Sympathy Gift for the Loss of a Grandmother: 30+ Ideas


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Saying you’re sorry after someone’s loss is a great first step, but it’s also helpful to be there when they need you the most. One way to do this is with sympathy gifts. A sympathy gift can be a comfort item, memorial idea, or even just something practical to get them through their grief. 

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There are few things harder than losing something special. A grandparent is one of our first caretakers, so losing a grandmother is understandably difficult. These first few days and weeks after the loss can feel impossible to get through. 

When you give a sympathy gift, you’re doing more than showing your support. You’re there for someone in their darkest times, and you help them know they’re not alone. If you’re not sure what to give someone after the loss of a grandmother, try these 18+ sympathy gift ideas. 

Tip: If someone you know recently lost a grandmother, they and their family may be sorting through the complex life she left. You can help them through that process by sharing our post-loss checklist.

Small or Inexpensive Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Grandmother

Sometimes you don’t have a huge budget to offer a high-ticket sympathy gift. Like most things in life, it’s truly the thought that counts. The small or inexpensive gifts are just as meaningful. 

1. Bouquet of flowers

The most traditional sympathy gift is a bouquet of flowers. Flowers have been used as a way to show love and support for hundreds of years.

When you give flowers, you remind your recipient that you’re thinking of them. You also give them a beautiful symbol of life to see during these hard times.

2. Candle

A candle is another inexpensive, simple gift that can carry a lot of meaning. In many cultures, candles are lit on death anniversaries and during memorials. Not only are candles beautiful, but they emit a warm glow as a reminder that those we love are always closer than we think. 

3. Sympathy card

You can easily find the right sympathy card for your loved one to honor the passing of their grandmother. From handmade cards to store-bought, it’s all about delivering a message of support and kindness. 

Avoid using too many cliches in your message, and don’t try to compare any grief you’ve experienced to their own pain. Just let them know you’re there for them. A card can be just what they need to hear. 

4. Grief book

There are a lot of books that say what we sometimes can’t. Even if you’ve lost a grandmother yourself, everyone feels pain and loss in different ways.

A book about grief can help them survive those first few weeks and months after a big loss. 

5. Memorial box

Another inexpensive gift idea is a memorial box. This can be any type of container that can easily be filled with important memories.

From favorite photos to letters and birthday cards, this memory box serves as an important part of their grief journey.

6. Journal

Everyone has to process their feelings after losing a grandmother in their own way. Having a safe, secure place to share these thoughts, feelings, and memories in a grief journal makes all the difference.

Gifting a grief journal to your loved one might mean more than you think. Include a heartfelt message at the beginning so they always think of you. 

DIY Sympathy Gifts for the Loss of a Grandmother

Sometimes it feels helpful to get our hands dirty and create something helpful as a sympathy gift. When we take the time to put something together ourselves, we really show how far we’re willing to go for those we love. These DIY memorial gifts are always a great idea.

7. A home-cooked meal or baked goods

Losing someone close is always hard. Doing basic things like eating during those first few days sometimes feels impossible.

By making a home-cooked meal, we take this pressure off of the recipient. Instead of worrying about cooking, they can focus on their grief. 

8. Essentials care package

Another useful idea is to put together a care package of essentials. As mentioned above, doing basic things becomes all the more challenging after a loss. 

A care package with things like paper plates, napkins, document organizers, and easy snacks will help them substantially in those early days. 

9. Photo album

If you have access to family photos, making a DIY photo album is a great thing to do in loving memory of their grandmother.

Put together a collection of family photos, photos from the grandmother’s life, and letters from loved ones. Together, this tells a beautiful story of a life well lived that your recipient can turn to when they feel down. 

10. Relaxation box

Another care package idea is to make a relaxation box. This is a box full of things they need to relax and put themselves first. 

With so many emotions running high, taking a few moments each day to themselves is a must. A relaxation box can have bubble bath, soaps, face masks, or anything else to help them do some basic self-care. 

11. Memory quilt

There’s nothing more comforting than feeling a warm quilt wrapped around your shoulders on a bad day.

If you’re experienced with quilting, you can create a memory quilt with old clothing, materials, and so on. This makes a unique sympathy gift for the death of a grandmother. 

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12. Family cookbook

One of the things that’s so memorable about many grandmas is their passion for cooking special family recipes.

Honor this memory by creating a family cookbook. Ask other family members for their favorite family recipes and put them together to memorialize these favorites. 

Personalized Sympathy Gifts for the Loss of a Grandmother

A personalized sympathy gift shows you really understood your recipient and their relationship with their grandmother. These personalized gifts suit all budgets and styles. 

13. Memorial locket

For someone who likes to wear jewelry, a memorial locket is a great way for them to hold their love for their grandmother close.

These lockets have a small space inside for a photograph or other memory, letting it rest gently over one’s heart. 

Some companies, like Eterneva, create lab-grown diamonds and allow you to pick from several cuts and colors for a personalized cremation gemstone. 

If you're looking for something more solid and tangible, companies like Parting Stone create beautiful, handheld cremation stones to help someone grieving keep their loved one close by.

14. Portrait

You can also commission a portrait or other art of the grandmother. This makes a powerful memento they’ll want to hold onto for years to come.

From graphic design to traditional painting, there are so many options for memorial portraits nowadays. 

15. Online memorial

The family might be too busy to create an online memorial page for their loved one. By taking over this task, you give them a safe place to grieve as a community. This is a great way to craft a touching tribute to someone’s life and legacy. 

16. Donation

Making a donation in honor of someone’s grandmother is one of the best gifts of all. Whether you donate your money or time, make sure this is a cause they really believed in.

For instance, if the grandmother was a lover of National Parks, you could honor their memory by volunteering at a park event.

17. Photo lantern

A photo lantern is a personalized way to keep someone’s memory alive. Artisans use prints on the side of traditional lanterns to display names, dates, quotes, poems, and photographs in a unique way.

These are a long-lasting tribute that will remind them of their loved one every time they see it.

18. Tree dedication

Last but not least, have a local tree dedicated to their grandmother. Trees are a symbol of everlasting life and regrowth.

A simple plaque is all it takes to have this tree honor someone’s life. Whether it rests in a local park, backyard, or beloved garden, this is a remarkable metaphor for life and legacy. 

Sympathy Gifts for a Child Who Lost a Grandmother

Losing a grandmother can be difficult, especially if the child was close. The right sympathy gift keeps the grandmother’s memory alive and well, even at a young age. These sympathy gift ideas are ideal for a child who lost a beloved grandmother. 

19. Childrens book

There are a lot of children’s books about grief that bring clarity about these situations after a loss. Talking to children, especially young children, about grief and loss isn’t always easy. A children’s book that explores the theme of loss in an age-appropriate way is a welcome gift after the loss of a grandmother. 

20. Teddy bear

Another post-loss gift idea for a child is a special teddy bear. Remembrance bears take mementos from loved ones (like quilts, shirts, etc) to create a unique stuffed animal. Perfect for a child to hold close, this is a gorgeous tribute. 

21. Special celebration

Not all children need more things after losing a loved one. For some, it’s more meaningful to focus on a special occasion. A special celebration that honors their grandmother like a dinner, day of fun, or picnic creates a memory for them to cherish for years to come. Better yet, make this a yearly tradition. 

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22. Throw blanket

Few things are as warm and comforting as a throw blanket. A weighted blanket or traditional throw blanket makes a great remembrance gift for a grandmother. This can even be made with shirts, fabric, or other meaningful mementos from the grandmother herself. 

23. Grief app

Older children might need additional help navigating their loss. While having a shoulder to try on is important, many older kids and teens require their own space to grieve. A grief app gives them a tech tool of their own to explore their feelings after a loss. 

24. Night light

Lastly, for a child who’s afraid of the dark, a nightlight is a source of comfort. An angel night light is a literal reminder that those we love never leave us. Not only is this a practical gift idea, but it’s also something they can cherish as they grow older. 

Unique Memorial Gifts for the Loss of a Grandmother

Finally, here are some unique memorial gift ideas for the loss of a grandmother. If you’re searching for a special tribute that goes beyond the traditional, then this list is for you. It’s not about the price tag or how large something is. It’s about what it means to you. 

25. Succulent

Though flowers are always a special gift, they’re not for everyone. Flowers wilt and fade over time, and this isn’t always the message you’re trying to send. However, succulents are an easy-care plant that holds up for months or even years. 

Additionally, succulents are symbols of life and vitality. They’re a reminder that one’s legacy goes on, even after they’ve left this world. Though small, a succulent makes a unique memorial gift.

26. Framed photo

Beyond memory books, a framed photo is a cherished memento. With the rise of digital printing, it’s never been easier to print a stunning photo on-demand. From there, place it in a thoughtful frame so it’s ready to find its new place within your recipient’s home. 

27. Family heirloom

Do you have any special family heirlooms? Passing these down to someone who is grieving a loss strengthens their connection with their family. Anything can be a family heirloom, from photo albums to jewelry. Now is the perfect time to pass this item down for the next generation. 

28. Forget-me-not seeds

Forget-me-nots are a type of blue flower that’s easy to grow in any garden. If there was ever an unforgettable flower, it’s this one. As the name implies, this flower symbolizes remembrance. 

When you give someone forget-me-not seeds, it represents that you’re keeping them close in your thoughts. For anyone who needs a beautiful touch of color, this is the perfect gift. They’ll cherish watching them grow and change, and they’re a reminder of life and love. 

29. Memorial diamond

Did you know it’s possible to create a custom, stunning diamond from someone’s memory? It’s true, and it’s never been easier. A memorial diamond such as those from Eterneva uses a process similar to the one found in nature to transform human or pet ashes or hair into a real diamond. This is a memento you can carry with you for years to come. 

30. Garden stone

Last but not least, a garden stone is a beautiful tribute to a grandmother. Placed in one’s garden, these stones are a small way to honor someone after they’re gone. If your grandmother loved the outdoors, gardening, or being with nature, this is the perfect way to keep her memory alive. 

Garden stones are easy to find, and you can customize them to meet your needs. You can engrave your stone with your grandmother’s name, important dates, or a favorite quote. It’s up to you to decide how to honor her best. 

Show Your Support with a Sympathy Gift

Grief is a challenging emotion. Whether you’re trying to learn what to say to a grieving widow or how to find the perfect message for someone who lost their grandmother, it’s important to tread carefully. If you’re not sure what to say, a sympathy gift often fills the space that words can’t. If you’re not sure what’s appropriate after the loss of a grandmother, look no further than this list above. 

Sympathy gifts go beyond showing support. They’re a reminder in the darkest of times that we’re never really alone. They ease the burden of grief just a little bit, and this is the path that paves its way towards brighter days. 


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