25+ Better Ways to Say ‘Thank You For the Well Wishes’


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Life events of all kinds can be cause for your friends and family to rally around and show their encouragement, sympathy, and support. A thank you is about the most anyone may expect when words of encouragement are spoken, flowers are sent, or cards are handed to you.

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Offering more than a thank you note in return, however, can help others know just how much their support and encouragement meant to you. 

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How to Say ‘Thanks for the Well Wishes’ After a Death or Tragedy

this image is a example of a thank you message after a tragedy

If you’ve been given some much-needed support by someone during a significant event such as death and tragedy, you might be thinking about how to say thanks back but struggle with the best way possible.

However, there are many ways to say thank you that may be appropriate in this context.

1. “Thank you for your encouragement, sympathy, and love.”

This can be a simple way of thanking someone for what their words of encouragement have meant to you. It can also work for close friends and relatives whom you know put more than mere well wishes into their words.

2. “Thank you for your support and help during this difficult time.”

If a friend has been particularly encouraging and supportive, send them a message like this. They’ll be glad to know that their presence and words have made an impact.

3. “Thank you for thinking of me and reaching out to make sure I was okay.”

You might have a loved one or friend who purposefully went out of their way to see how you were doing during a difficult time. Make sure to send them a note to tell them that you appreciate their attention and care.

4. “Your words of encouragement and prayers have meant the world to me during this time.”

Even if you’re not religious, it can be nice to let someone know that their prayers and words of encouragement helped you out.

5. “Thank you for extending your friendship and support just when I needed it the most.”

Friends are often there for us during the hardest times of life. If a friend has been especially present and purposefully available for you, encouraging and supporting you in word and deed, send them a note like this.

6. “Your words of sympathy and support made this time bearable. Thank you.”

Write a thank you note like this for someone who has made a significant impact on you during your time of grief. 

7. “Thank you for taking the time to make sure I was okay.”

Use a note like this to send friends and relatives who have gone out of their way to check in on you, send notes of encouragement, text, and call.

8. “Your presence and support have been a tremendous encouragement to our whole family.”

If you’re writing a note on behalf of your family, be sure to mention everyone in your thank you message. The person who receives a note like this will be glad to know that they’ve made a positive impact on the whole family.

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How to Say ‘Thanks for the Well Wishes’ After a Period of Illness

This image is a example of a thank you message after a illness

If you’ve just come through a prolonged illness, surgery, or period of rehabilitation, you might be on the receiving end of some well wishes upon your re-entry to a “normal life.” Here are some ways to give thanks to those who have been there sitting next to you and supporting you while you focused on recovering.

9. “Thanks for all the get well wishes. They were so encouraging.”

This is a simple message that works for nearly anyone, whether they sent you one text or twenty.

10. “Thank you for cheering me on through my illness. You helped me keep going.”

If you had someone in your life who was determined to help you through your time of sickness, send them this note. This kind of message can be ideal for someone who called on a regular basis, sent flowers or a care package, or visited you often.

11. “Thank you for your support and can-do attitude. You helped me focus on getting stronger.”

Do you have one of those special friends who didn’t just say, “I’m here for you,” but actually demonstrated it by being present? If so, share with them how much their support helped you out.

12. “Your get-well cards meant the world while I was in the hospital. Thank you!”

When someone takes the time out to send you multiple get-well cards while you were in the hospital or a rehabilitation facility, reach out and share a message of similar good will. Though they sent the cards expecting nothing in return, they’ll be glad to know that their messages made a difference during your illness.

13. “Your encouragement to get well helped me stay positive even though I was discouraged.”

Did you have someone who you knew you could count on to help you focus on the good things in life even though everything looked bleak and discouraging? This note is for them. It will be sure to make them smile to know that they were an encouragement to you.

14. “Thank you for being there for me and encouraging me during this season of life.”

Send a note like this to someone who visited, called, and was there for you to help you get through the rough days of illness.

15. “Your cheerful words of encouragement never ceased to bring a smile to my face. Thank you!”

Feeling low during a long illness can be common. However, having a friend or loved one who always tried to bring you some happiness can be a real mood booster. Consider sharing these words with them to say thanks and to tell them that their smiles and happiness went to good use in helping you smile, too.

16. “Your kindness, encouragement, love, and support while I was down and out was invaluable. Thank you for being a wonderful friend.”

For that friend who did everything from visit to call to send flowers to make you meals and everything in between, send them a thank you note with this message. They’ll understand how much their actions meant to you.

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How to Say ‘Thanks for the Well Wishes’ After a Big Life Change

This image is a example of a thank you message after a big change in life

Big life changes are important moments for anyone they happen to. The friends and family in our lives often recognize how significant they are and wish us the best. Thank them for their encouragement with these messages.

17. “Thank you so much for your excitement as I embark on this next chapter of life.”

Excitement is contagious and when someone is just as excited as we are for a big life change, be sure to thank them for joining you in your happiness.

18. “Your support and cheer for my big move means the world. Thank you!”

Did you move from one town to another? Include a note like this with a small gift for a friend to thank them for their encouragement during the process.

19. “Thanks for your encouragement. This is pretty daunting but I know with your support and friendship I can do this.”

If you had a big life change that will take some adjustment such as moving across the country or switching careers, it’s okay to mention how overwhelming it may seem. Just don’t forget to mention how encouraging their support is, as well.

20. “Thank you for being there when I needed you the most. Your support means the world.”

Sometimes our friends and family members don’t even know how encouraging their support is. If you think someone isn’t aware of how much their support meant, send them this message.

21. “Thanks for cheering me on!”

This is a simple and straightforward note for anyone who is happy for you, sent you a card, or texted you their support.

22. “Thank you for being excited for me. It’s a big change and I’m glad to have your support.”

Getting a big promotion is a big deal--and it’s a big deal too when a competing coworker is genuinely excited for you. Perhaps you were chosen for a big opportunity at school for a scholarship and a classmate congratulated you. For anything like this, send them a note thanking them for their support.

23. “Your note of encouragement meant so much! It came just when I needed it the most. Thank you!”

Did someone encourage you when you felt less than stellar? They may not realize how much you needed it. Send them this so they’ll know how much their encouragement meant to you at the time.

24. “Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom and insight. I will hold onto them as I move on to this next stage of life.”

Whenever a relative like a grandparent or a mentor shares some wisdom and insight to help you with your big life change, be sure to thank them for their words and encouragement.

25. “Thank you for your kind words. I heard each one and I cherish them.”

If someone encouraged you and you aren’t sure whether they knew how much their words meant, send them a note like this. Knowing that their words made a difference will encourage them.

26. “Your happiness for me and my new position at work is such an encouragement. Thank you!”

Do you have a friend and coworker who continually supports your drive at work? Are they happy to recommend you for positions and follow your leadership because they believe in you? Thank them for it with a note like this.

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Send Your Thanks With Genuine Reciprocity

Words of encouragement and genuine support received during times of tragedy, discouragement, and life changes can sometimes feel as precious as gold. Send your thanks to let those in your life know how much their words and presence mean to you.

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