9 Beautiful Tea Light Urns for Human or Pet Ashes


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After losing a family member, it can bring peace to honor their memory with an urn. There are more urns to choose from than ever before, and each is unique and customizable. 

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One of the many creative urns options is the tea light urn. These specific urns go the extra mile to help families find comfort after losing a loved one. They carry a lot of symbolism, and they’re frequently used for human or pet ashes. 

If you’re looking for a subtle way to display your loved one’s remains in your space, these tea light urns are for you. In this guide, we’ll share some of the best tea light urns to fit all needs.

What’s a Tea Light or Candle Holder Urn?

Before we begin, what exactly is a tea light urn? These are also sometimes called candle holder urns. As the name implies, these types of urns are designed to hold a tea light or candle. 

Unlike traditional vase urns, they’re usually smaller and blend in with general decor styles. They might only hold a small bit of your loved one’s ashes. They’re ideal if you plan to scatter your loved one’s ashes or divide them amongst family members. 

If you choose one of these tea light or candle holder urns, you’ll likely need to provide your own candle. This is a beautiful memento since it can constantly be replenished to keep your loved one’s memory alive. 

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Candle lighting and remembrance

In many cultures, lighting a candle is a common part of the remembrance process. It’s common to light a candle in honor of a loved one on special holidays, the anniversary of the death, or as a form of remembrance. 

There’s also the symbolism of the candle and flame. The light burns bright, like a visual representation of each of our lives. Though it’s a bright light against the dark, the flame of the candle is temporary. Though it won’t last forever, it’s something we can still feel the warmth of. Just like your loved one’s memory, your candle urn will burn bright. 

What Are the Different Sizes of Tea Light Urns?

While teal light urns are becoming more common, many people don’t realize there are different sizes available. Tea light urns can be larger, similar to the size of a traditional urn. They can also be small, intended only as a keepsake. The size you choose depends on your budget and how many ashes you have. 

Which size tea light urn is right for you? Here are the different size options:

  • Standard: A standard size tea light urn is designed to hold cremated remains for a normal-sized adult. These are essentially traditional urns with a tea light holder. These are common, but they’ll also be more expensive because of their size. 
  • Small: Smaller tea light urns are designed to hold either a portion of an adult’s ashes or a child’s ashes. These are more discreet, appearing like smaller urns or even works of art. 
  • Pet: Pet-sized tea light urns are a similar size to the small tea light urns. As the name implies, they’re designed to hold pet ashes, hence their smaller size. 
  • Keepsake: Last but not least, a keepsake tea light urn holds the least ashes. These only hold a pinch or spoonful of ashes, though some might be slightly larger. These are often used for very small pets or just as a small keepsake memorial. 

For all of the above sizes, you’ll find a large variety of different types and designs of tea light urns. These are a unique way to honor your loved one without going over budget. 

Tea Light Urns for Human Ashes

Tea light urns are most commonly used for human ashes. There are many urns for ashes to choose from, and tea light urns are no exception. Here are some of our favorites that are sure to fit any situation. 

1. Art sculpture tea light urn

One of the most common tea light urns involves some form of art sculpture. These are usually made of ceramic, but they can be in any material. The ceramic can hold up against the light of the flame, so these urns are built to last. 

Though these come in many shapes, most are circular and represent the never-ending cycle of eternity. The candle lights the interior, reminding us that those we love are never very far. 

2. Traditional vase cremation urn with tea light

For those looking for a more traditional urn style, there are also vase urns with a space for a tea light.

These typically have the tea light hole on the top. They’re also usually smaller than typical vases. At first glance, these look like any other fancy candle. Upon closer inspection, it’s clear they are so much more. 

3. Pottery cremation urn with tea light

For a simple option, a pottery cremation urn with a built-in tea light holder is a good compromise. These are modern pottery creations that resemble a vase, cylinder, or other shapes.

They can be simple or more extravagant depending on the type you choose, and they have the same tea light topper as traditional vases. 

4. Stained glass tea light urn

For a colorful option, choose a stained glass tea light urn. These look like a stained glass fixture built for a small tea light, only they have a small storage section at the base for cremated ashes. 

When the light shines through the stained glass, your loved one’s legacy will illuminate the room in brilliant colors. You can choose a design that reflects your loved one’s favorite hobbies, passions, or colors. 

5. Candle cremation urn

This urn type will seamlessly blend with your current interior design style. It features a tall candle on the inside surrounded by a base that has space for a selection of ashes. Though the flame slowly fades away, this candle cremation urn is built to last. 

Tealight Urns for Pet Ashes

Losing a beloved pet is like losing a member of the family. These furry friends are the perfect companions, but their time eventually comes to an end. We can keep their memories close with a tealight urn specifically for pet ashes like these below. 

6. Pawprint mini tea light urn

Because pet ashes take up less space than a human, you likely will only need a small tea light urn to keep their memory with you. A mini tea light urn is a cylinder made of metal that’s built to store ashes. 

The exterior is decorated with a pawprint pattern, reminding you of your furry friend. The top has space for a tea light candle. 

7. Heart pet urn

Another option is to get a tea light urn that’s shaped like a heart. These pets might live shorter lives, but they still capture our love and affection.

You can include a design with paw prints, bones, or anything your pet loved. There is space for a tea light on top to honor their memory. 

8. Wooden pet urn with tea light holder

Because many people want to know how much does an urn cost, it’s important to know which materials cost the most or least. Wooden urns are always the least expensive, and the same is true of pet urns. 

A wooden pet urn can be customized with a tea light holder, the name of your pet, and even a photo. Keep their photo and their light close to you no matter where you go. 

9. Pet ashes votive

Finally, you can also choose a pet urn created from your pet’s ashes. Spirit Pieces designs custom votives created with pet ashes. What better way to keep your pet’s light alive and near? Designed to fit a tea light, your space will be bright with color and memories.

Can You Make Your Own Tea Light or Candle Urn?

It’s also important to note that you don’t have to purchase an urn if you don’t have room in the budget or you’d prefer something more customizable. The best part about urns is that they’re easy to make yourself whether you’re making one for a loved one or a beloved pet. 

If you want a tea light or candle holder urn, you can easily alter an existing urn to make space for one. All you need is a groove or space large enough to hold your candle or tea light securely. If your urn is made of wood, ensure that there is enough space or a barrier to prevent the container from lighting on fire. 

When in doubt, consider keeping your urn and light separate. You can always place a candle next to your existing urn or even create a memory box in his or her memory. There is no right or wrong way to grieve a loved one. As long as you’re creating something with the best intentions, feel free to express yourself.

You could also commission a custom urn with Foreverence, the leader in unique, specialty urns. Incorporating candle elements in your urn design is a popular choice. 

Where Can You Purchase Tea Light Urns for Ashes Online?

If you’ve decided you’d like to choose a tea light urn for your loved one’s ashes, you’re in luck. These are an increasingly easy-to-find choice. As more people choose tea light urns over traditional styles, there are even more options than ever before. If you’re shopping online, here are some of the best retailers. 


The online creator’s marketplace Etsy is a great place to find unique, handmade tea light urns. There are a variety of sizes and designs to choose from, and you can also personalize your selection. However, be sure to read the full description and reviews when making your choice. 

Stardust Memorials

One of the most trusted places to find urns online is Stardust Memorials. This family-owned company is based in Michigan, and it’s one of the fastest-growing retailers in the USA. Through their website, you can explore urns by size, material, and so on. They have a wide range of tea light urns, and you can see reviews to determine which is right for you. 


One of the biggest online retailers also carries a wide selection of tea light urns. Amazon features urns in all shapes and sizes, including tea light urns. While most aren’t eligible for Prime shipping, you can typically get free shipping through their trusted retailers. With prices starting at under $50, this is an affordable option. 

Natures Pet Loss

Though Natures Pet Loss specializes in pet urns, they also include human urns, as well. They have a variety of unique, stunningly designed tea light urns. With pet-themed designs and nature-inspired imagery, this is a great choice to honor someone who loved to find beauty in nature. 

Afterlife Essentials

Founded by a couple who understands the importance of retaining sentimental memories of loved ones, Afterlife Essentials has a huge selection of post-loss remembrance items. 

From memorial jewelry to scattering tubes, they even have a unique selection of tea light urns. Though these are called candle urns on their website, they function as tea light urns in all different shapes and sizes. 

Oaktree Memorials

After recognizing how hard it is to find high-quality urns and memorial products, Oaktree Memorials was founded to create a unique collection of urns that’s accessible. Though they have many styles of urns to choose from, their tea light urns stand out. 

Starting at $295, their urn collection is handmade by artisans in Europe. Created with modern design in mind, this is a unique work of art you’ll want to hold onto for years to come. 

Funeral Wise Store

Funeral Wise is a provider of different memorial products, including urns. Their cremation urns come in all shapes and sizes, including tea light urn designs. These are affordable options, and you have the option to personalize your pick with your purchase. 

Modern Memorials

Last but not least, Modern Memorials offers unique candle and tea light urns for those with a modern, contemporary look in mind. These are more upscale and expensive than other providers on this list, but you also can trust each tea light urn is made with care. Prices begin at $175 for small tea light urns and go upwards of $375 depending on the size. 

Light a Candle for Your Loved One’s Memory 

There are so many ways to keep your loved one’s memory alive. Whether you choose cremation jewelry creating a memorial diamond with Eterneva or a tea light urn, it’s all about honoring your loved one’s legacy. This doesn’t always mean the same thing to everyone. Just as funerals are for the living, so are urns. Choose something that has significance to you.

Lighting a candle in honor of your loved one can be a healing experience. Whether you’re honoring their life, remembering an important birthday, or taking a quiet moment of peace, a tea light or candle urn can be the perfect fit. 


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