Teardrop-Shaped Headstones: Prices & Where to Buy


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You make some purchases only a few times in your life. A headstone is an example of one of those rare purchases. Before you visit a headstone sales office in your area, you might want to do a little research. Learn about the types of grave markers and how much a headstone costs and the materials commonly used for headstones in your area.

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Know the details of area cemeteries as well. Some green cemeteries don’t allow mourners to leave artificial flowers at graves, so this may affect whether you want to purchase a headstone with a vase. Other cemeteries may only allow grass-level, flat stones, so you could not buy a teardrop-shaped monument even if that’s what you prefer.

Let’s take a moment to discuss the teardrop-shaped headstone — it’s getting more popular! If your loved one’s cemetery allows this shaped stone, here is some information to help you choose one

What’s a Teardrop-Shaped Headstone?

A teardrop-shaped headstone is an upright, rounded monument shaped like a tear. Most of the time, a teardrop headstone marks the place of burial at a cemetery.

This is not always true, as you may purchase a monument for someone whose remains have been scattered, contained, or entombed elsewhere. 

Teardrop-shaped headstones can be made out of a wide variety of materials. 

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How Much Does a Teardrop Headstone Usually Cost?

Teardrop headstones cost between $2,500 and $6,000. The price range depends on the materials used and the size of the stone. The price is also affected by how many letters and images are engraved on the stone.

Teardrop-shaped headstones tend to be more expensive than a flat monument but they may be relatively similar in price to upright headstones made with the same materials. 

Learn tips on how to buy a headstone so you can learn how to save money on this rather expensive purchase. 

What Are the Different Types of Teardrop Headstones?

Teardrop headstones are usually categorized by material and size. You may also be able to find a double-tear headstone for two people’s graves. 

Here are the types of grave markers that can have a teardrop shape.

1. Granite teardrop-shaped headstone

Granite is the most common material used for a teardrop-shaped headstone. Even though black granite seems extremely popular for this shaped headstone, it’s available in other granite colors as well.

You may be able to purchase a teardrop-shaped headstone made out of other materials. However, online searches reveal that this particular-shaped monument is generally made out of anything but granite. 

2. Infant teardrop-shaped headstone

Headstones for infants are sometimes smaller than the grave markers for adults. While most infant teardrop-shaped monuments are made of granite, they may vary in color.

Headstones often have specific designs to indicate that the deceased was a child. Popular designs include lambs, toys, and dragonflies. 

3. Teardrop-shaped headstone with photo

Adding a photograph to a headstone has gained popularity in the last several years. Pictures can be added to a granite headstone, no matter the shape of the stone.

4. Teardrop-shaped headstone with inlaid mosaic tiles

Bring texture and color to your loved one’s teardrop-shaped headstone by having the artisan add mosaic tiles to the design.

Adding mosaic tiles may increase the price of the monument, but it will make it more unique.

5. Teardrop-shaped headstone with an engraved image

Your loved one may not have wanted their photo on their headstone, but she may have been interested in adding another image or line drawing.

Flowers, vines, and trees make popular additions to headstones. You may also want to add an image to depict a favorite hobby or interest.

Keep in mind that you may have less surface area on the stone than a rectangular-shaped monument.

6. Double teardrop headstone

Most teardrop headstones usually memorialize one person. However, we found one example of a double teardrop headstone online that shared the same base. 

7. Teardrop headstone with vase

Most of the teardrop headstone designs do not include a built-in vase. This might keep you from choosing that design for your loved one. We found one example of a teardrop-shaped headstone that sat on a separate base so that the vase could be added to the grave marker. This design may not appeal to those who appreciate a symmetrical headstone design.

8. Teardrop headstone with bench

Some families like the idea of including a bench in their loved one’s headstone design. We found one example of a teardrop headstone that curved around a bench.

Make sure the cemetery allows benches as a gravemarker. If they are not permitted at the cemetery, consider donating a bench in your loved one’s honor at a favorite park, church, or school.

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Where Can You Buy a Teardrop Headstone?

If this is the first time you have ever had to purchase a headstone, you may have no idea where to go. Don’t overlook storefront monument companies because they usually aren’t located in strip malls or popular shopping areas. 

Here are some ideas of places to go to purchase a teardrop-shaped headstone. 

Local monument company

Your best bet may be purchasing a headstone from a local monument company. Not only is it important to support local business owners, but buying a monument from a place close to the cemetery may be easier and cheaper for you.

Local monument companies are well acquainted with the cemetery regulations in your area, so they can direct you to headstone choices that follow that particular graveyard’s rules. 

Monument companies may also charge you more to place a headstone at a cemetery far away, so buying a monument from a closer company may save you installing costs.


Some cemeteries also sell headstones. This may appeal to you because purchasing both the plot and the monument in one place may save you time. But it’s important to realize that cemeteries cannot require you to buy a monument from them. 

If you want a particular design, such as a teardrop-shaped headstone, you may need to go to a local monument company with more offerings.

Online monument companies or marketplaces

More monument companies sell their products online. You may be attracted to the lower prices or unique designs that they offer. While many people purchase their loved one’s headstone from such companies, consider the following:

  • Check shipping prices. Heavy, bulky headstones might require a premium to ship safely. Purchasing a discounted monument online may not save you any money once you factor in shipping costs. However, some companies may offer free or cheap shipping.
  • Headstones must be placed by a professional. When you purchase a gravestone with a local company, the installation may be included in the price. When you buy a headstone online, you may have to pay for the installation separately.
  • Check your cemetery's rules before you purchase. These rules vary greatly. Talk to your cemetery's rules and purchase a compliant headstone. 

Read our full guide on buying headstones online for more tips and tricks.

Places You Can Buy a Teardrop-Shaped Headstone Online

While we recommend that you purchase the headstone for your loved one from a local company that is familiar with the cemeteries in your area, there may be a reason that you need to buy one online. 

Here are some online headstone stores that sell teardrop-shaped headstones that you might want to consider. Before spending time customizing the monument for your loved one, make sure they deliver to your local area. 

Legacy Headstones

Legacy Headstones has been in business since 1920, and the company offers a black granite, teardrop-shaped headstone for single or double burials. The company offers free shipping.

Headstone Deals

Headstone Deals is an online store that offers many different colors of teardrop-shaped headstones (and accompanying bases). The teardrop measures 36 inches tall and 26 inches wide. 

Interglo Stone

Interglo Stone is a monument company based out of Georgia, and they offer several teardrop design stones. Four of their teardrop designs incorporate the image of an angel leaning against the teardrop. You can also purchase a teardrop stone with carved flowers or a traditionally shaped stone that can be customized with your preferred image.

Headstones USA

Headstones USA has one teardrop-shaped design, and the company will ship your custom order directly to the cemetery. Their particular design features engraved flowers.

Anderson Memorials

Anderson Memorials has been in business for more than 100 years. The company offers the traditional teardrop design as well as several unique teardrop design headstones, including those with cutouts in the middle. You can also purchase a teardrop design stone that is attached to a granite grave cover. Make sure the cemetery allows this type of stone before you order it. 

Anderson Memorials offers a Tearkoru design that is a different take on the traditional teardrop if you are looking for something unique.

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Thomas Monument Company

Thomas Monument Company has three teardrop-shaped stones under their “unique memorial” section of the website. Teardrop memorials can be customized to include a photograph of your loved one. 

Clear Stream Monuments

Clear Stream Monuments has one teardrop monument, and its design includes the image of an angel draped over the tear. It comes in two colors of granite: gray or black. Use the search feature to find the teardrop headstone.

Ohio Monuments

Are you looking for a way to add color to your teardrop monument? Ohio Monuments will inlay colorful mosaic tiles in your design. The company will also create an etched portrait of your loved one on the teardrop monument. 

West Memorials

West Memorials is available for all of your customized headstone, monuments, or statue needs. The company will also create a customized mausoleum for your family. The company is located in Memphis, Tennessee, but they will deliver your loved one’s teardrop-shaped headstone to any of the other 49 states.

Read our full guide on buying headstones online for more tips and tricks.

Tips for Buying a Teardrop-Shaped Headstone

Buying a headstone is not something you do very often. Because of this, we would like to offer you some tips for buying a teardrop-shaped (or any other shaped) headstone. 

Talk with the cemetery

The most important tip we can give you when buying a headstone is to talk with the cemetery before you order. Some cemeteries have specific rules for the types of grave markers they allow.

If you buy a customized product such as a headstone without consulting the rules of the cemetery, you may have to eat the cost. Since monuments cost thousands of dollars, this would be an expensive mistake to make.

Some cemeteries have restrictions on the size of the marker. Some only allow flat markers or headstones made from specific materials. Still others have color restrictions or may only permit religious symbols in one area of the grounds.

While many people purchase headstones from online suppliers without any issues, buying one from a local company familiar with all the local cemetery rules may put your mind at ease. 

Be hesitant to order if the deal seems too good to be true

Headstones, especially custom-shaped headstones, typically cost thousands of dollars. If you find a teardrop-shaped headstone that costs less than $1,000, you might want to read the fine print. 

Some less expensive headstones are smaller than most or made with inferior quality materials. When buying the everlasting tribute for your loved one, you would be disappointed to purchase something that doesn’t last your lifetime. 

Be aware of delivery restrictions

Not every headstone company on this list will deliver everywhere in the US. Many companies will only deliver directly to cemeteries, so make sure that someone is there to receive it at the cemetery where your loved one is buried. 

You may feel like you are getting a great deal from an online headstone provider, but you may find yourself paying outrageous shipping charges. Please keep in mind that you’ll also have to pay an individual to set the stone at the cemetery once it arrives, which a local company may include with their fee for the stone. 

Double-check the personalization

When you purchase a headstone, you have one chance to get it right. Make sure you check and double-check the personalizations before you finalize the order. Have another person you trust double-check, as well.

Other Things to Consider When Purchasing a Headstone

The old ad says “Diamonds are forever,” but remember that headstones are forever as well. The text and images that you choose for your loved one’s monument will be there for many lifetimes (or perhaps forever.)

For that reason, sleep on your decision. Talk with other close family members to determine whether adding that particular poem or verse would be appropriate. Think about whether your dad, who went fishing twice a year, would have really wanted a rod and reel on his headstone. Consider whether your mom would have wanted a photograph of herself on their stone.

As you plan the funeral for a loved one, it is only natural to begin thinking about your own end-of-life plans. While you may leave behind a will or trust that will take care of your financial concerns, you may also consider leaving behind a funeral plan. Choose the music that will be played at your funeral and design your own headstone. You may even choose to have the monument made and placed at the cemetery before you die. 

Making these plans isn’t morbid — everyone dies. Make things simple for your survivors by having as much of your funeral planning completed as possible. 

If you're looking for more help with purchasing a headstone, read our guides on headstone prices and headstone etiquette.

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