13 Comforting Sympathy Blanket Ideas for Grieving


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Those who are going through the loss of a loved one often have friends and family around for a while before life kicks back in for everyone else. Once the funeral is over and visiting friends and family have to go back to their normal lives, what does a grieving person have left to provide an extra measure of comfort and support?

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Sympathy Throw Blanket Ideas for Someone Who Lost a Parent or Grandparent

Sympathy Throw Blanket Ideas for Someone Who Lost a Child

Religious Sympathy Throw Blanket Ideas

Personalized Sympathy Throw Blanket Ideas

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A sympathy blanket is a deeply meaningful gift that serves as a tangible reminder of a person who was deeply loved. The warmth and softness of the blanket can provide a sense of comfort and healing for someone going through the grieving process. Quotes, pictures, and personalization help make sympathy throws even more meaningful for the person who receives one.

Sympathy Throw Blanket Ideas for Someone Who Lost a Parent or Grandparent

Wrap a friend or loved one in a sympathy blanket made specifically for a parent or grandparent’s loss.

1. Hugs from parent/grandparent sympathy blanket

A hug blanket sends hugs from a parent or grandparent to a child or grandchild. It can be personalized with a signature line and a photograph if desired.

These types of blankets often come with a prewritten poem such as, “May this blanket be a reminder of your mom’s love and hugs.” Present it with a card that contains your condolence messages for the loss of a loved one.

2. Advice from parent/grandparent sympathy blanket

An advice blanket can be personalized to include advice from the deceased person or contain a generalized message such as, “Live deeply and passionately. Smile through the pain and laugh through the tears. Continue to live each day like it’s your last. I will always be looking down from heaven, watching over you and sending you love. Love, Mom.”

Premade messages can always be customized to include or exclude religious sayings, so be sure to tailor it to match the beliefs of the person you’re getting it for.

3. Message from parent/grandparent sympathy blanket

Consider a message blanket if an advice-filled blanket doesn’t quite hit the mark. These can be personalized with a message from a parent or grandparent, or a prewritten message like this can be used: “I hope memories of me will always bring a smile. I wish I could come back for just a little while. We could talk and laugh just like we used to do. But now I’m your guardian angel, looking out for you. Hold me in your heart until we meet again. Love, Grandma.”

Give the blanket along with something extra (like a sympathy plant) in memory of a parent or grandparent who loved to garden.

Sympathy Throw Blanket Ideas for Someone Who Lost a Child

The loss of a child is incredibly difficult to bear. While sympathy blankets don’t remove the pain of loss, they can help comfort the heart of a hurting mom or dad during the grieving process.

4. Message from child

Create a message from the child to the child’s mom or dad. You can keep this general —  “Mom/Dad, Think of this blanket as a hug from me to you. When you smile and think of me, know I’ll think of you, too.”

Some blankets can be personalized to include a signature line with the child’s name and added designs such as flowers or a symbol that best represents the deceased child, such as a baseball and bat or a princess dress.

5. Message to child

Craft a blanket that says, “I will hold you close within my heart and there you will remain, to walk with me throughout my life until we meet again.”

This message is ideal for those who are religious or believe that they will see their child again someday. Gift the blanket along with a memory journal, a mug, and some tea to create a custom sympathy care package.

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6. Silhouette or picture of child

A silhouette of a boy or girl can be placed on the blanket for small children or a silhouette of a baby can be incorporated for someone who experienced a miscarriage or infant loss. If you have a particularly meaningful picture of the child, you can personalize the blanket. 

Religious Sympathy Throw Blanket Ideas

Consider getting a blanket with religious references such as verses, hymns, or meaningful quotes for those who believe in heaven or an afterlife.

7. “Amazing Grace” sympathy blanket

“Amazing Grace” is often sung at funerals of those belonging to the Christian faith. For many, it’s a meaningful song that provides hope and encouragement that there is a better life to come after death.

Many blankets include the, full lyrics and others focus on the final stanza that references heaven: “When we’ve been there 10,000 years, bright shining as the sun; we’ve no less days to sing God’s praise, than when we’ve first begun.” 

Either type of blanket will bring encouragement and strength to someone who lost a loved one.

8. In my heart sympathy blanket

Many religious sympathy blankets reference a loved one being in a better place. Consider a blanket with a poem such as the following to encourage someone you know: “I have you in my heart, and there you’ll always be, as I dwell among the angels, in peace and harmony. Pray for strength and courage, please do not feel dismay, know that love surrounds me, in God’s presence today.”

Personalize it by adding a signature line so the message comes “from” the person who passed away.

9. Heaven on Earth sympathy blanket

Purchasing a sympathy blanket for a religious family but don’t want a poem, verse, or quote? Consider a simple message instead.

A popular option is, “Because someone we love is in heaven, there is a little bit of heaven in our home.” It provides encouragement and remembrance. Personalize it with the name and dates of the person who passed away.

Personalized Sympathy Throw Blanket Ideas

Though many blankets can be personalized to some extent, the following options allow you to completely customize a sympathy blanket for a loved one.

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10. Photo collage sympathy blanket

If you have photographs with the person you want to make the blanket for as well as the person who passed away, create a photo collage sympathy blanket. Many companies have a template you can follow for picture placement and cropping.

Remember to leave a space blank to include a phrase such as “in loving memory” and the name and dates of the person who passed away. A photo sympathy blanket offers a way for someone who’s grieving to look back on fond memories.

11. Handwriting sympathy blanket

Do you have a handwriting sample from the person who passed away? You can create a custom message using handwriting.

Keep it simple if you’re creating the message yourself. Use a short phrase such as, “I love you,” or “I’ll always be by your side” with the deceased’s signature. If the person who passed was known for a specific quote or saying like, “Things will look better in the morning,” then have that put on the blanket instead. 

12. Letter sympathy blanket

You’ll need a greeting card, personal note, or letter from the person who died to create a letter sympathy blanket for someone. Take the person’s message to their son, daughter, grandchild, or other family member and have it transcribed onto the blanket in the deceased’s handwriting. This is ideally a letter in its entirety rather than a phrase or saying.

If you have time to plan ahead, consider having a grandmother or parent write out an “open when” letter. Use a piece of the letter for the blanket and gift the letter and the blanket to the recipient at the same time. 

13. Memorial sympathy blanket

If a person’s memorial card turned out especially beautiful and loved by the family, you can have the front of the card printed onto a blanket.

This provides the family with a memorial that is longer-lasting than the paper printouts from their loved one’s funeral. Add this blanket to a sympathy gift basket to provide an extra measure of love and encouragement during the grieving process.

Provide Comfort and Love

Nothing is quite like an in-person hug but having a sympathy blanket to wrap around your shoulders is the next best thing. Giving someone a meaningful, personalized sympathy blanket provides them with an extra measure of comfort as they process the grief of losing a loved one.


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