25+ Short ‘Thank You for the Gift’ Messages to Send


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Over the last several decades, many traditions in society have become much less formal. Whether the changes have been good or bad are open for interpretation. 

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One thing that hopefully will never disappear is the formal act of showing gratitude for a gift by writing a thank you note. Here are some snippets of text that you may find helpful when writing a thank you message for gifts received in one of the following situations.

How to Say ‘Thank You for the Gift’ to a Friend

You may feel less concerned about writing a formal thank you note to a friend, especially one who is in the same general age bracket as you. After all, you may text some of these friends dozens of times a day, and sending a formal card through the mail may seem cumbersome, especially if you often exchange small gifts.

There is one notable exception to this rule. Many people have not given up the formality of writing a thank you note when receiving a sympathy gift. You may find it difficult to formulate the expressions of gratitude in person if you recently lost someone you loved, so it simply may be easier to write the sentiment on a thank you card and send it through the mail. 

Here are some samples of text for writing a thank you note to a friend. Personalize the message so it fits your situation.

1. You were so sweet to think of me on my birthday. I love the personalized wine glasses and I can’t wait to use them with you when we share a bottle of our favorite red. 

Just because you are writing a formal thank you note, it doesn’t mean that you have to use formal language. If you are writing a thank you note to a good friend, feel free to use a chatty, conversational style.

2. We had such a great time on the holiday light tour. Thank you so much for including our family in this delightful event. 

You may find yourself in the position of sending thanks from your entire family. You may consider having everyone in the family sign their names at the bottom of the card.

3. I am so lucky to have a friend like you. Thank you for inviting me to the Elton John concert last night. It has been one of my lifelong dreams to see him perform.

Don’t forget to thank people for gifts of experiences as well as gifts of things.

4. You know me better than anyone else. Thank you for picking out such a thoughtful and perfect gift.

Of course, make sure you name the item for which you are offering thanks.

5. Thank you so much for the support you have shown my family and me during my mother’s illness. Also, thank you for the beautiful ficus tree that you sent to the funeral home. You have been such a wonderful friend. I appreciate you so much.

You may have an entire list of things to be thankful for when writing a note of gratitude. 

How to Say ‘Thank You for the Gift’ to a Family Member

Oddly enough, sometimes it’s harder to say thank you to a family member than it is to say thank you to a friend or acquaintance. For some reason, we think that family members “have” to be supportive, so thanking them does not seem as necessary.

Instead, we should be quicker to show gratitude to the people who are closest to us. They are the people who put up with our idiosyncrasies. 

Here are some sample messages to send to your parents, siblings, or children.

6. How can I ever thank you enough for our recent trip to Disney World? I am so thankful that the kids got to experience the Magic Kingdom with their grandparents. We love you!

Write thank you gifts for the big and small presents that you receive.

7. I haven’t taken off my “sisters” necklace since you gave it to me last week. Thank you for the sweet gift.

Even if the relationship with some of your family members is “complicated,” make sure you thank them for the nice things they do.

8. God gave me the best gift when he gave me you as parents. Thank you so much for showing me love, support, and encouragement throughout the years.

Don’t wait for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day to tell your parents, “Thank you.”

9. You always give the most thoughtful gifts. Thank you for the luggage. I plan to use it when I travel to Europe the summer after graduation.

There’s nothing wrong with using the tried-and-true formula for writing thank you notes. Name the item, tell the giver “thank you,” and describe how you will be using it. This formula is especially helpful if you are writing a thank you note for money

10. I am the luckiest mom in the world. Thank you for the lovely Mother’s Day flowers, cards, and homemade breakfast. 

Your kids will learn to write thank you notes from your example. If you want them to get into the habit, you need to do it yourself.

How to Say ‘Thank You for the Gift’ to a Boss, Coworker, or Client

Of course, writing a thank you note to a boss, coworker, or client should be more formal in tone than one you would write to a friend. Here are some samples of texts you may consider using.

11. It was such a lovely surprise to see flowers on my desk on Administrative Assistant’s Day. Thank you for remembering me. 

Keep some formal thank you cards in your desk at work so you are prepared to write notes for any gifts you may receive.

12. The May Day basket was such a pleasant surprise. Thank you for your thoughtful gift. 

Thank you notes don’t have to be lengthy. That’s why most thank you notes that you purchase from the store are small cards.

13. Thank you for remembering me on my birthday! Lunch was terrific! You are the greatest coworkers ever!

You may want to send out a group email to thank all those who participated in your birthday lunch. Formal thank you notes are not necessary when the act was more out of tradition than generosity, but it is still nice to express appreciation.

14. The last month has been challenging for me. Thank you for finishing projects, filing reports, and taking over some of my daily responsibilities when my daughter was in the hospital. 

Coworkers who have your back are worth their weight in gold. 

15. It doesn’t seem as if I started at Smith and Smythe 25 years ago this month. Thank you for remembering my silver work anniversary. I will wear my engraved watch with pride.

It may feel awkward to send a thank you note for a thank you gift, but we find ourselves in these strange situations sometimes.

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How to Say ‘Thank You for the Gift’ to a Partner or Spouse

Don’t forget to thank your partner, significant other, or spouse for the gifts he or she gives you. This person puts up with you during your good and bad moods deserves to be treated kindly. 

16. Thank you for the beautiful necklace. You really do spoil me. I am so thankful that I went out on that blind date 18 years ago.

Of course, when you write a thank you note to your family members, you can thank them for so much more than a physical gift. 

17. Thank you for staying up late to finish painting the entryway. I know what a big job this was, but it was nice having it done before my parents’ visit.

When you live with someone for a long time, you may appreciate jobs your spouse completes instead of gifts that your spouse gives you. 

18. My mom was right. You were a great catch. Thank you for surprising me with the new grill I’ve been wanting.

Tuck your thank you note into your spouse’s computer bag or leave it on his or her side of the bed.

19. Thank you for encouraging me to go on the trip to the Bahamas with my friends. I didn’t realize how depressed I had been until I spent a few days in the sunshine. Thank you, honey!

Relationships are full of sacrifice and compromise on both sides. 

20. Thanks for the motorcycle jacket, honey. You are the best!

Your notes to your spouse can be short and sweet.

How to Say ‘Thank You for the Gift’ to a Company or Business

You may find yourself in the position to have to write a thank you note to a company or business. Here are some samples of text you may use.

21. Thank you for the gift certificate to Mickey’s. What a thoughtful gift! I am so thankful that I was assigned to work on your account. You have not only been great customers, but you have also become wonderful friends.

Don’t forget that you are representing your company when you write a note to a customer. Keep the tone formal.

22. I cried when I saw that the beautiful arrangement at my mother’s funeral was from Smith Enterprises. What a sweet gesture! 

Don’t be afraid to show some emotion when writing a thank you note to business associates.

23. Thank you so much for choosing me as the recipient of the 2022 Smith Company Scholarship. I am honored to have been selected. 

Encourage your children to write thank you notes for any scholarships they receive.

24. Your generosity amazes me. Thank you for the considerable contribution you made to Head for the Cure. 

Don’t forget to write personal messages when a company makes a monetary donation to a nonprofit organization.

25. We are thankful for generous organizations like yours in our community. Thank you for contributing the face masks to our nursing home workers. Your donation may have saved lives.

A kind act deserves a kind response.

Keep Thank You Notes Alive

Even though our society is becoming less formal, it would be nice to keep the thank you note alive. Expressing gratitude is not only important to the recipient, but it is an excellent way to count your blessings as well.

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