20 Simple Ways to Say, ‘Thanks for Spending Time With Me’


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How do you spend your time and who do you give it to? It can say a lot about the person you are and who or what you value most. During hard times or even the good times, it means a lot to be on the receiving end. How do you repay the gift of time or truly share how much it means to you?

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There are easy ways to show gratitude for spending time with someone and your loved one will be grateful for the recognition, no matter how big or small.

Here are some simple ways to thank the people in your life who have given their time to you. 

How to Say ‘Thanks for Spending Time With Me’ During an Illness or Period of Grief

How to Say ‘Thanks for Spending Time With Me’ During an Illness or Period of Grief

Grief is a unique experience for everyone. The support, love, and understanding someone gives you during hard times means so much and can help with healing. It can be difficult to ask for help from people who do so without asking for acknowledgment.

If someone has given you their time during your struggles, chances are it wasn’t easy for them to see you this way, and they would love receiving a thank you. 

1. “Thank you for spending time with me and giving me the support I needed during this tough time.”

Support goes a long way during hard times. It makes a big difference If you’re struggling but know you have someone behind you if you fall. Tell that person how much you recognize and appreciate his or her presence. 

Pro tip: Write this in a thank you card or send it in a text message. It doesn’t matter how you say it, it’s what you say that counts. 

2. “Thank you for understanding.”

Grief can bring out your ugly side. Having someone understand and be there despite your changes in mood and energy is a blessing. Point out how your friend or loved one made you feel good and that it does not go unnoticed. 

3. Write a letter 

A letter is a great way to get all your thoughts and feelings conveyed on your terms. Instead of talking one-on-one, where you might forget things or fall over your words, a letter is a way to use as much time as you need to fully explain how much someone’s time meant to you. 

Pro tip: Hand-deliver this letter so you can say thank you in person and give a hug as well. 

4. Send flowers with a note

Flowers are a symbol of life and beautiful addition to any home. Sending flowers with a note that says, “Thank you for being there” is a simple and quick way to show your appreciation.

Each time your loved one sees those flowers, they’ll be reminded that they are appreciated. 

5. Repay the favor

Unfortunately, sickness and death are a part of life and you will likely have the opportunity to repay friends or loved ones when they experience sickness or loss. Be there for them like they were there for you! 

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‘Thanks for Spending Time With Me’ Messages for a Friend

There’s no rulebook for being a good friend. A good friend may mean different things to each of us, but spending time together is a huge part of being a good friend. 

6. Write a social media post

There’s something about posting about your friends on social media that makes it a little sweeter.

Posting a public thank you goes a step further than a private thank you note because you show the world how great your friend is and how thankful you are. This shows you want everyone to see just how important your friend is to you. 

7. Do something your friend loves

You know that dedicating time is meaningful, so dedicate your time by doing something your friend loves to do. 

Pro tip: This doesn’t have to be an extraordinary trip or a day full of activities. It can just involve a few hours to sit outside or a quick swim in a pool. 

8. Send a DIY gift

You don’t need to go crazy when you offer a thank you. Whether you’re artsy or not, there are plenty of DIY cards or crafts you can make. Try a handmade card with a special note inside or make a tie blanket for your friend. 

9. Say “thank you for being amazing when nobody is watching.”

A sign of a great friend is his or her actions when nobody is watching. Friends are there for you during the hard times without expecting anything in return and don’t require “credit” for doing the right thing.

10. Cook a meal

Who doesn’t love food? Some say it’s the way to the heart, and it’s a great way to show your thanks. 

Pro tip: Before you dig into the meal you prepared, share a pre-dinner toast thank you expressing how much your friend’s time meant to you. 

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Ways to Say ‘Thanks for Spending Time With Me’ to a Family Member

Ways to Say ‘Thanks for Spending Time With Me’ to a Family Member

Most family members are there for you through thick and thin. Sure, your family might be expected to spend time with you but the ones who do still deserve a thank you! 

11. Say “thank you for encouraging me and keeping me positive.”

Your tough times can be hard for your family as well. Seeing you sick or going through struggles isn’t easy for family members but they’ll try to keep you smiling. Share just how much that means to you. 

12. Do a favor or two

It might be helpful to run some errands, babysit the kids, or clean the house for your family member. Dedicate your time doing things that help with everyday life! 

13. Say “you’ve given me more than just your time.” 

This message emphasizes that your loved one did more than just sit there with you during tough times. Your loved one offered unconditional love and unspoken support. 

14. Offer a spa day

Giving a spa day to the person who gives and gives is a perfect way to show you see that effort and finally give your family member a day off. 

15. Say “I am so lucky to call you part of my family.” 

Family members have a natural lifetime bond. Having a family member who does things for you and shows love is not a guarantee and you’re lucky to have it if you do. 

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‘Thanks for Spending Time With Me’ Alternatives for a Spouse, Partner, or Romantic Interest

Love is messy, but having time with your loved one speaks volumes, especially when you’re no fun to be around due to having a difficult time. If your loved one could be doing other things but instead spends time with you, that just shows you’re cared for and loved. 

16. Offer coupons 

A fun way to thank your loved one is to create coupons for favors. Coupons might include a backrub, a car cleaning, drinks at the bar, a day on the beach. Anything you know your loved one would enjoy will be a perfect coupon idea. 

17. Give a card from your kids  

Help your kiddos make a card or other craft for your spouse or loved one. This is sentimental and brings the kids into the mix to share how much your loved one means to you. 

18. Say “you’ve proven again and again you are the one for me.” 

Thank your loved one for showing lots of love. Years can go by and things might get tough but spending time together will never go out of style.

19. Offer a relaxing day

Give your loved one a relaxing day! This might be a day with no phone on the golf course, a shopping trip, or a day kid-free. 

20. Reminisce

Pull out old photos or your wedding album and look back on all the times you’ve had together. Dedicate time to recognize the bond and love you share. 

The Gift of Time 

Life has its ups and downs and it’s the ones who are there even when it’s inconvenient who mean the most. You might feel pressure to thank your loved one perfectly but it’s not about seeking recognition.

Send a thank you note, give your friend or loved one some time in return or get creative with a nice gift. No matter what, the recognition will be appreciated. 

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