35 Small, Inexpensive Thank You Gifts for Coworkers


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A coworker isn’t always someone who merely shares an employer. Because your job may be a major part of your life, your coworkers can also play a significant role in both your professional and personal life.

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Homemade Thank You Gifts for Coworkers

Delivery-Friendly Thank You Gifts for Coworkers

Store-Bought Thank You Gifts for Coworkers

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You may want to show certain coworkers you appreciate them with small, affordable thank you gifts. You could give a thank you gift to coworkers after you’ve completed a major project, when they’re retiring, or any other instance you want to express your gratitude.

These ideas will help. If you’re trying to think of the best thank you gifts for coworkers, keep these gifts in mind.

Homemade Thank You Gifts for Coworkers 

A gift you make comes from the heart. It tells coworkers you value their hard work and friendship so much you wanted to make something for them yourself. Check out these options.

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1. Desk organizer

The right thank you gift is often something your coworker can use at work. For instance, you might help a busy and hardworking coworker stay a little calmer on the job by making a desk organizer for documents, office supplies, and similar items.

2. Unofficial award

A simple but fun way to say thank you to a coworker who played an important part in a major project is to draft up an unofficial certificate or customize a trophy as an award for their contributions. Bonus points if you attempt humor as you describe the role your coworker played!

3. Leather cord roll

In our digital world, there’s a good chance your coworkers use plenty of devices that require charger cords. Help a coworker stay organized with this easy DIY gift.

To make it, buy a piece of leather 12 inches long and six inches wide. Cut one end into a pointed shape (like the end of a tie), with each side of the point about four inches long. Then, cut four sections of small parallel lines an equal distance apart from each other on the underside of the leather, creating notches.

A coworker can insert bundled up cords beneath these “flaps” to hold them in place. Your coworker can wrap the leather into a scroll shape for a highly convenient cord holder.

4. Relaxation basket

You don’t need stellar arts and crafts skills to create a homemade thank you gift for a coworker.

For instance, maybe you want to show a coworker you deeply appreciate their hard work on a long and demanding project. If so, you could tell them that they've earned some relaxation time with a basket featuring bath products, candles, and more.

Delivery-Friendly Thank You Gifts for Coworkers

It’s easier than ever to send thank you gifts via delivery services. Here are a few examples a coworker might enjoy.

5. Subscriptions

Show coworkers your appreciation with a gift that aligns with one of their interests. A delivery-friendly gift is worth considering.

This type of gift can be an annual magazine subscription, a subscription box, or anything else coworkers can receive by mail (or email) on a regular basis.

6. New home office supplies

These days, you may not share a working environment with all (or any!) of your coworkers. You may have to give a thank you gift to a coworker who works from home.

In a traditional office, an office manager is typically responsible for purchasing new office supplies. However, you can surprise remote colleagues with new office supplies if you suspect they’re running low.

7. Groceries (during a difficult time)

Often, thank you gift ideas for coworkers can also function as sympathy gift ideas. For instance, maybe a coworker continues to help your team work toward its goals and at the same time, must plan a funeral or memorial service.

In this case, grocery delivery may be the perfect gift. Maybe your coworker could use some help buying food for a post-funeral service at their home. Maybe they're so busy making arrangements and trying to keep up with work that you suspect they don’t have time to buy groceries for themselves right now. Either way, if you have good reason to believe this type of gift would help them during this difficult time, it’s an option to consider.

(Just remember, as with celebration of life etiquette, sympathy etiquette involves making sure you know a coworker will have the time and space to accept this type of gift when it arrives.)

8. Surprise meal

Surprise your hardworking coworker with a meal if you know that one of their favorite restaurants in the area delivers. You can also consider giving them a restaurant gift card so they can treat themselves to a meal during their free time.

Store-Bought Thank You Gifts for Coworkers

As convenient as delivery gifts may be, that doesn’t mean a classic store-bought gift can’t still be the perfect thank you.  

9. Houseplant

Don’t reject this idea simply because it’s not the most original! A houseplant often makes an ideal thank you gift for a coworker not only because it can be affordable, but also because research has shown that keeping even just a little bit of greenery in your workspace can have a major positive impact on your mood and productivity.

10. Quality coffee thermos

The most practical items often make the best thank you gifts for coworkers. For instance, maybe you’re giving a coworker a thank you gift because they're the type of colleague who can stay motivated, productive, and focused, even when working long hours.

If your colleague is also the type of coworker who uses coffee to help maintain that work ethic, they're sure to appreciate a quality coffee thermos that will keep their favorite brew hot all day long.

11. Snacks

Sometimes you want to say thank a coworker for your mutual friendship. Other times, you want to spontaneously thank a coworker if they came through during a particularly stressful day at work.

On these days, you may be able to quickly run to the store and pick up your coworker’s favorite snacks as a surprise gift.

12. Electronics organizer

Are you trying to think of a thank you gift for a coworker who manages to keep the entire team on task (while also staying on top of their own tasks) despite having to travel for work often? If so, get them an electronics or tech organizer case.

In this day and age, anyone who travels frequently for work probably needs to bring along quite a few digital devices. This type of gift will help a coworker stay organized on the road.

‘Goodbye and Thank You’ Gifts for Coworkers

People often give thank you gifts to coworkers when they’re retiring or leaving to start other jobs. Consider one of these gifts.

13. Thank you video

A thank you gift for a coworker doesn’t always need to be something you spend money on. For instance, sometimes a celebration of life ceremony includes a video showing clips of a person who’s passed on.

Fortunately, you can show this type of video on many other occasions, including going-away parties for coworkers. The video can include clips and images from throughout their career, along with thank you messages.

14. A weekend getaway

Yes, this list is technically about small and inexpensive thank you gifts, but if your team at work is large enough, surprising a retiring coworker with a weekend getaway could be affordable if you split the cost among all team members. You’ll simply need to make sure everyone is comfortable with the expense.

15. ‘Thanks for the memories’ framed photo

Is your coworker leaving to start a job elsewhere? If so, show your appreciation with a relevant photo in a “Thanks for the memories” frame they can keep at their new desk.

16. Retirement goals book

A quick Google search reveals there are plenty of books that allow retirees to list their various post-work goals, helping them focus much in the same way a bucket list works.

17. Thank you message book

Like a sympathy message card, a small booklet or scrapbook in which you and your officemates write thank you letters to a retiring coworker could help your coworker realize just how much you’ve always cared.

18. Online class

Sometimes being a good coworker means not spending as much time focusing on your own passions as you might like, because you spend much of your time focusing on your job.

When a coworker retires, help them explore their interests and gobs of free time with an online class, like a language learning course.

Funny Thank You Gifts for Coworkers

Sometimes, the best thank-you gifts for coworkers are the ones that make them laugh. Consider such examples as the following:

19. Desk punching bag

Various online novelty retailers sell small punching bags that can comfortably sit on an office desk. This is the gag thank-you gift you might get for a coworker if they have a stressful job.

(And if you work in a casual environment where a coworker wouldn’t get in trouble for having such an item on their desk, of course!)

20. Stress ball

This is a twist on the above idea that might be a better choice if you want to give a gift acknowledging your coworker putting up with stressful situations in their job. Though, you also don't want to get them in trouble with a desk punching bag that could attract negative attention from your supervisors.

21. Funny eye mask

Get your coworker an eye mask if they're the type to focus so much on work that they forget to take a break and relax every now and then. You can add humor to this basic gift by purchasing an eye mask with a customized message on the front, such as "Don't bother me right now. Seriously."

22. Coloring book

As you can see, many of the best funny gifts for coworkers are the kind that reminds them to relax and step away from whatever may be stressing them out in the office.

Another option to consider is a coloring book. It may not seem like a particularly serious gift for someone who needs help slowing down, but it will hopefully get a laugh and inspire the recipient's creativity.

23. Customized bobblehead doll

A bobblehead doll is a popular item to add a light touch to an otherwise drab office desk. However, instead of giving your coworker a bobblehead of a famous person, you could give them a customized bobblehead that either resembles them or someone else important in their life. A quick Google search reveals numerous companies and artists online offering customized bobblehead dolls.

24. Magnetic dartboard

This is another simple gag gift that can allow a coworker to let out some of their frustrations in a safe, office-appropriate way. Finding a small magnetic dartboard that fits within a cubicle is fairly easy.

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Thank You Gifts for Coworkers That You Can Buy in Bulk

Are you buying thank you gifts for several coworkers? If you need to buy gifts for many people, instead of spending hours trying to pick out something different for everyone, you could buy thank you gifts in bulk. Options include:

25. Assorted candies

Many online candy shops and gift shops allow you to purchase small, relatively affordable gift bags featuring assorted candies. This is a simple go-to gift that many of your coworkers are likely to appreciate.

26. Any contribution to the office break room

Instead of purchasing individual gifts for coworkers, you could simplify this task by buying a gift that contributes to the office break room, such as an assortment of new teas or coffees.

27. Gift cards

This gift might be a little pricey, but you can buy several coworkers a gift card if your budget is high. Consider saving money by purchasing gift cards for spots where a person doesn't need to spend much to use the card. This could include a popular fast food restaurant or casual coffee chain.

28. ‘Thank you’ pens

When buying bulk gifts for coworkers, it's best to stick to neutral gift ideas. For example, a funny gift that might charm one coworker could make the wrong impression on another if they don't share the same sense of humor. 

Odds are good all your coworkers could make use of pens. Consider ordering a bulk set of pens with a custom "thank you" message. 

29. Bulk miniature hand sanitizer bottles

It may not be the most touching thank you gift anyone could ever receive, but it’s a practical one that your coworkers will almost certainly make use of, regardless of the type of environment in which you work. Ordering a bulk package of small hand sanitizer bottles is an easy way to purchase bulk gifts for coworkers when you’re in a hurry and can’t think of any other ideas. Again, as long as a gift serves some useful purpose, your coworkers will probably be happy to receive it.

Thank You Gift Baskets for Coworkers

A gift basket is often ideal for a coworker (and virtually anyone else). It allows you to include several items in one gift instead of getting one without being certain your coworker will love it.

That said, you still should consider your coworker’s needs and interests when deciding which type of gift basket to buy for them. The following are a few ideas worth keeping in mind:

30. Tea or coffee

This is one of the most popular types of gift baskets available. If the coworker for whom you are buying a gift basket is a fan of tea or coffee, get them a basket featuring a variety of options. You could enhance the basket by adding a new mug as a centerpiece.

31. Relaxation gift basket

Again, many of the best gifts for coworkers are those which help them destress. A gift basket featuring scented candles, calming essential oils, and other such items may be just what a stressed-out coworker needs.

32. Snacks

Similar to a tea or coffee gift basket, a gift basket featuring a variety of snacks, such as cheeses, chocolates, crackers, and other items, is a very popular option. Make sure you have a basic understanding of any dietary restrictions your coworker may have before you decide this is the best idea for their gift.

33. Collaborative gift basket

Suppose you and several other coworkers are all saying thank you to a coworker who is leaving the company. In that case, you could each buy a gift individually and put them all together in the form of one large collaborative gift basket. Go the extra mile by including a letter with a signed message from each coworker.

34. Golf gift basket

If your coworker enjoys playing golf while away from the office, consider buying them a golf gift basket. Such a gift basket can include items like tees, balls, and passes for a round at their favorite local golf course. You can purchase one online or put one together yourself.

35. Hobby-centric gift basket

Golf is not the only activity you could base a gift basket on for a coworker. Suppose you have an idea of what your coworker’s hobbies or interests are. In that case, you could create a gift basket that supports these interests. 

For example, perhaps your coworker is a skilled artist who likes to paint and draw in their spare time. If so, their gift basket might feature arts and crafts supplies. Or, if they play an instrument, such as a guitar, you can give them a gift basket featuring accessories for their instrument, such as new strings, picks, etc.

Thank You Gifts for Coworkers: Showing Appreciation On the Job

There are many reasons to say thank you to a coworker. Whether you’re showing appreciation because they helped you learn the ropes as a new hire, thanking them for their hard work on a major project, or sending them off to enjoy retirement, consider these gift ideas.

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