15 Superman Keepsake Urn Ideas (Store Bought or DIY)

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Of all the superheroes, we understand why you may associate your loved one with the “Man of Steel.” No matter what villain tries to get in his way, Superman is ready to stand tall for what’s right. Superman values truth, honesty, and integrity. But even Superman is left powerless when encountering kryptonite, and your loved one, no matter how strong he was, could not live forever.

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If you recently lost a loved one, you may be considering ways that you could personalize the funeral to reflect the deceased’s tastes and interests. If your loved one was a superfan of Superman, you might consider using this theme throughout the funeral. You may also consider this theme if the deceased was your hero. 

We’ve scoured the internet to find ways to utilize the Superman theme for your loved one’s funeral. We noticed that several urn manufacturers and suppliers sell urns with the Man of Steel’s emblem. Here are some websites that you might consider visiting to find this specialized urn for ashes

Store-Bought or Custom Superman Urn Ideas

Unfortunately, not many of the online urn websites sell Superman-themed urns. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t available, but you may have to limit your search to websites that sell customized or creative urns. Here are some that we found online. 

1. Customized urn by Foreverence

If you are looking for a custom-made urn, your first click should be on Foreverence. This company specializes in one-of-a-kind urns for special people. They can create anything from a space shuttle urn to one made to look like ballet slippers. They even created an urn for rock legend Prince.

Work with the designers of Foreverence to create a Superman urn for your loved one.

2. Superman Urn from Custom Urns R Us

While some superhero urns are made smaller to hold the cremains of children, this one from Custom Urns R Us would hold the cremains of an adult weighing up to 250 pounds. It is made of cast aluminum metal and stands nine inches tall, and is shaped like a traditional urn.

This attractive urn is painted “Superman” blue with the giant S logo on the front. It can be personalized with either a hanging dog tag or a nameplate attached to the urn. 

While most urns cost around $100, this one is over $200. It is still a relatively inexpensive way to honor your loved one’s remains. 

3. Superman Cremation Urn from A Gentle Touch

Not all urns are shaped like a rounded vase. This Superman urn, made by an Australian company called A Gentle Touch, is shaped like a box. It seems as if this website offers both a large and small Superman urn. 

You’ll have to contact the company and inquire about pricing information and other details about this product.

4. Superman Urn by Lovelight Urns

Lovelight Urns’s website has quite a few unique urn options. Unfortunately, there’s little information regarding its box-shaped Superman urn. A box-shaped urn like this one would be easier to store and display than a traditional vase-like urn.

5. Superhero Urns by InTheLightUrns

Many of the Superman urns available online are listed as a customized product. This means that you can contact the company for details on price, size, and availability. The Superman urn shown by this company is no exception.

6. Superman Urns on Etsy

Many artisans have created Superman-themed urns to sell on Etsy. Some look like traditional vase-like urns, and others are wooden boxes. You may also find an urn that is in the shape of the Superman logo on this website. 

Before purchasing any of these products, make sure the artist has experience creating urns. Urns need to be a specific size to hold the cremated remains of an adult. You’ll be disappointed to receive a customized piece only to find that it is not large enough to hold all of your loved one’s cremains.

Don’t worry if you need to leave your loved one’s cremains in the temporary box you receive from the crematorium. Cremated ashes last forever, so they can be stored until you find the urn that is perfect for your loved one.

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DIY Superman Urn Ideas

Since ashes do last forever, you don’t have to be in a rush as you think about what to do with the cremains. If you can’t find anything online that appeals to you, consider creating a customized urn for your loved one. Here are some ideas on how to do it.

7. Use your woodworking skills

If you enjoy working with your hands, you may consider creating an urn in the shape of a wooden box. Depending upon your skill level, you may also consider carving the Superman logo on the side or the lid. Wooden urns are beautiful and age well. They also don’t have to be expensive to create.

8. Customize an existing urn

You can purchase urns in almost any color. Find one that is the perfect “Superman blue” and paint the logo on the side. You may also search online to find a Superman sticker the right size and quality to use on an urn.

9. Create an urn using paper mache

Why not try your hand at paper mache? If you plan to bury the cremated remains of your loved one on private property, a paper mache urn would be environmentally friendly. Use non-toxic materials for your project.

10. Use mosaic tiles to decorate an existing container

Use bits of tile or colored glass made in primary colors to decorate an existing container. Without too much effort, you should be able to create the Superman emblem on the outside of whatever shaped container you choose.

11. Hire an artist

We aren’t all skilled artisans. If you have an idea for your loved one’s cremation urn but you have little skill and no tools for the job, seek help from a local or online artist.

Superman Cremation Jewelry Ideas

Some people feel comforted when they carry a small bit of their loved one’s cremains wherever they go. This need has been fulfilled by a whole new industry: businesses that specialize in cremation jewelry.

Here are some ideas for Superman cremation jewelry available online. 

12. Crystal Cremation Jewelry on Etsy

Most cremation jewelry pieces are small pendants that you can open to hold a tiny bit of cremains inside. These pendants come in various styles, but this one on Etsy is crystal with a small Superman logo on the side. You can add other small charms to the chain, such as a wing or praying hands, to show that you are missing the Superman in your life.

13. Urn Necklace from Etsy

Some urn necklaces look like small vials. While the container is not necessarily decorative, you can add a small Superman charm to the chain to give the piece more meaning.

14. Superman Urn Charm from Etsy

If you would like your loved one’s cremains to rest inside a Superman logo, here is an option from Etsy for you. The inside of the small urn can be accessed via a small screw on the bottom of the pendant. Your loved one’s cremains will be secured inside the Superman logo and you’ll feel comforted knowing that they are forever with you.

15. Cremation Bracelets and Rings

Although we didn’t find any Superman-themed cremation bracelets and rings, this may be something you could commission a local or online artist to complete. 

Other Ideas for a Superman-Themed Funeral

You can add other touches of Superman to your loved one’s funeral. If your loved one chose to be buried rather than cremated, you can purchase a bright blue casket and drape it with a Superman cape. You can add the emblem to the funeral program and buy yellow, red, and blue flowers. 

You may consider playing music from the Superman movies during the funeral visitation and you can give out Superman keychains with your loved one’s name on it to the mourners.

Planning a funeral for a loved one is challenging, especially if you are looking for creative items to commemorate a special life. We hope that we have assisted you a bit in the process. 

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