9 Different Ways to Say ‘Thank You for Being You’


There are so many reasons to thank someone. Maybe they took you out to dinner. Maybe they took care of you when you were sick. Maybe they did a favor for you.

But sometimes the best reason to thank someone is for no reason at all. Instead of thanking someone for something they did for you, you can thank them just for being themselves.

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Here we share some ways you can thank a loved one just for being them.  

What Does ‘Thank You for Being You’ Mean? 

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Saying “thank you for being you” is simply a way to show gratitude for a person being uniquely themselves. It’s a way to acknowledge them for all the characteristics that make them the person they are.

Every one of us has a completely one-of-a-kind collection of attributes that set us apart from everyone else. When you recognize those qualities in a person—their kindness, their humor, their grace, their originality—you are thanking them for being them. 

How to Say ‘Thank You for Being You’ to a Friend

Tip on how to say 'thank you for being you' to a friend

Friends do so much for us. They cheer us up when we’re down. They give us a respite from our lives. And they do so much of that without doing anything specific. They’re just there for us. Here’s how you can tell a friend “thank you for being you”. 

1. Support their hobby or career—and pay full price

Many of us have friends who work in fields that could benefit us in some way. Maybe your friend works as a graphic designer and you need to put together a brochure for your work. Perhaps your friend is a hairdresser and you need a cut and color. Or maybe your friend has a side gig selling their arts and crafts on Etsy and you enjoy something they made.

Some people think that if their friend can provide a service, they may be able to get a discount. Don’t ask for that, though. If you need your friend’s services, pay full price and tip them well. Show that you respect their skills and talents.   

2. Give them your full attention 

Oftentimes, our friends give their time and attention unselfishly. They ask about what’s going on with your life. They give us advice and help us work through our challenges. So it’s important that we make sure they’re putting equal effort into helping them with their own difficulties.

If your friend usually asks about your life first, flip the script. Open your next conversation by seeing what’s going on in their lives. Ask specific questions about things you know they’ve been dealing with. They’ll appreciate knowing they’re your top priority, too.  

3. Send them a thank you note

There’s something sweetly old-fashioned about sending a handwritten letter. Take some time to write a thank-you note to your friend letting them know all the things you appreciate about them.

Try not to focus on specific things they’ve done for you that you’re thankful for. Instead, make it all about thanking them for being the person that they are. Herald their many good qualities and characteristics. It will be a memento for them to treasure. 

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How to Say ‘Thank You for Being You’ to a Family Member

Tip on how to say 'thank you for being you' to a family member

Our family members are there for us from the moment we’re born. Over the course of our lives, they help us grow into our own people. Show your appreciation for the people they have become.  

4. Create thank-you art 

If you have artistic skills, you can create keepsake art for your family member to treasure. Look up a list of thankful quotes that resonate with you. Find one that really reminds you of your family member.

Then use that to inspire a piece of art. You could make a painting that features the quote or maybe embroider or cross-stitch it. It will be a thoughtful heirloom that they can hold onto for a long time.   

5. Send them texts to let them know you’re thinking of them

Some people use the phrase “thoughts and prayers” dismissively because they think those words can seem kind of empty. But thoughts can be powerful when you actually let people know what you’re thinking.

You may think of your family member several times a week and reflect on how much you appreciate them. But you may feel awkward about constantly expressing that to them.

We all love to hear that people love us just as we are. So when your family member is on your mind, send them a quick text to let them know that. A small gesture like that can have an enormous impact.  

6. Invite them to do something they’ll love

Sometimes our family members have secret hobbies or interests that they’re afraid to share. They might be worried that their loved ones won’t understand their new interests. They might be nervous that they won’t be good at the new thing they want to try. They may think their new interest is embarrassing or may be afraid you’ll think it’s silly.

Help dispel them of that notion! Ask them about their new interests, or pay attention to the new things they seem to enjoy. Then figure out how to encourage them.

Does your husband love watching Formula 1 racing? Find a racing simulator he can try! Does your mom adore RuPaul’s Drag Race? Take her to a drag show! Figure out what makes your family member tick, and go out of your way to give them a special surprise.   

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How to Say ‘Thank You for Being You’ to an Acquaintance or Coworker

Tip on how to say 'thank you for being you' to a coworker

Many people spend a third of their lives at work. They often spend more of their working hours with their coworkers than they do with family and friends.

So it’s extra special when they’re able to find coworkers who are really special people. Here are ways you can thank a coworker for being an exceptional human being.   

7. Give an employee a paid day off

If you’re a boss, you surely have at least one employee who goes above and beyond. Maybe they provide excellent customer service. Perhaps they always organize birthday celebrations for their coworkers. Maybe they always turn out stellar work. Or maybe they’re just a great person who everyone adores. Whatever it is they do, let them know you appreciate their efforts.

Reward them with a paid day off of work as a thank you for all that they do. As a bonus, you can also get them a gift certificate so they can unwind on their day off. Get them a gift card for a restaurant they’ve been wanting to try, or a voucher for a spa day.    

8. Have a coworker appreciation day

We all have that coworker who makes the workplace a joy to be around. They tend to be a team player who does everything they can to make work happy and productive for everyone.

Because they make everyone else’s day easy on a day to day basis, it’s easy to assume that comes naturally to them. But even naturally thoughtful and considerate people put a lot of effort into caring for people. Make sure to show them the same level of effort.

Throw a potluck lunch at the office in their honor, and get people to bring food that your honored coworker loves. As you all eat, you can share your appreciation for that coworker. Let them know as a group that their efforts contribute something special to the whole team. 

9. Pay your coworker or acquaintance compliments

If there’s someone in your life who brightens your day, return the favor by paying them compliments. If you appreciate their positive attitude towards life, compliment them when they say something uplifting.

If their sense of humor always cheers you up, compliment them when they say something funny. Pay attention to those character traits that make them special, and single them out in a good way.  

Tell Friends and Loved Ones ‘Thank You For Being You’ 

In life, we all need to find connections with people we resonate with. It’s so special when we find people whose personalities mesh so well with our own. If you’re lucky enough to have people like that in your life, be sure to show your appreciation.

Your friends, family members, and coworkers will be glad to know how much they enrich your life just by being themselves.  

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