20 Thank You Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

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Experts say that men tend to buy whatever they’re interested in for themselves. This can make it challenging to shop for them because they’ve bought anything they want. Men also tend to be brand loyal, which can limit your options.

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But with a little creativity, you can get a special gift to show gratitude to the man in your life. If a thank you note just isn’t enough, these thank you gifts really go above and beyond.

Masculine Thank You Gifts for Your Spouse or Partner

It’s great when you have a spouse or partner who gives you unconditional love and support. If your husband or partner has been there for you even more than usual, a thank-you gift is a great way to show your appreciation. Here are some suggestions for gifts of gratitude for a male romantic partner. 

1. Self-care gift basket

Many men aren’t raised to prioritize things like hair care and skin care. They don’t know how soothing it can feel to use products specifically formulated for their hair and skin types.

Spoil your spouse with a self-care gift basket that includes things like shampoo, conditioner, and face wash. It could also include fancy soaps instead of his usual generic body wash. Showing him how good it feels to take care of himself is a great way to express gratitude. 

2. Take on his least favorite chore

Gifts don’t have to cost a lot of money. Sometimes an act of service is the best gift you can give. Take on a chore he usually dreads, even if it’s just for a week or two. This is a great way to demonstrate your appreciation.  

3. Custom art

A good thank you gift should show that you really care about the recipient’s interests. A piece of custom art is a great way to do that.

For example, if your boyfriend is a classic rock fan, you can get art that incorporates that interest. Some artisans make wall clocks out of old album covers like this. A gift like this can make a great personal stamp in his office and will always remind him of you.

4. High-end coffee maker

Does your spouse like to start his day with a fancy coffee? Get him a high-end coffee maker to use at home.

As a bonus, learn how to make his favorite kind of coffee drink and prepare it for him. He’ll love having his own personal barista at home. 

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Thank You Gifts for a Friend

Our family is always supposed to be there for us in times of need. Friends don’t have a similar obligation. So when they show up for us in a big way, we want to be sure to show them we appreciate it. Here are some good thank you gift suggestions for a male friend who has offered you support.

5. Cocktail-themed gift basket

Do you know a guy who enjoys a good cocktail? Put together a gift basket with fun cocktail accouterments. This could include things like fancy spherical ice molds and exotic infused simple syrups.

You can also get fun and unusual garnishes like hibiscus flowers preserved in syrup. It’s always good form to encourage a friend’s interests.  

6. Swiss army knife

Do you have a guy friend who enjoys being prepared for anything? A Swiss army knife puts the “fun” in functional. This pocket-sized tool can ensure your friend is ready for whatever life throws at him. 

7. Beard grooming kit

Do you know a guy who’s obsessed with his facial hair? If so, a beard grooming kit is a great thank you gift. He’ll be thankful that your own gift gratitude is helping him raise his facial follicular game. 

8. Collection of sauces

Does your guy friend like to cook — or at least eat other people’s cooking? You can get him some fun ingredients to play with in the kitchen, from marinades to use in preparation or salsas to snack on. Food is always a great way to give thanks.  

Thank You Gifts for a Male Coworker

How bearable your work life is can depend in large part on your coworkers. Good coworkers can help you manage your workload and excel in your role. They can also provide emotional support or comic relief. If your coworker elevates your day-to-day life, you can give him a gift to show your gratitude.

9. Coffee-themed gift basket

Does your coworker love a good cuppa joe? Coffee-themed gifts will be a great way to say thank you.

You can put together a fun gift basket with an insulated travel mug or a personal French press. You can also stock it with your coworker’s favorite kinds of coffee beans or K-Cups. Pay attention to someone’s personal interests to inform you on the best thank you gifts.

10. Zen rock garden

Work can be stressful. We all need to find ways to unwind and take a moment for ourselves. If your coworker helps you find inner peace at work, return the favor.

A small, desktop zen rock garden can give someone a healthy outlet to work out workplace stress.   

11. Custom coffee mug

Does your office have a communal coffee mug cabinet? If so, it’s hard to call dibs on a mug. You can get a coffee mug personalized with your coworker’s name or picture.

That way, he’ll always have a mug when he needs one. It’s a great daily reminder that someone holds him in high esteem.  

12. Funny stationery

Does your coworker have a silly sense of humor? Get entertaining memo pads or something similar. Get something like this for a coworker who enjoys the more absurd things in life.  

Small, Inexpensive Thank You Gifts for Men

You may think an extravagant gift is the best way to show you care. But you don’t have to splash out a lot of money on a thank you gift. These encouraging gifts are inexpensive but still thoughtful: 

13. Keychain hot sauce

Do you know a guy who always seems to have whatever it is you need? He might appreciate a quirky multipurpose gift like this.

You can get small bottles of sriracha hot sauce on a carabiner that doubles as a keychain. The MacGyver in your life will dig this inexpensive but handy gift. 

14. E-book or audiobook

Say “thank you” with a digital gift. You don’t have to fuss with wrapping something and getting it in the mail. It will arrive via email with minimal fuss. Is your friend a big reader? If so, a gift certificate for an e-book or audiobook could be a thoughtful gift.   

15. Grilling spices

Do you know a guy who loves to grill? Grilling spices are a great thank you gift for a man who knows his way around some meat. An inexpensive gift like this helps enhance a beloved hobby and packs a lot of flavor punch.    

16. Slip wallet

A lot of men complain about having to carry around a bulky wallet. It can break up the lines of their clothing and can be uncomfortable to keep track of. A slim wallet can be much more comfortable. 

DIY Thank You Gifts for Men

A store-bought gift is a great way to express gratitude. But if you have some handy DIY skills, you may be able to make something even more special. Putting in the extra effort to make a thank you gift is the perfect way to show that you care. Here are some great DIY gifts for the man in your life.  

17. Homemade relationship scrapbook

Make a scrapbook with some of your favorite relationship moments. Include photographs from throughout your relationship.

You can also include things like ticket stubs or playbills from performances you’ve attended. This is a sweet way to show you care. 

18. Wooden storage tray

Do you know a guy who has a hard time keeping track of things? Make him a custom tray where he can stash his phone, keys, wallet, and other important items.

You can usually get plain wooden trays at a craft store. Customize them with paint, contact paper, or other decorative elements. 

19. Food or drink basket

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. A homemade gift basket filled with tasty food or drinks is a great way to say thank you to a guy you know.

If you know his favorite snacks, round up an assortment of them and arrange them in a basket. Or if you know he likes a certain kind of craft beer, you can get a selection of them for him to try. It’s a great way to show that you’re paying attention to his likes and dislikes.   

20. Homemade dinner or baked goods

Food is a great way of connecting with people. It’s a way for you to share the flavors you love with someone you care about. It also shows that you care enough about someone to offer him sustenance and nourishment.

If a friend has helped you out in a big way, you can invite him over for a home-cooked meal. The gift isn’t just the meal — it’s the shared experience. This is also a great thank you gift for a spouse. You can ask his parents for any beloved family recipes and prepare them for him as a special gesture.

These Thank You Gifts Express Gratitude for the Man in Your Life 

Gift-giving etiquette can be tricky. It’s not always easy to find an appropriate gift that sums up how you feel about a person. The act of giving a gift is incredibly personal. It depends so much on the personalities of the recipient and gift-giver.

A personal and thoughtful gift is always appreciated if you want to thank someone. These gift suggestions should inspire you in your quest for the perfect thank you gift.    


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