50+ Sympathy Candle Gift Basket & Message Ideas


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Candles symbolize light in the darkness and a beacon of hope when we need it most. Candles have been used throughout history to honor the legacy of loved ones. With history dating back to the ancient Greeks, candles were meant to guide deceased souls to the afterlife. 

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What to Put in a Sympathy Candle Gift Basket

Where Can You Buy a Sympathy Candle Online?

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Candles are still a common way to show remembrance in different religions and cultures. Candles are often lit at vigils, funerals, on death anniversaries, and on monumental holidays. Lighting a candle for someone who died is a meaningful tribute.

If you’re looking for sympathy gift ideas, a candle is a great option. Pairing the candle with a gift basket and message is a thoughtful gesture of support when someone needs it most.

What to Put in a Sympathy Candle Gift Basket

Putting together a sympathy gift basket doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Like with most gifts, it’s truly the thought that counts. Here’s a list of our favorite picks to include.

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1. Card

The simplest option is to include a beautiful candle and a sympathy card. Don’t overlook the power of authentic words. Sharing your condolences can mean more than you know. Include a high-quality candle, matches, and a heartfelt card in a gift basket. 

2. Fruit and cheese

Candles pair well with fruit and cheese. It is traditional to gift food after a loss. Nourishment and comfort go hand in hand. A candle adds a thoughtful element of remembrance. 

Fruit and cheese are easy to snack on during those first few painful days, and they’re also easy to serve at a memorial. Having a candle to light during a meal or in a quiet moment can bring solace.

3. Journal

Grief is a complicated emotion. Everyone grieves and remembers differently. So give the gift of memory and processing with a beautiful journal. Lighting a candle while journaling is a well-known writer’s tool. Eyes focused on a flickering flame and aroma enveloping senses can spark creativity, remembrance, and deep feelings.

Fill in the first few pages of their grief journal with some inspiring candle-lighting poetry. Help the bereaved gather their thoughts and begin their journey to healing. 

4. Memorabilia 

Another way to honor the deceased is to give their loved one’s a memorabilia basket. This includes things that help the bereaved honor their memories. Examples might consist of a photo album, scrapbooking supplies, and photo frames

A candle fits well with these memorial items and is a beautiful addition to their favorite memories. Lighting a memorial candle and reflecting on favorite photos of the past can be a comforting way to heal from grief. 

5. Comfort 

For something that leaves your recipient feeling warm and fuzzy inside, opt for a comfort-themed gift. Include anything that brings you comfort. Some ideas include a blanket, scarf, sweet treats, grief books, and a candle. 

Tip: Find out your recipient’s favorite scent. Some people prefer warm, sweet smells like vanilla and brown sugar. Others prefer floral scents like lavender, jasmine, or rose. Then there are those who stick to earthy fragrances like sandalwood and oak. Before choosing a scent, look for clues of what they like best or ask someone who knows them well.

6. Wine

Wine is a common gift basket item that you can pair with a candle for an upscale, elegant gift. 

Choose a bottle of wine you know they’ll like. If you’re unsure, Pinot Grigio is a relatively safe white, and Merlot is a safe choice for red. From there, pair a gorgeous candle and some fancy matches for a relaxing evening of reflection. 

7. Spa goodies

Another way to offer comfort is to give the gift of self-care. After a loss, it’s easy to get so overwhelmed by logistics that you forget to take a few minutes for yourself. 

A spa gift basket puts the focus on your recipient. With gift items such as healthy snacks, body lotion, oils, and bath products, you remind them to take some me-time. An aromatherapy candle is a perfect accompaniment to a spa-themed gift basket.

8. Flowers

For a classic option, send flowers paired with a candle. Any florist can recommend a sympathy bouquet that will let someone know you’re thinking of them. Opt for a floral-scented candle that compliments your bouquet.

9. Multiple candles

If you’re looking for a simple gift, consider sending more than one candle. You can label each with a particular date that was meaningful to them or the deceased. 

For instance, ask them to light one on the night of the funeral, one on the deceased’s birthday, and one on an upcoming holiday. Having something to focus on in the challenging days ahead can offer peace when it’s needed the most. 

10. Succulents or plants

Like candles, succulents or other easy-care plants last a long time. They’re a reminder of a loved one’s memory and a symbol of life and warmth. 

11. Coffee and tea 

Another comforting gift is a basket of favorite coffee, tea, and extras. Extras could include a candle, a gorgeous mug, sugar, honey, or cookies. Holding a warm cup of something tasty is a surefire way to soothe a grieving soul.

12. Memorial jewelry

A gift basket focused on memorial jewelry is a unique, sentimental choice. Memorial jewelry could include engravement or even inclusions to memorialize a loved one.

Whether you give a vial necklace to hold ashes or a charm bracelet that reminds you of the deceased, this is an extraordinary gift. Pair the jewelry with a matching candle. 

What to Write on a Personalized Sympathy Candle Label

Personalizing your sympathy candle sends a warm message of support. Use this opportunity to share what the deceased or their loved ones mean to you. Simply use some beautiful paper label stickers to customize the candle. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

13. “You continue to light the world even though you’re gone.”

Though their loved one might be gone, their light lives on in their loved one’s memories, their legacy, and through the flame of the candle. 

14. “A beautiful soul will never be forgotten.”

Those who impact us are never truly gone. We carry them with us, and they are never forgotten. In those first few days and weeks, the family can remember the beautiful soul they lost every time they light the candle. 

15. “Sending you love, hugs, and support.”

While your gift speaks for itself, pairing a candle with this message is a visual symbol of your kindness and support. This is great for adding to any other relaxation gifts, and it encourages your loved one to put themselves first during this difficult time. 

Though you might not be there to offer comfort in person, you’re sending your love from afar. It is comforting for the bereaved to know that they’re not alone, and that you are thinking of them during this dark time. 

16. “Thinking of you today and always.” 

This is a simple message that’s a good fit for someone you might not be that close to. A candle is a traditional, appropriate gift for all occasions. This message is straightforward and to the point, showing them that you’re keeping them in your thoughts. 

17. “Think of your loved one, and see the light.” 

If you can personalize the label with the name of the deceased, it becomes a powerful memento. When they look at the candle, they’ll be reminded of their loved one’s light and legacy. It’s a great reminder that memory lasts a lifetime, even when we feel far from those we love. 

18. “Smells like a warm hug.” 

This cute message serves as a warm hug if you can’t be there in person. Physical connection with those we love helps reduce the burden of loss. 

Though we can’t always be there in person, we can be there in spirit through the gifts we send. A warm hug might like cozy evenings, nature, or sweetness. Choose a scent that will bring your loved one comfort.

19. “Light is coming.” 

This is a simple message to give the bereaved some hope. After a loss, it might feel like the world is a darker place. It’s hard to imagine surviving such intense feelings of grief, but brighter days are ahead. The candle can serve as a helpful reminder in the darkest moments.

20. “You are not alone.”

Last but not least, remind your recipient that they are never alone. Losing someone is never easy. It’s even harder if you can’t be near the ones you love. This symbol of togetherness is a source of warmth and comfort after a loss.

What to Write on a Sympathy Candle Label for the Loss of a Parent

For someone who lost a parent, it’s not always easy to find the right words to say. This is a particularly challenging loss. It’s hard to put your feelings into words, especially if you didn’t know their parents personally. Here are ideas for what to write on a sympathy candle label for the loss of a parent. 

21. “I know this is a difficult time.” 

First, sometimes it’s best to acknowledge that this is a difficult time. Nothing you can say will take away his or her pain. It’s okay to let them know that you feel for them and you’re wishing them the best. 

22. “I’m praying for you.” 

Alternatively, if you’re writing a candle label for someone who likes to pray, this can be a form of comfort. Letting someone know they’re in your prayers is another way to say they’re in your thoughts. We all need these reminders from time to time, especially after a big loss. 

23. “Your mom/dad is always with you.” 

Those we love are always closer than we think. This is especially true for parents. When you lose a parent, their legacy lingers on throughout the rest of your life. When your recipient sees this candle, they’ll think of their mom or dad.

24. “Sending you compassion.” 

Another way to show support is by sending your loved one compassion. They need to be mindful of how they treat themselves, others, and their memories during this difficult time. Practicing self-care is important, not just during a loss but always. 

25. “A parent is always with us.” 

Lastly, parental love never fades away. We can feel it even when the parent is no longer around. Remind your recipient that their beloved parent will always be a part of their story, even if they’re no longer a physical part of their life. 

What to Write on a Sympathy Candle Label for the Loss of a Grandparent

Similarly, the loss of a grandparent is hard. Grandparents are trusted friends, often becoming second parents in times of need. Losing a grandma or grandpa is like losing a beloved friend, and the family dynamic is never quite the same. Here are the best ideas for what to write on a sympathy candle label for the loss of a grandparent. 

26. For life’s biggest mentor. 

To many, grandparents are powerful mentors. These are people who have seen a lot. Not only have they experienced many decades, but they have a lot of life experience to share with their grandkids. Honor life’s biggest mentor with a special message just for them. 

27. In honor of his/her contributions.

Similarly, bring light to a grandparent’s best contributions. From career achievements to family milestones, each of these moments adds up to greatness. These are things we shouldn’t forget. They’re an important part of your loved one’s legacy. 

28. Celebrate his/her life.

Of course, a candle can also remind you to celebrate someone’s life. Show how meaningful life was through a bright beacon of hope. Though your recipient’s grandparent is no longer here, this is a celebration that lasts beyond a lifetime. This is a beautiful testament to a life well lived. 

29. For the deepest bonds. 

The deepest bonds hold us strong no matter what life throws our way. Honor a grandparent’s legacy with this touching message on a sympathy candle. Each time they burn it, they’ll remember that love is an infinite resource. 

30. Love lives on.

Finally, love is something that lives on in both life and death. Just because your loved one’s grandparent is no longer here doesn’t make their love any less real. Their grandparent’s love for them continues beyond the grave, which is a beautiful message of strength. 

What to Write on a Sympathy Candle Label for the Loss of a Partner or Spouse

After the loss of a partner or spouse, it’s hard to continue on. This is similar to losing a part of yourself. For your recipient, their future together has been stolen unexpectedly, leaving them to pick up the pieces of their new life. When writing a sympathy candle label, you want to ensure you’re mindful of your partner’s legacy and hopes for the future. 

31. In honor of a beautiful soul.

If your recipient lost a cherished partner, make sure they know this is a beautiful soul that will be remembered. Knowing that others are thinking of them in their time of loss can be a source of peace and strength. 

32. His/her light remains.

After we lose someone we love, they aren’t gone from our lives. Their light and warmth remains like the burning ember of a special candle. This is why your gift is such a beautiful, meaningful symbol of life and remembrance. 

33. Wishing you comfort.

Wish your recipient nothing but warmth and comfort. The next few days and weeks will likely be the hardest of their entire life. Knowing they’re remembered and loved makes all the difference in the world. Though things seem impossible now, time does heal our deepest wounds. 

34. For healing and light.

Speaking of healing, the flame of a candle can sometimes represent the healing we feel inside. Honor your recipient’s grief journey with a special light that’s just for them. When they see it, they’ll think of you and their partner. 

35. A constant wish that you were here.

Whenever your recipient wishes their partner was here, they can light this candle. Though it won’t bring them back, it will remind them that their loved one is always there with them in spirit. They’re never alone, even when it feels impossible to continue on.

What to Write on a Sympathy Candle Label for the Loss of a Sibling

When you lose a sibling, it’s like losing a close friend. One of our first partners in crime, a sibling, is part of our earliest memories. If your loved one recently lost a sibling, a candle can strongly remind them that they’re always close in spirit. Here’s what to write on a sympathy candle label to honor a beloved sibling.

36. Gone but never forgotten.

A close sibling might be gone, but they'll never be forgotten. When paired with a special memory, this candle message is an opportunity to start a conversation about someone who has gone from the world too soon. 

37. For your forever friend. 

A sibling is a forever friend. Whether your loved one lost a brother or sister, this is a personal connection to his or her childhood that they’ll never get back. Honor this special relationship with a meaningful sympathy candle label crafted with care.

38. A life so beautifully lived.

When we reflect on the beautiful life our loved one lived, it’s much easier to find peace after a loss. Encourage your recipient to focus on the good times they shared with those they loved. Because they lived so beautifully, their love lives on forever. 

39. In your heart, he/she burns bright.

A close sibling might be gone, but they'll never be forgotten. When paired with a special memory, this candle message is an opportunity to start a conversation about someone who has gone from the world too soon. 

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40. He/she is always here.

Lastly, your recipient's sibling is always a part of them. He or she is always close, even when they can't be seen. Like the flame of a candle, they shine bright in Heaven and beyond. They can be felt long after they're gone. 

What to Write on a Sympathy Candle Label for the Loss of a Child

Losing a child is one of the most unimaginable forms of grief. Hard to grasp or understand, it’s important to be there for your loved one currently going through this. Your goal with your message is to remind them of their special bond with their child while showing your support. They’re never alone, and you’re always a phone call away. 

41. Loved and remembered in every way.

This is a meaningful tribute for the child who was loved and wanted. Though no longer here, this is a child that all will remember. The world was a better place because he/she was in it. For parents who recently lost a child, this is what they need to hear the most.

42. He/she lights the world.

Though your recipient’s child is no longer here, his/her soul continues to light the world. Like this candle, this is a beautiful gesture of remembrance and love. Children do make the world a better place, no matter how long they’re here with us.

43. For your beautiful angel.

Once gone, children become beautiful angels in Heaven. This is a touching reminder that those we love never leave us. Each time this candle is lit, the memory of their beautiful child is once again brought to life. 

44. A light shining for a beautiful soul.

Honor your recipient’s loss with a reminder of how pure and beautiful their child’s soul was. Children are innocent sources of love and laughter. No matter how briefly they were here, each memory matters. 

45. Love to your daughter/son in Heaven.

Finally, encourage your recipient to send love to their child in Heaven. This candle is a physical way to keep the connection between parent and child alive. No matter how much time has passed, we can all use special remembrance practices.

What to Write on a Sympathy Candle Label for the Loss of a Friend

Our friends are our chosen family. Often bonded deeply through the years, it’s not easy to say goodbye to a friend who was such an important part of your life. If your loved one recently lost a dear friend, make sure they know they can come to you for support. Here’s what to write on a sympathy candle label to honor someone who said goodbye to a forever friend. 

46. A beautiful soul is never forgotten.

Of course, a beautiful soul is not easy to forget. Even though your recipient’s friend can’t be with them in the present, their happy memories together are enough to last a lifetime. 

47. There is love all around you.

Remind your recipient that they always have love and support. Your gift and kind words alone testify to how much people care. After a loss, it’s easy to fall into a spiral of loneliness. Together, find the support you need. 

48. Letters to a friend in Heaven.

A candle can symbolize letters to a friend in Heaven. Each time it’s lit is an opportunity to start a conversation with someone who is no longer here. These moments add up when used for mindfulness, reflection, or talking to lost loved ones.

49. Wishing you strength.

Let your loved one know you’re thinking of them. They’ll need all their strength to overcome their present grief. Though this pain never truly fades, they can find the support they need to continue living in honor of their friend. 

50. For your heart in Heaven.

When we lose someone we love, they take a piece of our heart with them. Knowing that your friend in Heaven recognizes your love sends a beautiful message, and it’s a way to find peace after a loss. 

Where Can You Buy a Sympathy Candle Online?

Last but not least, where can you buy a sympathy candle online? While you can use any candle as a sympathy candle, the right flame can make all the difference. Not all candles are created equally. You want something that shines as brightly as their loved one. More importantly, this is a beautiful memento they’ll want to hold onto. 


First, Etsy is home to a large number of sympathy candles. These are made by private, independent sellers. This means it’s easy to personalize your message and even your scent. 


Of course, it should be no surprise that the online superstore Amazon has its own selection of sympathy candles. Many of these are personalizable, but always read reviews before deciding on your purchase. 


Specifically designed to cater to those grieving a loss, Laurelbox has a variety of sympathy candles to choose from. These are created by those familiar with loss with remembrance in mind. 

Yankee Candles

Next, you can also choose a traditional candle supplier. Yankee Candle is one of the top providers of high-quality candles in North America, and this is for good reason. You can choose a unique fragrance to suit your loved one’s legacy, and you can always personalize your message when sending your candle. 

1-800 Flowers

Though primarily known for its flower selection, 1-800-Flowers also has a large selection of candles and memorial gifts. These can be delivered directly to recipients at a chosen date and time, making them the perfect sympathy gift. However, they’re not always available for customization. 

Heart to Heart Sympathy

Finally, Heart to Heart Sympathy is a grief-focused store that has a variety of sympathy products. Their memorial lanterns and candles have powerful remembrance quotes, each offering something unique to honor someone who’s no longer here. 

The Flame of Remembrance

Candles have been used to honor the dead for thousands of years. A simple flame is a symbol of remembrance, legacy, and love. It emits warmth and light in the darkest of times, and it’s the perfect gift for someone in the midst of their grief. 

Gift a candle gift basket to share a bit of brightness with someone who needs it. When paired with other thoughtful items, it’s easy to see why candles are such a popular sympathy gift. From a symbol of support to honoring their beloved’s legacy, a candle truly is the flame of remembrance. 

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