baskets. What you may not know is that they also have succulent gift baskets for sale. These make great host or hostess gifts, especially around the holidays. 

Lula’s Garden

The Lula's Garden website makes it incredibly easy to curate a highly-individualized succulent gift basket. They offer several succulent arrangements at a wide spread of price points. You pick your size and the types of succulents you’d like to include, as well as a cover sleeve.

Botany Box

The Botany Box website was founded with the express goal of making it easier to bring green plants indoors. Each box is packed with already-potted succulents — a low maintenance gift idea.   

Succulent Gift Baskets Make Great Gifts

Succulents make great gifts for many different occasions. These compact little plants bring color and texture to a room. They’re also hardy little plants that can thrive even in challenging conditions. This makes them both a practical and somewhat inspirational gift.

Succulent gift baskets are a great example of how small gifts for friends can make a big impact.

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