20 Ways to Say to Someone Has the ‘Sweetest Soul’


Sweet souls are kind, gentle human beings who bring warmth and comfort wherever they go. Because they’re such hidden gems among the masses, it’s no wonder that you want to honor them and their legacy with the right words.

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Below are a few ways that may help you express how much you enjoyed being in the presence of someone who had a remarkable charisma and amazing presence. Whether they comforted, guided, or supported you in some way, you’ll find options here. 

How to Say Someone Had the ‘Sweetest Soul’ in an Obituary or Death Announcement

Honoring loved ones, dear friends, or coworkers with public announcements regarding their spirit, kindness, and generosity can help bring closure to those grieving both far and wide. When putting a notice together, tailor it to best suit a newspaper, online, on company letterhead, or even at the local watering hole.

1. “Our family is sad to announce the passing of John Smith. One of the most humble, kind, and giving humans ever to walk this earth.”

To soften the blow of reading about the passing of a well-respected community member, you will want to help others remember what made them special.

With that, it’s a rare quality to find each of these three traits in any loved one, so their announcement should resonate that fact.

2. “Marjorie Green was blessed by gentle humanity that seemed to flow in abundance, impacting anyone in her presence.”

Here’s an announcement for earth’s angels and those who had a gentleness that emanated from within. Remind others of how they felt when they were around her to feel comforted, knowing that the community of people she loved all felt the same way.

3. “Sam Park was a generous and helpful soul who will be dearly missed by his wife, children, grandchildren, neighbors, friends, and coffee buddies.”

For some, a person’s definition goes beyond, reaching out into the community they create. They may have found extreme comfort in the service to others and increasing value in the kinds of friends they held dear. 

4. “Harry was an enthusiastic friend to us all. We welcome anyone to join us on June 16, 20**, at the Heceta Beach Tavern at 2:30 p.m. for low tide to share stories and join in friendship.”

Sometimes late in life, people find themselves without much family around. So, it's up to the small group of tavern or fishing buddies to gather in their honor. Here, you may not find the same sentimentality as in the other announcements, but you will discover deep friendships.

5. “Gavin Price was a beautiful person who only cared about leaving the world a better place than when he found it. We will all miss his smile and warmth.”

Companies and organizations may wish to involve coworkers and fellow volunteers to remember a well-respected member of their community in their company newsletter. While there is room to show how someone had a beautiful soul, there’s also a professional way to express it.

6. “George Thornton’s genuine heart and kind smile were on display to all he encountered, no matter if they were a friend or stranger.”

Some people are what they call a “people person.” For them, being open and accepting of others comes readily. Here's a line for an option that will work for any announcement placement, whether online or in a newspaper. 

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How to Say Someone Had the ‘Sweetest Soul’ in a Eulogy

In intimate settings such as this, it's okay to be less formal with your words. This is a safe space for being as emotional as you like. Check out the following ways to express reverence for a loved one when you are among friends and family.

7. “Dad was the brightest light in the darkest of places, and no matter how bad your day was, he always made you feel better.”

Some characteristics shine far and above the others. Being a calming individual comes with practice, patience, and a lot of love. To be able to say this about one’s father makes you feel like a lucky child.

8. “Cousin Aaron was a gentle soul whose light burned brighter with each year. As I look out at all of you, I see that his light burns brighter than ever.”

When the sweet souls of the world share their love with many, their fire forever burns. Use this for that person who was never afraid to be themselves and encourage others to do the same.

9. "Grandma was known as a loving, nurturing soul with her children and grandchildren. She also spent every chance she had volunteering."

Some grandmas have room enough inside to love and nurture their children—and the whole world. It's a matter of following faith and spirituality for these special ladies, letting goodness be their guide. 

10. “Phyllis was a big, brave, and beautiful human being who never let anything stop her. She may have been a firecracker, but you’d never doubt her love.”

While individual and unpreventable factors may restrict movement or limit activities, one's spirit or drive remains intact. That tenacity makes their will a kind of force to be reckoned with, especially when they’re doubly sweet and kind.

11. “I don’t know one person that can say they’ve met a better person than Uncle Pete. He was a one-of-a-kind man with a one-of-a-kind laugh.”

Reveal the little things that made your loved one endearing alongside what made them a beautiful soul. You'll give the audience lovely things to share and discuss at the reception when you do. They will all find comfort in the similarities.

12. "My friend, Simon, was a wise soul, and that made him uniquely wonderful, but often misunderstood."

Tragedy occurs when people entirely mischaracterize a loved one. Now's your time to help them realize just how amazing your friend was and what admirable traits they held making them a wonderful human being.

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How to Tell Someone They Had the ‘Sweetest Soul’ on Social Media

In contrast to the other two sections, here's where social media followers can post their comments and condolences on your page. These popular platforms allow people to sign a kind of “public sympathy card” in a very unconventional way. If you’re not sure how to phrase things, take a look below.

13. "Although Michael may have left us early, he taught us the value of being kind and giving to strangers. He'll be greatly missed, but his legacy lives on."

Impact makes the most significant statement of them all. Now that you have a captive reading audience, you can share how your loved one has changed their community. Little by little, and as people “like” what you’ve written, you’ll note that many felt the same way.

14. “Mrs. Jones, we’re all so sorry for your loss. Mr. Jones was my favorite teacher. He always made his students feel special and important.”

Social media presents a new way to navigate sympathy card etiquette in that the entire page becomes a kind of card itself. Even though it’s typically an informal site, this is a somber occasion wherein the bereaved still deserve respect throughout their grief.

15. “George seemed to understand what we all needed to get through the day. Whether that was a joke or some assistance, he always had our backs.”

Good mentors are hard to replicate, especially those that have a knack of knowing what someone needs before they even say it. It’s no wonder you might be sorry for their loss. That kind of warmth and comfort makes you happy to know someone.

16. “It’s clear that Elizabeth’s kind heart made a difference in the lives of many. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.”

Even if you're not typically a very emotional writer, choose something kind but basic. There's no right or wrong when leaving a kind or simple thoughts and prayers message.

17. “Sue’s warmth and love resonated inside and out.”

Here’s another simple message for social media. In times like this, contributing to the page may seem like you’re competing against the other comments. But, when you choose your words with sincerity, they’ll be equally as well-received.

18. “Chuck’s gentle personality was obvious to those who loved him.”

As a friend and neighbor, perhaps you witnessed these traits firsthand. Even though you’re sharing a lovely sentiment, you’re doing so with a “room” full of strangers. So, be careful not to expose things that might be considered private matters.

19. “Gene’s spirit was guided by grace.”

For those who were religious and spiritual, family will find comfort in your use of this phrase. This rings especially true for the young and innocent as well as the mature members of the community.

20. “My brother-in-law was the sweetest, kindest man I ever met.”

While you may also intend on sending a card or flowers to your sister-in-law during this time of grief, she’ll also appreciate the short sentiment online.

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The Hidden Gems Among the Masses

Rare, beautiful people need to be celebrated in their own special way. The value they bring to a family and community is unlike any other. Hopefully, you’ve found a few ways to help guide your thoughts so that you can make the best choice for your gem of a loved one.

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