19 Ways to Say ‘Thank You for Attending My Mother’s Funeral’


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Experiencing the loss of a mother is one of the hardest things anyone can go through in life. Those who support you at your mother’s funeral were there when you needed them most, and now you’d like to thank them for the gift of their presence. Sending funeral thank you cards is the appropriate way to let your family’s funeral guests know you appreciated their presence.

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Finding the right words to say in a thank you card isn’t always easy. If the death is recent, you might still be struggling with feelings of grief and sorrow. Writing a thank you note is the last thing on your list, and this is understandable. 

Recognize that nobody expects a long-winded expression from you at this difficult time. Let yourself off the hook and use one of these simple ways to say ‘thank you for attending my mother’s funeral’ below. Just go at your own pace and be kind to yourself. 

Virtual funeral tip: If you're hosting your mother's funeral virtually with a service like GatheringUs, it's still important to say "thank you" to your attendees. Some people may forget this step with a virtual service because you don't see the attendees in person. But you should still thank them for joining you in remembering your mother, and you can still use the ideas listed below.

How to Say ‘Thank You for Attending My Mother’s Funeral’ In Person

How to Say ‘Thank You for Attending My Mother’s Funeral’ In Person

If you’re not able to get cards at this time, don’t worry yourself. It’s also perfectly acceptable to thank your guests in person.

You can do this at the funeral when people are offering condolences or you can do it if they reach out to you later. Because saying ‘thank you’ often feels awkward, try these phrases. 

1. It was so nice to see you. Thank you so much for being here today. 

This simple message is perfect for letting your funeral guests know you appreciate their company. By focusing on their individual presence, your ‘thank you’ is noticed. 

2. It meant so much to see you at my mom’s funeral. 

Your funeral guests might not recognize just how much their presence affected you. Don’t be afraid to let them know. 

3. Thank you for sharing your memories at the funeral. 

If the individual spoke during the funeral or even shared memories about your mother in private, thank them for this thoughtful gesture. It is these small moments that make the day memorable. 

4. Thank you for sharing in my mother’s celebration of life. 

If the service was a celebration of life, honor this day by taking a unique take on the traditional ‘thank you.’ 

5. I really appreciate the effort you took to be here today. 

Sometimes our guests go out of their way to support us on difficult days. Taking note of their commitment as a friend or family member is a special tribute to their effort. 

6. I know how far you traveled to be here today. Thank you for taking the time to join our family on this difficult day. 

For someone who traveled a far distance for the funeral, let them know you noticed their extra effort. This is truly a sign of kindness and support. 

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How to Say ‘Thank You for Attending My Mother’s Funeral’ in a Card

How to Say ‘Thank You for Attending My Mother’s Funeral’ in a Card

Sometimes there isn’t enough time or you’re not in the right emotional place to thank people for attending in-person. That’s okay, and nobody expects you to individually greet everyone on such a challenging day. In this case, you can say ‘thank you’ with a card. 

7. Thank you for joining the ____ family to celebrate ____’s life. 

Write a thank you from the entire family to sum up what it meant for them to join you on this day. This is a great idea if you have multiple siblings or if extended family attended. 

8. Thank you so much for sending the beautiful arrangement of flowers to the funeral hall. Your thoughtfulness means the world to us. 

If your guest sent funeral flowers, let them know you appreciate their kindness. This is a gracious way to show you noticed their gift. 

9. Your donation in my mother’s honor is such a blessing. I can’t thank you enough. 

Some guests donate in honor of the deceased in lieu of flowers. If so, thank your guests for their generosity, especially if they gave to a cause related to your mother. 

10. Thank you for your kind sympathy card. Your thoughts and prayers comforted my family during this hard loss. 

It’s common for those who know the deceased to send a sympathy card as a small token of support. If you received a sympathy card, acknowledging it with a thank you note is proper etiquette. 

11. Thank you for being there when I needed you most. It meant so much to me, and your support made a huge difference. 

Sometimes it’s the simple things that count. Letting your guests know that their presence made a difference for you not only strengthens your relationship, but it lets them know you appreciate them. 

12. Thank you for your kindness and support during this painful time. It helps to know you’re always in my corner as I deal with the loss of my mother. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being there. 

For those who you have a deep emotional connection with, this is a powerful message. Not only is it open about grief, but it’s a sincere way to say thank you to someone who was there. 

13. Thank you for attending my mother’s funeral. Your kind words at the ceremony reminded me that her legacy lives on with all of us. She always spoke highly of you, and I know she was smiling on us that day. Thank you for being there. 

If someone went above and beyond to speak kindly during the funeral service, let them know you noticed this effort. Those who speak during a memorial put their emotions aside to guide others in their grief, and that’s a priceless contribution. 

How to Say ‘Thank You for Attending My Mother’s Funeral’ on Social Media

It’s also common to thank people for attending a funeral on social media. New platforms and communication tools are changing the way we interact, and it is completely appropriate to thank people publicly on your favorite social media website. 

14. To everyone who attended my mother’s funeral, I wanted to say the biggest thank you. Each one of you was a pillar of support on that difficult day, and your presence meant the world to me. Thank you!

This is a simple way to thank everyone who attended by letting them know that you care. It’s short and to-the-point, without delving too much into unnecessary details. 

15. I am so thankful so many of my friends and family could make it to my mother’s funeral. She would have been proud to have such a supportive, loving family. Thank you. 

The message above references how your mom would have been awed by the support shown by friends and family. This is a heartwarming reminder of her legacy. 

16. Thank you to everyone who attended my mom’s funeral. It meant a lot to my family to have so many people at the service. Mom was definitely smiling on us that day. 

Again, this is a good way to thank guests from an entire family. Tagging your siblings or another immediate family in your social media post is a great way to include them in this thank you. 

17. I cannot thank everyone enough for the kindness and support shown to me recently. It made this difficult day much less stressful. 

Dealing with the funeral of a loved one is always hard. It’s through our support systems that we persevere, so let them know what their presence meant to you. 

18. For everyone who attended my mother’s funeral, thank you. The flower arrangements and additional support were beautiful gifts, and everyone’s kind words warmed my heart. Thank you. 

To thank everyone collectively for their flowers, kind words, and support at the funeral, this message above gets the job done. It’s simple but effective. 

19. It’s been difficult after the passing of my mom. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who attended the funeral for their support. I’m truly grateful for your friendship. 

This message not only lets others know that you’re struggling with the passing of your mom, but it also shows how much you value your close friendships. 

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Say Thank You When It Matters Most

Saying ‘thank you’ is one of the most difficult things we can do, especially when we’re experiencing our own grief after a loss. Few things in life are harder than losing a beloved mother, so thank those in your life who were there for you in your time of need. Don’t worry yourself with finding the so-called perfect words. These messages above are all that you need to show your friends and family that you noticed their support. 

Dealing with funeral arrangements shines a light on just how challenging this can be when the burden falls on the family. One way to support the loved ones in your life is to start end-of-life planning. By making these arrangements in advance, you take this weight off your loved one’s shoulders when the time comes. 

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