15 Ways to Say ‘Thank You for Your Time and Effort’


It’s a basic rule of etiquette that you should thank someone who goes above and beyond to help you. People appreciate hearing that you are thankful for how they’ve helped you out.

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Saying thank you can also foster a sense of optimism and positivity in the person showing gratitude. While you can send a thank-you note to someone who has helped you, it’s not always easy to know what to say. Here are some ways you can improve your mindset — and someone else’s — by saying thank you. 

How to Say ‘Thank You for Your Time’ When Someone Helps After an Illness or Death

Example of how to say "thank you for your time" when someone helps after a death over an image of flowers

Sometimes we need to lean on our friends and family members when we’re dealing with an illness or death. They may do practical things to help out, like drop off meals or provide childcare.

They may provide emotional support and let you vent or be sad. Once you’ve recovered, it’s important to respond to condolences and show gratitude to those who helped you.

1. “Thanks so much for organizing a meal train for our family. It was really challenging trying to meal plan while we were going through Sam’s chemo treatments. You have no idea how much your gift meant.”

This expresses gratitude for a specific action someone did to help you. Thank-you notes can be generic sometimes. Thanking someone for a particular action makes it feel more special and personalized. 

2. “Thank you for sending your condolences after my mother passed away. You were such a good friend to her. It meant a lot to receive your condolence card and hear that our family was in your thoughts and prayers.”

This message references something that was said in a condolence card. That kind of specificity shows how grateful you were for their words.  

3. “Thank you for driving me to my surgery and for taking care of me while I recovered. When you live alone, it’s scary to feel like you’re on your own during a health scare. Your friendship reminded me that I’m not alone.”

Friends can really fill in the gaps when we don’t have family around to support us. If your friend stepped up for you, be sure to thank them for it. 

4. “Thank you for the beautiful eulogy you delivered at dad’s funeral. It was a perfect tribute to the kind of man he was.” 

Friends and family often help us plan the funeral or memorial service for a deceased loved one. Be sure to thank them for their contribution.  

5. “Thanks for the sweet condolence card you sent. We really appreciated hearing from you. You meant a lot to my sister, and I know it would have meant a lot to her that you reached out.”

It can be overwhelming to try and respond to condolences after a loved one dies. That’s okay. You can take your time if you need it. But even if someone just sent a brief card saying “sorry for your loss,” you should try and acknowledge it when you’re able. 

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How to Say ‘Thanks for Your Time’ in a Professional Email

Example of how to say "thanks for your time" in a professional email over an image of an office space

There are many reasons we may want to thank someone in a professional email. We might want to thank a client for their business. We might want to thank a potential employer for an interview. Or we may want to thank a colleague for their hard work. Here are some examples of ways you can thank someone in a professional manner.  

6. “Thank you for your mentorship over the years. I know you’re leaving for another job, but I hope we can keep in touch. My career would not be where it is today without your guidance and care.”

Sometimes at work, a boss or a colleague can teach you important lessons. Be sure to thank them for taking the time to help you grow. 

7. “Thank you for taking the time to interview me. I really appreciated getting to come into the office and experience the culture. I know you have a lot of great candidates, and I’m so happy to be up for consideration.”

Many employers really appreciate it when candidates reach out after an interview. It can help set you apart from other people who are up for the same position. It’s good manners to do it, and may even benefit you!

8. “Thanks so much for the wonderful presentation you put together. The clients were happy, and my boss was impressed. I made sure to let him know that you get the credit. You made the whole team look great, and I really appreciate your hard work.”

Some bosses don’t believe they should thank their employees for simply doing their job. But it’s great to praise employees who go above and beyond. It fosters a positive work culture and can help you retain great talent. Employees who feel appreciated tend to perform at a higher level and stay around longer.  

9. “Thank you for being such a wonderful, long-standing client. You were one of the first people to support our business. It means a lot that you are still supporting us all these years later. We wouldn’t be where we are without people like you.”

When people believe in you, it makes them feel good to know their support has been noticed. Acknowledging a loyal customer will make them feel valued. It will also encourage them to stick with you. 

10. “Thank you for being a supportive coworker. This is my first real job since leaving college, and I felt like I was in a little over my head when I first started. I’m sure you could tell, but you were kind enough not to mention it. Your support and guidance have meant more to me than I can say.” 

We all need some help when we’re starting out at a new job. If you have a coworker who took you under their wing, be sure to let that person know you noticed and are grateful. 

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How to Say ‘Thank You for Your Time and Kindness’ After Someone Does You a Favor

Example of how to say "thank you for your time" after someone does you a favor over an image of flowers

Family, friends, and even acquaintances often help us out when we need it. They might provide childcare or give us a ride when we need it, or any other number of things. Here are some ways you can thank the people in your life for stepping up when you need them.  

11. “Thank you for taking care of my kids when I had to go away for that work conference. It made me feel more comfortable knowing they were with someone I really trusted.”

Sometimes work or life makes demands on us when schools and daycares are closed. Having friends and family to help make those times a lot more bearable. 

12. “Thank you for driving me to work when my car was in the shop last week. You really saved my job. I know you wouldn’t accept gas money, but I wanted to do something. I know you like coffee, so I’m enclosing a gift card.” 

A small gift can be another great way to express appreciation. You can enclose a gift card in with a thank-you card or buy something special. 

13. “Thank you for surprising me with my grandma’s special cherry nut cake on Christmas Eve. This was my first holiday away from my family, and you made me feel less homesick.”

Sometimes you don’t even have to ask a favor — people just do something for you that you didn’t even know you needed. An effort like that deserves a heartfelt thanks.

14. “Thank you for donating goods to our canned food drive. So many people in our community will benefit from donations from people like you.”

Whether you’re running a nonprofit organization or just organizing an effort on your own, it’s good to thank supporters. People appreciate the acknowledgment of their good deeds. 

15. “Thank you for always listening to me. Your friendship means more than I can say.”

Sometimes people don’t do just one specific thing to warrant a thank you. It’s their steady, ongoing presence that you’re thankful for.   

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Showing Gratitude for the People in Our Lives

Every day, people in our lives do wonderful things for us. Friends, family, and coworkers may help you out. Even acquaintances and strangers can surprise us with wonderful actions. Take a few moments to thank them. Even the smallest gesture is worthy of gratitude. 

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