12 Post-Surgery Care Package Ideas for Him


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Every relationship or friendship is built on a sense of commitment between two people. The best friendships flourish through thick and thin. Inevitably, the commitment gets tested by one thing or another, whether through the loss of a loved one, financial hardships, or illness, injury, or diagnosis that requires surgery. 

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Surgery can be scary and overwhelming and tests a person’s resolve and determination. Often, the recovery period after surgery is even harder than the event itself.

Show the men in your life that you’re there for them by putting together a fun surgery care package and help them feel cared for and loved.

Tip: Unfortunately, surgery and medical intervention can't always save a life. If you've recently lost someone, our post-loss checklist can help you work through the tasks and challenges you might face. 

Post-Surgery Gift Ideas for a Partner or Spouse

Facing surgery can be a long and scary process. No matter how risky the surgery may be, anyone facing surgery deals with the nerves as well. When your spouse or partner gets pushed through the OR doors, all you can do is wait for good news.

After surgery, he may face a long road to recovery. Take time before he goes into surgery to think of things you can do to help your spouse feel cared for and loved by you. It can be hard to know what to say to someone before surgery but even the smallest word of encouragement can be all it takes to give your spouse or partner courage.

In a similar way, small gifts and thoughtful touches can help him keep a positive mood and outlook during the recovery process. Inside each care package, be sure to collect get well wishes from friends, neighbors, coworkers, and relatives to make the gift even more special. 

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1. Custom get well soon blanket

When your partner comes out of a successful surgery, friends and family will understandably want to congratulate and wish your partner well. Rather than sending cards to your house, encourage your friends and family to give their get well cards to you.

Once you have them all, have a line or two of each person’s card printed on a blanket and surprise him with it during his first day back home or when he gets out of surgery.

Your partner is sure to feel the love and encouragement from each person’s well wishes as he wraps up in a cozy blanket — it’s a constant reminder of the people who love him.

2. Make a movie night

You might not be able to be with your partner at the hospital all the time due to kids or work responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go on a date. Along with an iPad or tablet, get him a movie subscription.

This way, even if you’re apart, you can rent the same movie and stream it together in the hospital or from afar. Enjoy experiencing the movies without leaving home.

Some streaming features allow your cameras and mics to stay connected so you can talk about the movie as you watch it together.

3. His favorite new books

You probably always know what’s on your spouse’s reading wishlist. Like most of us, life happens and they never get time to read it like they wanted to. Post-surgery is one of the best times for your partner to enjoy a good read.

Utilize this opportunity to surprise your partner with a few of his favorite books and magazines from his wishlist.  Give it to him to help make his time at the hospital pass more enjoyably.

4. Pictures

Surgery can be a very daunting experience for anyone. You may not like having to stay in a hospital for any length of time. Post-surgery medications can also contribute to a sense of difficulty and loneliness. To help the man you love avoid becoming overly discouraged or depressed, help him focus on the good times you’ve had together. 

Give him a care package with individual photos, a few framed pictures, and a photo book to remind him of your adventures. This can also be a good motivational tool that can help your partner look forward to quick recovery and living life again. 

Post-Surgery Gift Ideas for a Close Friend

Even if they may not admit it, guys love care packages. They love getting spoiled and loved on. Putting together a care package for your guy friend should be just as fun and creative as one that you put together for your spouse.  

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5. Favorite pasta

Make sure your friend is allowed to eat pasta and the ingredients that go along with his favorite dishes. During recovery, he’s probably not going to want to cook for himself or worry much about making good food.

Put together a care package with his favorite type of dried pasta and the ingredients that go along with the meal. Spoil your friend with nutrient-rich pasta dishes and a good time enjoying a meal together. Hospitals are notorious for bland food, so this is one welcome home gift sure to put a smile back on his face.

6. Digital visits from friends

Today’s connected world makes it easy to talk face-to-face with anyone at any time.

Since everyone can’t make it to the hospital and hospitals frown on having too many guests at once, plan a surprise group video call with people close to you and your friend. This can be a really special experience, chatting with all the people closest to your friend. 

7. A gaming match

One of the best ways two friends can spend time together when one is recovering is by playing video games.

Purchase a subscription to the latest online games such as Call of Duty or World of Warcraft. Bring your laptop and a controller and play the day away. It’s a great way to help your friend recover.

8. Favorite drinks

Does your guy friend have a particular affinity for old fashioned root beer? What about Cherry Coke, orange crush, or grape soda? Make sure it’s okay medically, and if it is, outfit your friend with plenty of his favorite sugary drinks. Make it extra special by finding unique flavors in glass bottles.

Present them with a customized “get well” bottle opener and put a few extras in the package for those times when you pop over to spend the day hanging out during recovery.

Post-Surgery Gift Basket Ideas for a Child or Teenager

Surgery can be especially scary for children and teens. Shower kids with extra love and encouragement once they get out of surgery.

The recovery period can be slow and boring, especially when they can’t see their friends, play sports, or do the things they enjoy. Help the days pass faster and put a smile on their face with these fun care package gift ideas.

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9. A new gadget or two

Just like adults, children have a running wishlist of toys or gadgets they’ve seen at the store or online. Rather than making them wait until Christmas or their birthday, spring for a new gift to surprise them during their recovery period.

Though it’s true that children recover more rapidly than adults, they’re sure to recover even faster when they have something fun to look forward to doing each day.

10. New sports equipment

Sometimes kids get hurt and require surgery because of the sports they enjoy playing.

If they wonder whether they’ll be allowed to go back to their sport of choice, remove any fear by getting them a piece of sports equipment they can use once they’ve recovered. This might be a good time to give them new and improved safety equipment! 

11. Card collection

If the teen you know collects cards, consider adding to his collection. Find out which cards he collects, then build a surprise package with mystery packs and a few special cards you know he hasn’t collected yet.

He’ll have fun categorizing them and showing them to his friends or playing together once he can have visitors.

12. New gaming equipment

Gaming is a no-brainer for helping a teen pass the long and dreary days while he slowly heals and recovers from surgery. Thankfully, there’s no need to buy an entire gaming setup or PlayStation.

Even a new controller or a new gaming mouse can improve the gaming experience for the teen you know. Throw in a brand new gaming headset so he can talk to his friends while they all play online together. You’re sure to win the care package of the year award.

Show You Care

Put together a surgery care package for guys to demonstrate how much you love the guys in your life. Guys in your life will feel cared for, important, special, and loved, thanks to the personal time and attention you put into creating the ideal gift during recovery.

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