What’s Sweet Tomatoes’ Senior Discount Policy This Year?


Have you ever heard of Souplantation? If you’re not from Southern California, the name might not mean anything to you. What about Sweet Tomatoes? It’s a soup and salad buffet restaurant that’s been gaining popularity in the last few years.

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And if you’re a fan of buffets and love a good senior discount, Sweet Tomatoes is the perfect choice.

Sweet Tomatoes’ Current Senior Discount

If you’re on a tight budget, senior discounts can make or break your finances. Food is expensive these days. And that’s especially true if you live in a pricey metro area. If you’re trying to save money, make sure to visit Sweet Tomatoes on weekdays. That’s when they offer their senior discount. 

Their senior discount is active Monday through Friday, between 2-5 p.m. But it’s only for those over the age of 65. Make sure you bring some photo ID, especially if you look a little younger. 

The senior discount works on a fixed price model. During the window this discount is available, a full meal plus a fountain beverage costs $8.79. Since it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet, what defines a ‘meal’ is rather loose.

You might be able to pair this senior discount with coupons, too. Many local restaurants mail out fliers, and they come with coupons. Or, you can always look online at popular sites like Groupon.

By combining these discounts, you might be able to walk away with a meal that’s almost free. 

3 Other Ways to Save at Sweet Tomatoes

Sometimes, your retirement bucket list requires a little adventure. You might want to do a road trip across the country. Or, you might want to go visit your grandkids and do a cool activity with them.

No matter what’s on your bucket list, you need to eat. And what better place to do it than at a buffet restaurant?

Go for lunch 

Remember that senior discount we mentioned earlier? It’s only good on weekdays. So if you need to grab a quick bite on the weekend, it won’t do you any good. That’s where strategizing comes in. Most people are willing to spend more on a fun night out than on a random lunch—which is why dinner items are often more expensive than lunch. This upcharge can be applied even if you’re ordering exactly the same meal.

So if you’re going on a weekend, try to go earlier in the day. This will save money for two reasons. One, if you order a large lunch, you might have enough left over for dinner. Or you might not even want dinner. Either way, you’re getting two meals for the price of one. That’s hard to turn down. And secondly, the lunch items will be cheaper. This is true even at a buffet. 

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Eat wisely

A buffet isn’t an everyday experience. Most meals, your plate consists of two or three foods. That constitutes a balanced meal. But a buffet is a chance to try lots of foods that you might not know about. It’s a chance to try that odd soup, go for that might-be-delicious casserole, or even to try something you might hate. 

If you strategize your eating, you’ll be able to get the most out of the experience. And if you fill up, you’re also saving money on future meals. To pace yourself it’s best to start with something light. Take advantage of the soup options. Don’t start with heavy dishes, like a huge serving of macaroni and cheese. If you try to have a little bit of everything, you’ll get much farther. 

Ask about their policy

Most buffets don’t let you take food home. That’s because it’s a sure way for them to lose money. You could grab a styrofoam take-home box and walk down the buffet line, filling it up. Even though deals are a great way to attract more customers, restaurants aren’t in the game to lose money. 

But what if you overload your plate? You might have had every intention of eating everything on it. But your eyes could be bigger than your stomach. You might be finished eating and still have a lot of food left on your plate. There’s no point in making yourself sick by trying to finish everything. Even if you were brought up to always finish whatever is on your plate, all-you-can-eat buffets make that a real challenge. 

Although take-home food isn’t standard at buffets, you can still ask for it in advance, or once you’ve already eaten your share. If the restaurant is willing to work with you, it’s a great money saver. It’s better that you take it home than the food gets thrown out. If you’re a plan-ahead kind of person you could always bring a Tupperware or other reusable container for your leftovers. 

Taking Advantage of Discounts

In today’s society, there’s sometimes shame associated with being a senior. Thanks to ageist attitudes portrayed by media—where old people are stupid or incompetent—people don’t want to admit how old they are. But it’s time to take advantage of the great discounts and opportunities afforded to you. 

Being a senior comes with sobering responsibilities, of course. This might be the time in your life where you start end-of-life planning, or consider the legacy you’re leaving. But it’s also a chance to knock out that bucket list and take advantage of every discount available to you. 


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