Teardrop Cremation Jewelry: Types, Cost & Where to Buy


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Cremation jewelry has grown in popularity as a way to keep our loved ones with us at all times. It’s a simple yet elegant way to remember the life and legacy of someone special who’s passed away. 

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Placing ashes into cremation jewelry is just one thing you can do with cremation ashes. Thanks to the increasing popularity of this remembrance keepsake, you’re sure to find jewelry in a style you’ll love with customization options to honor your loved one’s life.

What Is Teardrop-Shaped Cremation Jewelry?

Cremation jewelry comes in many shapes and styles, including the popular teardrop shape. Teardrop-shaped cremation jewelry features a teardrop shape as the predominant feature. This shape is popular, so you’ll find a wide variety of cremation jewelry styled in a teardrop style.

Some teardrop jewelry pieces are created by mixing your loved one’s ashes directly into the jewelry medium, such as molten glass or resin. Other pieces of jewelry are created like mini urns so you can carry some of your loved one’s ashes with you. Whichever style you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the ability to feel closer to your loved ones by keeping them with you wherever you go.

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How Much Does Cremation Jewelry Cost?

Cremation jewelry varies in price just as much as non-cremation jewelry. The factors to consider when budgeting for a piece of cremation jewelry include the material, amount of craftsmanship, and customization. 

Here is a general price guide for cremation jewelry based on pieces mentioned in this article.

Silver/gold/rose gold-toned: $20-$50
Resin: $50-$100
Glass: $100-$150
Sterling silver: $50-$150
Gold-plated: $150-$300
Solid 14k gold: $1400+
Diamond: $1500+

When it comes to prices, it’s important to understand why an item is priced the way it is. Silver, gold, or rose gold “toned” jewelry is going to be more affordable, but the finish is apt to rub off if you plan on wearing it all the time. Sterling silver, gold-plated, and solid jewelry will cost more but they’ll be of better quality. Finally, resin and glass products are priced the way they are because they’re individually hand-crafted by an artisan. 

Different Types of Teardrop-Shaped Cremation Jewelry

There are many types of teardrop-shaped cremation jewelry to suit your jewelry preferences and clothing style. Whether you’re searching for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings, there are plenty of options.


Glass teardrop pendant with ashes

This blue and white spiral teardrop pendant is handmade with molten glass infused with the ashes of your loved one. Depending on the color of your loved one’s cremains, you might be able to see swirls of their ashes in the finished pendant. The pendant is also available in blue, tie-dye, multi-colored, black and white, and other colors.

Amethyst glass and gold teardrop pendant with ashes

This stunning teardrop pendant is handmade by an artisan with molten glass, your loved one’s ashes, and gold fuming to create a one-of-a-kind piece. The pendant is also available in light and dark blue.

Flowers and cremains teardrop pendant

This teardrop necklace pendant contains real dried flowers and your loved one’s ashes set in resin. The pendant frame and hooks are sterling silver, and a silver necklace chain comes with the pendant.

Small sterling teardrop pendant

For those looking for a small, minimalist pendant, this sterling silver teardrop urn might be perfect. The pendant is made out of sterling silver and comes with a filling kit and necklace chain. This provides a perfect way to keep a small amount of your loved one’s ashes close while appearing to be a regular necklace to everyone else.

Personalized teardrop necklace urn

This personalized teardrop pendant urn is perfect for those who want a small cremation keepsake that can be worn with any style of wardrobe, fancy or casual. 

Teardrop with heart urn necklace

This beautiful sterling silver teardrop urn necklace features a silver or rose-gold heart resting in the bottom of the teardrop. It comes with a 20” chain and filling kit to help you place your loved one’s ashes inside. 

Teardrop-in-a-teardrop urn necklace

For a unique necklace urn, you could go with this sterling silver teardrop necklace featuring a CZ teardrop that dangles in the middle of the sterling pendant. The CZ crystal comes in a variety of colors to match with your loved one’s birthstone, their favorite color, or your wardrobe style.

The necklace comes with a 20” chain and a filling kit to make it easy to place your loved one’s ashes inside.

Gold-plated turquoise teardrop

This turquoise teardrop pendant and necklace features genuine turquoise with a gold-plated casing. The pendant has a small hollow area to place a portion of your loved one’s cremains inside to keep them close wherever you are. A filling kit is included along with a matching chain for the pendant. Optional engraving is available for the back.

The same style of pendant can also be purchased with an onyx or mother-of-pearl face.


Teardrop urn birthstone bracelet

This hand-crafted bracelet combines the beauty of silver with the elegance of a teardrop urn, birthstone gem, and monogrammed charm into one bracelet. The urn can hold a small amount of your loved one’s ashes while the birthstone gem can be customized to your loved one’s birth month. The monogrammed charm can be personalized with a single letter, so many people choose the first letter of their loved one’s name.

Forever loved teardrop bracelet urn

This teardrop urn bangle is simple in style and ideal for someone wanting a bracelet urn without much flash. The bracelet is made of stainless steel, and the urn is engraved with the words “forever loved.” The back can be engraved with a person’s name or another phrase, up to two lines with 9 characters each.

A filling kit is included with the bracelet and includes instructions, a funnel, and adhesive to seal the urn. The bracelet also comes with a lifetime warranty. 


Resin teardrop earrings with ash

If you want a unique pair of earrings to remember your loved one, these ash-infused earrings might be what you’re looking for. They’re available in several color choices, including black, black and white, multi-colored, blue, blue and white, blue spiral, green, and tie-dye. The setting is sterling silver and hypoallergenic. Each pair of earrings is hand-made, and a portion of your loved one’s ashes are infused inside.

Cremains and flowers teardrop earrings

These beautiful teardrop earrings feature real flowers and a portion of your loved one’s ashes set into clear resin for a permanent reminder of their love. The hooks are made of sterling silver and are hypoallergenic. 

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Teardrop cremation diamond for a ring

Cremation diamonds are truly unique because they are lab-created from the ashes of your loved one. They can be created in nearly any shape, and one company provides pear or teardrop-shaped diamonds. Once created, you can have the diamond set into a necklace or ring and wear it as a reminder of your loved one.

You can also find budget-friendly options made with cremation gems, instead.

Sparkly silver ring

This sparkling teardrop ring from Spirit Pieces combines some of your loved one’s ashes with crushed synthetic opal and sets it permanently in clear resin. The result is a stunning sterling silver ring with a sparkly teardrop emblem in the colors of your choice to remember your loved one. 

Teardrop memorial urn ring

This budget-friendly teardrop memorial urn ring is sterling silver plated and features a silver teardrop surrounded by CZ stones. The ring is hollow to hold a small amount of your loved one’s ashes, and the included filling kit makes the task simple. It also comes with a gift box, making it ideal to give to a loved one or friend.

Where Can You Buy Teardrop-Shaped Cremation Jewelry?

There are many popular cremation jewelry companies where you can purchase the types of jewelry mentioned above. Here are a few of the places where we found the jewelry in this article.

Spirit Pieces

Spirit Pieces specializes in crafting one-of-a-kind cremation jewelry pieces by incorporating your loved one’s ashes directly into the jewelry material. You’ll find stunning resin- and glass-based jewelry items at this online storefront. If you’re looking for jewelry that’s individually hand-made and unique, Spirit Pieces is a place to check out.

Everlasting Memories

Everlasting Memories carries a large supply of cremation jewelry in all styles, shapes, and metals. From stainless steel to 14k-gold-plated, they specialize in jewelry that will last. If you’re looking for a specific necklace urn, check with this shop. They carry standard shapes, such as teardrops and hearts, and unique options including cowboy boots and palm trees.


Lonite is a cremation diamond company that specializes in producing lab-created diamonds from the ashes of your loved one. Each diamond is unique and can be crafted in your preferred color and shape, such as a teardrop. Diamonds take an average of six months to grow, and each one is GIA certified. After you receive the diamond, you can have it set in a necklace or ring. 

In the Light Urns

In the Light Urns is a popular online storefront specializing in a wide variety of urns, keepsakes, and cremation jewelry. You can find jewelry pieces in nearly every style to suit your individual preferences including stainless steel, silver, gold, wood, and glass. They carry a wide variety of jewelry cremation urns, and each piece comes with a lifetime warranty.

If you’re looking for a jewelry urn that can be customized with birthstone charms and engraving, give this shop a look.


Etsy is the home for all things hand-crafted and unique. If you’re looking for an extra-special piece that you can’t find elsewhere, chances are an Etsy seller might be able to create it for you. If you find an artisan on Etsy whose products you love but still can’t find what you’re looking for, send them a message through Etsy, and ask if they do custom orders.


Amazon has a growing number of cremation jewelry pieces available for sale. If you choose to purchase through a seller on Amazon, be sure to look at customer reviews to ensure you receive a quality product.

Funeral homes and crematories

Many funeral homes and crematories are starting to carry cremation jewelry. Ask the funeral director you’re working with for a catalog of their cremation jewelry items at the same time that you’re planning your loved one’s arrangements.

Remembering Your Loved Ones

With cremation jewelry, it’s easy to keep your loved one with you and hold their memory close all day long. The key to choosing this type of jewelry is picking an item that reminds you of their life and their love for you. When you do that, you’ll have a permanent memorial you can take with you wherever you go.

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