20 Better Ways to Say ‘Thank You For Visiting Me’


The company of friends and family is one of life’s greatest joys. It can also help us cope with life’s sorrows.

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That said, we don’t always get to see the important people in our lives as often as we might like. Maybe they live far away. Maybe you have busy lifestyles. Maybe both.

Thus, when people do visit us, we want to make sure we say “Thank you for visiting” in a way that genuinely conveys our appreciation. If you feel like a simple “thank you” isn’t enough, there are plenty of other ways to let someone know you’re thrilled they came to see you.

The following are just a few examples. Keep them in mind the next time you want someone to understand just how much you appreciated seeing them.

How to Thank Faraway Guests for Visiting You

When someone visits from far away, saying “Thank you for visiting” is particularly important. Consider doing so in one of the following ways.

1. Show them around

People visiting from far away may not be very familiar with your area.

Help them get the most out of their trip (and show your gratitude in the process) by taking them out to meals, showing them interesting local spots, and paying for them to enjoy activities unique to your area.

2. Cover their travel expenses

This might not be an option for everyone’s budget, but you could easily let guests know you appreciate them visiting by covering the travel expenses for at least one half of their trip.

3. Help with the packing

If you can’t afford to cover travel expenses for friends or family who traveled a long distance to see you, you can still address other practical concerns.

For example, if they traveled from far away, there’s a good chance they’ll have a lot of packing to do when they prepare to go back home. Make their last few days with you less stressful by helping them pack.

4. Make arrangements to visit them

We appreciate it when people travel from far away to see us because it indicates they care enough about us to spend a decent amount of precious time and money on a visit.

Show them you feel the same way by quickly making genuine arrangements to visit them sometime in the future.

5. Write a long letter 

This may seem like a simple gesture, but it involves more than writing a short thank you note.

Show guests who visited from far away your gratitude by sending them a long letter describing all the fun experiences you enjoyed because they made the trip.

How to Thank Someone For Visiting While You Were Sick

A visit from a friend or loved one can make a big difference when you’re sick. Use one of these ideas to show your gratitude for these visits.

6. Send them a ‘Doctor Certification’ 

This is a cute way to say “Thank you for visiting” to someone who was there when you were sick if you both have a light-hearted sense of humor.

With your computer, you could create a fake doctor’s “certification” or diploma for someone who visited you. Include wording describing them as the best “unofficial doctor” (or something similar) and send it as a thank you gift.

7. Insist on helping

Odds are good you’ll have opportunities in the future to help out someone who visited you while you were sick. Examples can include cooking dinner for them when they’re busy, watching their kids, helping them move, and much more.

Make a list of ways you can help such a person, and insist on doing so until they accept your offer. Just don’t accept any payment for your help!

8. Send pictures of your progress

As you recover from an illness or injury, send pictures to your visitors demonstrating your progress, and let them know you sincerely believe you’ve recovered more quickly than you otherwise would’ve thanks to their company.

9. Thank them publicly

One of the best ways to say “Thank you for visiting” to someone who visited you while you were ill is simple: thank them.

However, instead of thanking them privately, write a public thank you post on social media. Letting your social media followers know just how much you appreciated the visits can turn a simple thank you into something much more special. 

10. Take them out 

One of the most common ways to show gratitude to someone who visits when you’re sick (particularly if they helped around the house during their visit) is to offer to pay them for their help.

The problem is, people usually won’t accept such offers. Instead, you can compensate them by taking them out to dinner or any other activity/experience you know they’ll enjoy.

How to Thank a Close Friend For Visiting You at Home

Simple visits from friends can yield plenty of happy memories. These ideas will help you thank a friend for making those memories possible.

11. Document the occasion 

Make sure a friend knows you appreciated their visit by taking pictures and/or video throughout their stay, and sending the pictures and videos to them after they return home.

12. Prepare their favorite food and drink

Let a friend visiting your home know you’re grateful by having some of their favorite foods and beverages readily available as soon as they arrive. It’s a small gesture that nevertheless shows genuine thoughtfulness.

13. Give a gift

It’s not uncommon to thank guests on special occasions (such as weddings) by giving them thank you gifts.

Show a friend you consider their visit to be special by sending them back home with the type of gift you would normally reserve for such occasions.

14. Gush about it on social media

Similar to publicly thanking someone who visited when you were sick on social media, posting pictures and videos of your friend’s visit on social media and describing how you had a great time will let them know you’re glad they stopped by.

15. Make future plans 

Friends want to feel welcome in your home when they visit. Prove to them they certainly are by making concrete plans for another visit in the near future before they leave.

Doing so will indicate you appreciated their visit so much you can’t wait for the next one.

How to Thank Someone For Visiting You During Difficult Times

Knowing how to thank someone for visiting during a difficult time can feel at least as tough as knowing how to ask for help in the first place, Luckily, it doesn’t have to.

16. Call (randomly) 

A thank you is often most effective when it’s a surprise. For example, you could make someone’s day by randomly calling them, asking if they have time to chat, and explaining to them how much their visit helped you cope with a painful situation.

If they’re the type to visit during difficult times, they’ll probably be willing to set aside a few minutes to listen to your gratitude—and they’ll appreciate it!

17. Do something fun

Visiting someone struggling with difficult life circumstances is emotionally draining.

When you’re doing better, pay someone back for making such a visit by planning a fun experience for the two of you to enjoy.

18. “I know you were also going through…”

No one’s life is completely free of difficulties. It’s highly likely someone who visited you during a hard time was also struggling with some of their own challenges, even if they were as seemingly minor as a tense relationship with a coworker.

Regardless of the specific way you say thank you to someone, let them know you understand they were also going through their own difficulties (be sure to name the specific difficulties, too), and you appreciate how they set those aside to care for you.

19. Set a goal (and achieve it)

When a friend or family member visits you during a painful time, they want to believe their visit will help you overcome your challenges in the long run. Thus, you might set a goal together during their visit. Achieving a major personal goal is often a sign you’ve recovered from difficult circumstances.

Most importantly, make every attempt to genuinely achieve this goal, and let the person who helped you set the goal know you couldn’t have done it without them once you do achieve it.

20. Send a book of thank you quotes 

Some people struggle to say “Thank you for visiting during difficult times” because they’re simply not great with words. Not all of us are poets, after all.

Don’t worry if you feel this way about yourself. You could still show gratitude by sending someone a book of famous thank you quotes, highlighting those you think best convey your feelings.

‘Thank You For Visiting’: Celebrating Friends and Family

Regardless of your life circumstances, visits from the important people in your life can bring tremendous happiness. These ideas will help you show your gratitude.

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