18 Sympathy Gift Ideas for Someone Who Lost a Grandfather


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A grandparent is one of our first connections. They’re a source of comfort and kindness from our early days. Like our parents, they lead us with wisdom, experience, and love. When you lose a grandfather, it’s normal to feel a great sense of loss at this passing. 

How do you help someone who lost a grandfather? While you can’t take away this pain, you can say you’re sorry for your loss with a heartfelt, thoughtful sympathy gift. Sympathy gift ideas come in so many shapes and sizes. Where do you even begin?

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What to Get a Close Friend or Relative Who Lost Their Grandfather

What to Get a Partner or Spouse Who Lost Their Grandfather

What to Get a Coworker Who Lost Their Grandfather

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We did the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on providing support and comfort to your loved one experiencing a loss. Here are 18 sympathy gift ideas for someone who lost a grandfather, whether the loss was sudden, recent, or years ago. 

Tip: If someone in your life recently lost a grandfather, they and their family are probably sorting through the life he left behind. Our post-loss checklist can help them understand what they need to do next. 

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What to Get a Close Friend or Relative Who Lost Their Grandfather

If your loved one is a close friend or relative, this is an opportunity to honor their connection with their grandparent. Gift them something sentimental so they can keep their grandparent close today and into the future. These are the perfect gifts for a grieving friend

1. Home-cooked meal

A home-cooked meal is always appreciated, especially after a loss. When you lose someone close, it’s hard to do basic chores and activities like cooking. 

Making a meal for yourself can feel impossible when you’re struggling with grief. Preparing a home-cooked meal for your close friend or relative is an act of kindness and compassion. 

2. Grief book

A book about grief might be appropriate if your loved one is struggling to understand how they feel. A book that captures these emotions is not only a way to feel heard and understood but makes them feel a little less alone. Grief Day by Day by Jan Warner is a great comfort in the first few days and weeks after a loss. 

3. Blanket

There are few things in life more comforting than a warm, cozy blanket. Though simple, a blanket is something to wrap around them when you can’t be there yourself. Whether you gift a weighted blanket or a regular throw, this is something they can really use. 

4. Care package

A care package is full of practical and thoughtful things to gift someone a bit of comfort when they need it the most. Easy to put together yourself or purchase pre-made, you can fill a care package with snacks, practical care items, and a heartfelt message. 

5. Plant

Plants are quickly becoming just as popular as flowers for sympathy gifts. While flowers are a gorgeous symbol of life, they die quickly, lasting only a short amount of time. A plant, on the other hand, is something your loved one can keep.

When choosing the right plant, make sure it’s easy to care for. A peace lily, for example, not only helps improve the air quality of a space, but it requires little upkeep. 

6. Self-care kit

Lastly, remind your close loved one to take some time for themselves. A self-care kit makes it easy for them to put themselves first in a time when that seems impossible. With things like lotions, tea, or even just their favorite soap, you can make sure they’re taken care of. 

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What to Get a Partner or Spouse Who Lost Their Grandfather

If a partner or spouse is going through the loss of a grandfather, it’s easy to feel like you can’t ease this burden. Gifting something meaningful and personalized is key to helping them progress through this healing journey. 

7. Photo album

For a more sentimental gift, offer your spouse or partner a photo album. You can fill this album with existing photos of your partner’s grandfather, or you can let them fill it with their own memories. This is something they’ll hold on to for years to come. 

8. Memorial diamond

A memorial diamond is a diamond created using a loved one’s ashes or hair. Modern technology makes it possible for your loved one’s memory to be transformed into a stunning, wearable diamond that your partner or spouse takes with them through every chapter of life. 

Some companies, like Eterneva, create lab-grown diamonds and allow you to pick from several cuts and colors for your gemstone. 

If you're looking for something more solid and tangible, companies like Parting Stone create beautiful, handheld cremation stones to help someone grieving keep their loved one close by.

9. Grief counseling

If your spouse or partner is struggling to talk through their emotions, they might need additional support from an expert. Grief counseling is specifically designed to help individuals understand and work through their grief in a healthy, productive way. 

10. Keepsake box

A keepsake box is an easy thing you can create for your loved one to help them honor their loved one. It’s as simple as making a box and helping your partner fill it with things that remind them of their grandpa. This is a tribute that’s worth holding on to. 

If you have the time, you might want to work together to create a DIY keepsake box. This is a powerful tribute, and it’s something that they’ll look back on for years to come. 

11. Cleaning service

After a loss, the last thing you need to worry about is a messy home. It’s also important that you’re available to care for your spouse or partner, and that might mean letting someone else take over household duties. A cleaning service ensures the home is put together during this difficult time. 

12. Memorial necklace

A memorial necklace is a simple but meaningful way to honor someone’s life. If your partner wants to feel close to the memory of their grandfather, an urn necklace, locket, or another symbol of what they meant to your partner could be a perfect tribute. 

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What to Get a Coworker Who Lost Their Grandfather

Finding the right sympathy message for the loss of a grandpa is difficult when the recipient is a coworker or someone you don’t know all that well. Staying practical with your gift is key. These ideas below are always a good fit. 

13. Candle

Candles are used around the globe to honor someone’s life and legacy. Gifting a candle to your coworker or acquaintance is a small way to show your support.

They can light this candle when it feels right to them, and it will be a beacon of light in a dark time. 

14. Flowers

Flowers are a classic sympathy gift for a reason. They’ll always carry meaning, and they’re a great way to show that you’re sorry for a loss. A small bouquet is sure to brighten their day after a loss. The most classic flower after a loss is roses, but feel free to choose any blooms that speak to you. 

15. Sympathy card

A sympathy card is another classic way to show support. Though simple, having a place to write how you feel and your well-wishes to the family ensures your coworker feels supported. This is an opportunity to share what your coworker means to you and how you wish the best for them during this time. 

16. Food gift card

As mentioned above, warm meals aren’t easy to make for yourself after a loss. Gifting a food gift card for delivery or a favorite restaurant ensures they can choose the meal that’s right for them without worry. Gift something easy and versatile so they have plenty of options. 

17. Baked goods

Baked goods are another classic gift. Treats are perfect for snacking after a loss when eating a full meal doesn’t feel possible. Whether you gift muffins, cookies, or brownies, this is a gesture of kindness. 

Not a good baker? This is a great time to pick up your favorites from a local bakery or even the grocery store (or order one like this online). It’s truly the thought that counts, but it helps when the treats taste great too. 

18. Coffee or tea

Last but not least, give a grieving coworker coffee, tea, or a gift card so they can enjoy a bit of warmth and caffeine when they need it the most. There’s a lot of practical duties to be carried out after a loss. Giving coffee or tea helps them power through when they might be feeling low. 

Sympathy After Losing a Grandpa

A grandfather is often one of our first friends. They’re always there to lend a helping hand, tell a joke, or impart some worldly wisdom. Though they might be gone from this earth too soon, their memory and legacy live on with those they love.

If you know someone currently experiencing grief after losing a grandfather, you can be there for them. No matter your relationship, there’s a sympathy gift that helps them through this dark time. Whether you choose something sentimental or practical, they won’t forget you for taking the time to put their needs first. 

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