24 Free Sympathy Images to Share After a Death


After a loss, it’s important to be there for those in need. Sending a free sympathy image after a death might seem small, but it’s a form of meaningful condolences. However, how do you find the right words to say during this difficult time?

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The right sympathy message is like a virtual hug. It provides peace in a time of pain. Reaching out is always an act of compassion, but it’s easier said than done. Whether you’re emailing an image or posting on social media, here are free sympathy images to share after a death. 

Sympathy Images to Share After the Death of a Mother or Father

Losing a parent is one of the most painful heartbreaks. These sympathy images bring peace after this loss, showing that you’re always there. 

My sympathies

1. “My sympathies…” 

After the loss of a mother, evoke peace and compassion with this floral message. Flowers are a universal symbol of loss. 

I'm so sorry

2. “I’m so sorry…”

While it’s not enough on its own, “I’m so sorry” is a great first step. Your parents are always there with you, and this is a powerful reminder. 

My condolences

3. “My condolences…” 

Send your condolences for a difficult loss with this visual representation of family and togetherness. This is a guiding hand that will always be there. 

Sympathy Images to Share After the Loss of a Grandparent

Next, these sympathy images below are ideal for sharing after the loss of a grandparent. This is a special, meaningful relationship. Make sure it feels recognized. 

Here's to celebrating

4. “Here’s to celebrating…” 

A celebration of life can be a source of peace after a loss. When someone lives life to the fullest, there’s reason to cheer for their achievements. 

In loving memory

5. “In loving memory of your grandparent…”

Honor the death of a beloved grandparent with this message of love and light. Though simple, it’s all about being there when it matters most. 

My condolences

6. “My condolences…” 

When those we love leave us, we’re not left completely alone. Their memories linger on, keeping their legacy alive and well. 

Sympathy Images to Share After the Loss of a Sibling

A sibling is one of your first friends. After the loss of a sibling, it can feel as though you’re losing your place in the world. These images are a form of compassion. 

My deepest sympathies

7. “My deepest sympathies…” 

Send both love and comfort with this white rose image. Roses have long been a symbol of innocence and remembrance, making this the perfect goodbye message. 

I am so grateful

8. “I am so grateful to have known your sibling…” 

Reminding the bereaved that you remember their sibling can be a source of peace. They aren’t alone in their feelings of loss.

We'll always be here for you

9. “We’ll always be here for you…” 

When times seem dark, be there for those you love. Let them know you’re there for them even in the most challenging moments. 

Sympathy Images to Share After the Loss of an Aunt or Uncle

If someone you know lost an aunt or uncle, these sympathy images are a way to honor that special relationship. An aunt or uncle is one of life’s first guides, and this takes a lot of trust. 

With heartfelt sympathy

10. “With heartfelt sympathy…” 

This floral memorial for an aunt is a reminder of all of the things she accomplished. By offering to reach out, you make sure your loved one doesn’t feel isolated.

I'm sorry for your loss

11.”I’m sorry for your loss…”

Let your recipient know that their uncle was an amazing man who will be remembered. These memories can be hard, but they’re also their own form of peace. 

I'm sorry

12. “I’m sorry…”

Lastly, though simple, this message of comfort evokes the symbolism of tulips, the universal sign of friendship. What better way to represent an aunt or uncle?

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Sympathy Images to Share After the Loss of a Cousin

After the loss of a cousin, you might feel as though you need to send virtual flowers or other sympathy messages. These sympathy images are a source of comfort. 

Cousins are connected

13. “Cousins are connected heart to heart…” 

Though distance might separate cousins, they’re always connected through their hearts. This is a connection that lasts beyond the grave. 

Cousins are friends

14. “Cousins are friends…”

Though related, cousins are always friends for life. This is a special relationship that’s worth remembering. 

I'm so sorry to hear

15. “I’m so sorry to hear…” 

If you’ve just heard about the loss of a cousin, this sympathy image is a touching thought. Perfect for sharing on social media, let someone know you’re thinking of them. 

Sympathy Images to Share After the Loss of a Friend

A friend is a chosen family member. If someone you know lost a special friend, honor this relationship and legacy. 

The loss of a friend

16. “The loss of a friend…” 

Losing a friend can feel like losing a part of yourself. Though difficult, this is a bond that leaves an impact on the rest of your life. 

Our dearest friends

17. “Our dearest friends…” 

No matter what time brings, our dearest friends are forever in our hearts. This is an important thing to remember in a time of crisis. 

I'm so sorry

18. “I’m so sorry about…” 

After the loss of a friend, sometimes you just need a shoulder to cry on. Not having that special person near can be disorienting and painful. 

Sympathy Images to Share After the Loss of a Pet

Pets are a part of the family. If your loved one is saying goodbye to a dog, cat, or furry friend, keep them in your thoughts with these messages. 

With heartfelt sympathy

19. “With heartfelt sympathy…”

Losing a pet is always hard, no matter how short their time on earth was. This sympathy message shows you really care in a time of crisis. 

My condolences

20. “My condolences…” 

All dogs (and cats) go to heaven, and this is a great way to think of the memory of a special furry friend. This cute graphic is a reflection of the pet’s endless legacy. 

I'm sorry for your loss

21. “I’m sorry for your loss…” 

Though words don’t always feel like enough, they carry more power than we think. This sympathy image honors the memories of a beloved pet. 

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Religious Sympathy Images

Finally, religious sympathy images can be a source of peace and comfort. For anyone who holds their religion close, honor this connection. 

With heartfelt sympathy

22. “With heartfelt sympathy…” 

If you’re praying to bring someone comfort, let them know that you’re keeping them in your thoughts. This reminder is a source of strength. 

Together we pray

23. “Together, we pray.” 

After a loss, it’s easy to feel disconnected from the church or community. When we pray together, we grow together. 

Praying for you

24. “Praying for you.” 

Last but not least, remind someone that you’re praying for them. Though it might not seem like much, it’s a source of comfort. 

Share Kindness and Sympathy

Ultimately, it’s important to be there after a loss. From sympathy hugs to the right message, these small acts create a big impact. They’re a form of togetherness that shows you really care. After a loss, it’s normal to feel isolated and alone. It’s time to break down these walls to be there for someone in need. 

Feel free to use these sympathy images above to share kindness with someone going through their own grief. While grief is far from linear, we can still help others on their own path.

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