25 Thank You Gifts for Men Who Have Everything


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Some people pride themselves on being the best gift-giver out there, but it’s difficult when a man in your life already has just about everything he’s ever wanted. Fear not! We’ve got plenty of thank you gift ideas for men, ranging from affordable to splurge-worthy.  

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No matter who’s on your list—from dads to business clients, we’ve got some fantastic thank you gift ideas that’ll knock their socks off. Whether you need something that’s an experience or a tangible gift, you’re going to find something here that he’s going to appreciate.

Best Thank You Gifts for a Male Partner or Spouse

Best Thank You Gifts for a Spouse

Time is a precious commodity, whether you’re trying to find more of it, spend it in fun ways, or preserve it for posterity. The thank you gifts below can help your male partner or spouse enjoy their time a little more.

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1. Dry-cleaning service

Once a month, say thank you by giving your partner a couple of extra hours on their weekend with a gift card to a dry-cleaning service.

Let’s face it. No one wants to spend their Saturday evening or Sunday morning ironing shirts for the next work week! So why not give your partner a little reprieve from the monotonous chore?

2. Lawn care service

Speaking of giving extra time to one’s week—it may only take a few hours to mow the lawn and trim the hedges, but that extra couple of hours each weekend is time he could be spending with you, as well as friends and family members, out on the trail or doing some other fun activity. 

3. Cooking class

No, this is not a devious ploy to get your partner to cook more often. Instead, cooking classes make for an excellent opportunity to get away from the house. They can join up with some friends to learn how to chop, sauté, baste, or broil some of their favorite dishes.

(And OK, there may be some ulterior motive, too.)

4. Watch case

If the man in your life already has everything, they may need something in which to put those shiny baubles. 

While you can certainly buy a watch case from a fine jewelry store, consider having one custom-made from an online marketplace, instead. That way, you can choose the size, design, color, and personalization from a small business eager to provide you with great products and services.

5. Tailgate griller

He may have season tickets to the hockey games, but does he have everything needed for a good tailgate? 

Check out the specially designed grillers just for tailgate parties—they’re the perfect size for the back of a truck. Some even attach right to the tow hitch, lifting the grill off the ground and out of the truck bed.

Best Thank You Gifts for a Male Friend

Supporting your friend’s adventures, hobbies, and other interests is a great way to nurture a friendship that’ll last until you’re both reminiscing at the retiree coffee club.

6. Anti-theft backpack

If your best friend loves to travel or does so often for work, the anti-theft backpack is a perfect thank you gift for airports and hotel lobbies.

Anything that’s shockproof, waterproof, and has hidden zippers will make life so much easier while adding peace of mind when he’s on the road making things happen.

7. Portable steel fire pit for camping

The best campgrounds usually have sparse accommodations, including a lack of firepits (among other things). You can remedy part of that problem by giving your best friend a portable fire pit for camping. These portable pits often come with a screen, shield, and carrying case. 

Best of all, they’re often smokeless, which means your best friend doesn’t have to worry about waking up smelling like a fire pit.

8. Insulated growler

Insulated growlers are perfect for a friend who’s a craft beer lover. These containers keep the beer fresh and cold. Better yet, your friend can toss a clean one of these in his trunk without worrying that it’ll roll around and break like a glass growler might.

9. Water sport rental

If he already has a kayak and a paddleboard, he’ll likely enjoy an afternoon on the rapids. Choose from half-day trips and full-day trips.

Even if you don’t want to join, you can always drop him off, hang out with his dog all afternoon, and then meet up for refreshments when all is said and done.

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10. Live tree

This may seem like a housewarming gift, but a lovely tree for someone’s yard is always a good idea. Year after year, it’ll bring pleasure as your friend watches it grow into something spectacular. 

Pro-tip: Choose from area-native trees so that the sapling has a better chance of thriving.

Best Thank You Gifts for a Coworker or Client

Best Thank You Gifts for a Coworker or Client

When tangible gifts are too elusive, you can give your coworker or client something an experience, instead. After all, memories are the gifts that stay with us the longest. Below are some ideas for physical gifts your coworker might enjoy, as well as experience-based gifts.  

11. Event tickets

If you buy season tickets to baseball or hockey, send your best client to one of the games. That way, they can take one of their kids for a special daddy-daughter outing. Kids cherish those moments for the rest of their lives! Trust me. 

12. Sports lessons

Whether it’s golf or any other sport that’s offering lessons, from beginner to pro, don’t be afraid to set your coworker up with a Saturday afternoon of fun getting away and losing the workweek stress.

Pro-tip: Gift cards or certificates are typically the best way to give this gift.

13. Water flask

Speaking of memories that last—water flasks are one of the newest and best gifts to give both coworkers and clients. As for swag, these are brilliant gifts that support sustainable living and action. 

Check out water flasks with the highest ratings, and don’t be afraid to spend about $40 on one that’s durable, functional, and can keep water cold for hours.

14. Winery or distillery tour

Do you live in a local craft beverage manufacturing area? If so, consider signing up your coworker or client for one of the best tours available.

Want to make the gift even better? Make sure they’ve got a car service to drive them around, so everyone stays safe.

15. Wine or whiskey decanter

If your coworker already knows his favorite vintage or style, look for a decanter that suits their needs. These containers are readily available on-site at the local distilleries and wineries, so you can pick one up and wait for the right time to give it.

Best Small Thank You Gifts for Men

Anything entertaining or unusual makes a great small thank you gift. Just put yourself in your recipient’s shoes, and think back to anything he mentions often.

16. Movie or museum tickets

When the latest movie in a series or a traveling exhibition comes to town, pick up some tickets for a small thank you gift. 

Don’t forget to add on the parking fees when needed and if possible.

17. Fingerprint padlock

They might be small, but they’re not small-priced. These state-of-the-art padlocks are perfect for that friend who’s always misplacing their padlock key.

They work on sheds and toolboxes best, but they may not be suitable for something like a bike lock.

18. Multi-tool or keychain tool

Talk about handy! A multi-tool is one of those gifts that almost every guy wants but hardly ever buys for himself. 

Not sure what to get? Stop in at the local mall to chat up a specialist at one of those high-quality blade or sports stores. With a few questions, they’re sure to help you decide which one is most suitable for his needs.

19. Exceptional cologne

Maybe he’s got a bottle of some fantastic smelling cologne, maybe he’s ready for something new. So go ahead and spoil him with this small but pricey gift, and make him feel extra special.

Pro-tip: Cologne can be a personal choice, but a few well-placed questions can point you in the right direction. You can also use his current cologne as a reference for what types of scents he likes. 

20. Compass

Just because you can get a phone app for a compass doesn’t mean they aren’t still a classic gift. Just find the right one, and then head to your local jeweler to engrave it with a short personal message.

Best Last-Minute Thank You Gifts for Men

 Last-Minute Thank You Gifts for Men

Need a quick surprise thank you gift for that special guy in your life? It’s easy to keep an eye out for those last-minute, spontaneous but meaningful splurges. Keep scrolling, and you’ll see what we mean.

21. Gift card

For that man who’s very particular, consider giving him a gift card. These are such easy gifts to give these days; you can even email them the same day (which works well in a pinch if you’ve forgotten a big day). Or you can just stop by the store on the way over for a date.

22. Grab the check

Next time you’re hanging out, make sure to tell your server that you want the bill ahead of time, so there’s no back and forth after the meal.

Just slip your credit card to them at the beginning of the meal, and it’ll be dropped off with the check when all is said and done. Let your guest know that this meal is meant as a special thank you. 

23. Last-minute ball game 

Even if they’re in the nosebleeds, grabbing tickets to a last-minute ball game is the perfect remedy to a boring Friday night—and it’s a relatively easy way to say thank you on short notice.

24. Shortwave radio

Maybe the man in your life has always found tech gadget stores to have the most exciting and unusual gifts in them. One unique gadget that he might enjoy, and one that he’d never consider on his own, is a shortwave radio

25. Race fees

The marathon, triathlon, or 5K doesn’t have to be tomorrow, but paying for someone’s race fees can make a great last-minute gift. 

It's an easy way to say you’re supportive and excited for all the hard work they do and the accomplishments they’ve made.

26. Call the restaurant

Ever catch someone in the middle of a meal or at happy hour? There’s no better time or opportunity for a last-minute gift when you can hang out with your buddy (or parent) and then call the restaurant to ask for the tab. 

If You’re Still Stumped on What to Get Him

If he’s not dropping hints about what he wants, like a new gadget or an accessory for something he already owns, then opt for either the unusual gift or experience. In most cases, you’ll discover that either he doesn’t have one (yet), or he’s always wanted to go on that adventure and just hasn’t got around to it yet.


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