16 Budget-Friendly, Unique Thank You Gift Basket Ideas


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A simple thank you note may not feel like it’s enough if someone has gone above and beyond for you. Instead, you may want to make a larger gesture. One way you can do this is by sending a special thank you gift basket.

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Sending something personalized and thoughtful shows the depth of your gratitude. Here, we break down some ideas for custom gift baskets for a variety of audiences and price points.  

Relaxing Thank You Gift Basket Ideas

Gift baskets are about finding something that appeals to a specific individual. Here are some gift baskets you can buy that might be appreciated by a friend or family member who's been stressed.

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1. Comfort items gift basket

Does your gift basket recipient like to be comfortable? If so, get a gift basket that reflects that. It can feature items, like a silk bathrobe and soft aloe-infused socks. It can also include items like a warm, fuzzy blanket or a cuddly stuffed animal

2. Self-care gift basket

Has your loved one found moments of peace during a difficult time? You can return the favor with a self-care themed gift basket. It can feature items like bath bombs, luxurious lotion, and scented candles.

Your loved one can experience the same levels of peace and relaxation that they helped you achieve. 

3. Crafting gift basket

Does your loved one enjoy crafting? Support your loved one’s habit with a sweet custom gift basket. Get some nice paints and brushes for a painter.

Stock up on high-end colorful yarns for a knitter. Get new patterns and threads for cross-stitchers. A gift like this shows that you pay attention to their interests and you want to support your friend the way they've supported you. 

Outdoorsy Thank You Gift Basket Ideas

Do you need a gift basket for a friend or family member who would prefer a more rustic gift? Check out these options. You might just find one that speaks their language. 

4. Grilling gift basket

Does someone in your life love grilling? Get them some fun tools to enhance their hobby. You can get new high-end cooking implements, seasoning blends, and marinades in fun new flavors, or cedar planks for grilling fish.

You can even put together a protein basket filled with quality cuts of meat. You can put together unique custom baskets in endless ways for the grilling enthusiast in your life.   

5. Craft beer gift basket

Do you know a guy who likes to unwind at the end of the day with a nice beer? A craft beer gift basket is a great way to say thank you.

For example, you can arrange several different types of IPAs in a nice caddy to make a gift basket. This gives your loved one the opportunity to try new brands. It’s an elevated version of giving someone a six-pack of beer as a gratitude gift.  

6. Beginner's self-care basket

Self-care gift baskets have always been a popular gift, especially around the holidays. But your loved one may not know where to start.

Give someone in your life a basket so they can spoil themselves a little. It could include shampoo or skincare items with rustic scents like cedar and sandalwood. You could include beard oil or a nice comb. Normalize everyone taking care of themselves, regardless of their gender!  

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Thank You Gift Basket Ideas for Coworkers

We spend a third of our lives at work — maybe more time with our coworkers than we do with our family and friends. As a result, your coworker may be the one who comes through for you during personal or professional hard times. These gift baskets are a great — and professional! — way to thank a coworker for supporting you in a time of need.

7. Caffeine-themed gift basket

Does your coworker always have a cup of coffee in hand? Get your coworker a special gift basket to support that coffee habit. Does your office have a pod-based coffee system like a Keurig? You can get your coworker an assortment of coffee pods in various flavors.

You can accompany this with some flavored non-dairy creamers to customize your coworker’s coffee drinking experience each day.  

8. Tea basket

Not everyone likes coffee. Does your coworker gravitate toward more relaxing drinks? Consider buying an assortment of flavored teas instead.

You can get some really fresh and interesting flavors from specialty tea companies. Pair it with a personal travel mug that doubles as a tea infuser.  

9. Funny office supply basket

One of the best parts about working in an office is the ability to personalize some of your office supplies. You can get some personalized, high-end stationery for a coworker who appreciates the finer things in life.

Does your coworker have a sense of humor? Get some silly and funny notepads — little things like this can inject brightness into a workday. 

Thank You Gift Basket Ideas with Food, Snacks, and Drinks

Gifts of gratitude may involve food or drinks. We all have certain foods or drinks that comfort us or remind us of special times. If you know someone’s tastes, a gift basket involving food or drinks can feel like an especially thoughtful thank you gift.  

10. Fruit basket

Several companies offer beautiful arrangements of fresh fruit. These gift baskets are both decorative and edible.

They might include an array of chocolate-dipped berries or an assortment of fruit built into what looks like a floral display. You can even get fruit that will last a while, like candied apricots. These nourishing gifts will make people’s mouths and hearts happy. 

11. Coffee-themed gift basket

Does the java aficionado in your life function better only after that first cup of coffee every morning?

You can get really extravagant and rare types of coffee like Kopi Luwak or purchase a less luxurious or an interesting locally roasted coffee bean. Pair beans with a nice travel mug or a personal French press to round out your basket. 

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12. International foods gift basket

Is your gift basket recipient originally from a different country? Get your friend a gift basket that features favorite nostalgic snacks from that home country. Several companies offer gift baskets that feature foods only found in certain countries.

A gift basket for someone from the U.K. might feature marmalade, tea, shortbread, and chocolate oranges, for example. Your recipient doesn’t even have to be from a particular country. Let’s say your loved one is obsessed with all things Japan. A gift basket of authentic Japanese snacks would be a thoughtful thank you gift. 

Total DIY Thank You Gift Basket Ideas

Thoughtful and beautiful gift baskets make great thank you gifts — but they can get rather pricey. One way to save money is to make your own gift basket. This isn’t just a cost-cutting measure.

Making DIY gift baskets offers you endless opportunities for personalization. You can really narrow in on elements that your basket recipient loves. It makes for a specific and custom thank you gift that just so happens to be easy on your budget.

13. DIY movie-themed gift basket

Does your friend or family member love movie magic? You can put together a fun gift basket for at-home movie night. Fill up a basket with popcorn, flavored seasoning salts, and the kind of candy you might find at a movie theater.

You can also incorporate digital gifts. Many people no longer watch DVDs, so a membership to a streaming movie service like Amazon Prime Video would round out this gift nicely. 

14. Entertainment gift basket

Movie-themed gift baskets are great for cinema enthusiasts. But there are all kinds of other gift baskets to help a friend pass the time. Stock up on an assortment of recent books if your friend is a reader.

Get a collection of puzzle books and some nice pencils or pens if your friend’s a Sudoku nut. You can also get coloring books for adults who like to keep their hands busy but who don't have much artistic skill. Get some fun markers to go along with it. This gift basket is easy to assemble on your own and is endlessly customizable.  

Last-Minute Thank You Gift Baskets You Can Buy Entirely Online

It’s great to make thoughtful DIY gifts for people who have helped you. Unfortunately, that’s not always practical. A DIY gift basket might not ship well if your friend moves far away.

Find a website that’ll ship gift baskets directly to the person you’re shopping for. They don’t tend to offer the level of customization that a DIY gift basket but are still thoughtful and sweet. 

15. Gardening-themed gift basket

Does your loved one like to get those hands dirty? Many companies offer gift baskets for the gardener in your life. It might feature little gardening tools, gloves, and seed packets.

You could also get something suited for indoor gardening. This might be a windowsill herb garden or an assortment of hardy succulents. Gifts like this can really bring some life into a thank you gift.  

16. Game night gift basket

A few different companies make fun gift baskets to help someone host a game night. It usually includes some games, trivia books, and some snacks to round out the evening. A basket like this is a great thank you gift for a social butterfly. 

Clever and Thoughtful Thank You Gift Baskets that Won’t Blow Your Budget 

When friends and family members step up to help you, they deserve some gratitude. A unique gift basket is a great way to say thank you to anyone who supported you during a difficult time, according to gift-giving etiquette.

Whether you buy a gift basket or make it yourself, you can show the recipient just how much it means.  

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