25+ Ways to Say ‘Thank You for Everything, Mom’


Moms are known to ask for so little, yet give so much. It can be tough to figure out ways to give back, but expressing gratitude to your mom is sure to warm her heart. 

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Whether it’s Mother’s Day, her birthday, or you’re just feeling extra appreciative, it’s a wonderful idea to say ‘Thank you for everything, Mom.’

How to Say ‘Thank You, Mom’ in a Letter or Card

When it comes to moms, there’s a lot to be grateful for. Here are some ideas for messages to include in thank you notes to show your mom how much you care. 

1. “You are the best mom in the world because…”

Think about what ways your mom really stands out. What makes your mom so special? Make a list of all the things you can think of. Be specific! 

Maybe it’s because she’s an amazing chef or the most brilliant person you know. Maybe she’s the best because of all the times she took care of you when you were sick or all of the wonderful things she taught you.

2. “These are the ways you’ve inspired me…”

Whether she was a superhero stay-at-home mom, had an awe-inspiring career, or something in-between, include in your letter the ways your powerhouse mom inspired you through the years.

Maybe it’s her generous spirit or strength and resiliency that inspire you the most. Moms want to inspire their children, so hearing all the ways they achieved this is a true gift.

3. “My favorite memories are…”

There is nothing like reminiscing on your childhood. Moms love to think back on when their kids were small. Many moms consider these times their glory years! 

Fill a letter with favorite memories you share with your mom. What were the things that she did for you that were so special? She may not even remember the moments that were most important to you. Reminding her is the perfect way to express your gratitude. 

4. “I appreciate you because…”

Make a list of the ways that you appreciate your mom. You can use some of the ideas above and even spruce it up with some thank you quotes.

5. “The best advice you gave me was…”

Perhaps your mom taught you tenacity — to never give up on yourself, your dreams, or your loved ones. Maybe your mom taught you to always be your best self or to give back. Perhaps she demonstrated the value of family and community. 

Fill up a card with the best advice your mom gave you, and it is sure to bring a tear to her eye and smile to her face.  

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How to Say ‘Thank You, Mom’ If You Can’t See Each Other Face-to-Face

Even if you live far away or there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from seeing your mom in person, there are still plenty of great ways to say thank you.

6. Call or video chat 

If you are unable to spend in-person, quality time with your mom, one great way to express gratitude is with regular phone and video calls. 

Sharing your time and details of your life likely makes your mom super happy. You can even up the ante by always sharing one thing about your mom that you’re grateful for on each call.

7. Send letters 

Take inspiration from the above thank you messages and write a series of letters of gratitude to your mom. Send them at a cadence that feels right to you. Once per week or once per month is a good jump-off point.

There is so much joy in receiving snail mail, and it will be something your mom can look forward to. 

8. Shower her with gifts

There’s nothing quite like getting a surprise gift. Say thank you with something thoughtful — a gift you know she’ll love. This is sure to make your mom feel extra appreciated. 

9. Treat her to a spa day 

If you can’t be with your mom in person, but want to express your gratitude, consider gifting her a day of pampering. Send her to the spa, her favorite nail place, or a local masseuse. 

She’s done so much for you and your family, she deserves a day to be waited on hand-and-foot!

10. Plan a special date night for her

Moms often devote so much of their time over many years to caring for their children and family. She might not have had a lot of alone time with her partner. Show her how appreciated she is by planning a romantic date night for them.

Elevate the plan by purchasing a gift card to her favorite restaurant and send a beautiful arrangement of flowers to the restaurant for their table. 

How to Say ‘Thank You, Mom’ on Mother’s Day

Any day of the year is perfect for saying ‘Thanks, Mom,’ but there’s something extra special about Mother’s Day. This is a full day with the exclusive purpose of expressing your gratitude for everything your mom has provided for you.

11. Take her out to a special meal

A great way to express gratitude for everything your mom has done for you is to treat her to a special meal. Bring your whole family, and have everyone go around the table and say what they love and appreciate about her. This is one for the history books — a night she’ll never forget!

12. Recreate childhood snapshots

This one is so much fun! Gather your siblings or other family members and recreate old snapshots. Make a photo book with your childhood picture on the left and brand new picture on the right page. Include a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ message of gratitude at the beginning or end of the book.

13. Treat her to a day of favorites

Show your mom that you’re grateful for all the years she schlepped you to all of your activities. Be your mom’s chauffeur for once, and take her to do all of her favorite things. Treat her to her favorite meals and outings. Pamper her with a mani-pedi, and end the day with her favorite snack and movie. 

14. Serve breakfast in bed

This one’s a classic, but it is always a winner! Show your mom you appreciate how much she always takes care of you by doing the same for her.

Make your mom’s absolute favorite breakfast and serve it to her in bed. Insist that she spends the entire day with her feet up while you take care of everything. Don’t forget fresh-squeezed juice, flowers, and a kiss!

15. Throw a party

There’s no better way to say ‘thank you’ than by throwing a party in your mom’s honor. Invite her favorite people and celebrate her! 

There are many ways to express your gratitude at the party. You can write a speech, create a guestbook, or decorate the party exactly how she’d want it.

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How to Say ‘Thank You, Mom’ Without Words

In some cases, actions speak louder than words. Here are some ideas for how to express gratitude to your mom without words. 

16. Send flowers

If you know your mom loves flowers, stick to this traditional way of expressing love and appreciation. Flowers are beautiful, smell great, and brighten up any space.

17. With personalized jewelry 

There are a lot of beautiful options for jewelry. Perhaps a ring, bracelet, or necklace that includes all the birthstones of your mom’s kids and grandkids. You can also get pieces engraved with a special message of gratitude for your mom. Jewelry is a thoughtful gift that your mom can treasure forever. 

18. Create art

If you are more the DIY type — create something unique for your mom. A drawing or painting, homemade clothing or quilt, or handmade card is sure to bring a smile to your mom’s face. You can also use old photographs to create cool art and keepsakes. 

Every time she sees or wears your gift, she’ll think about how much you love and appreciate her. 

19. Cook her a meal

Whether or not your mom was the cooking type, she likely has provided you with many meals over the years. Return the favor and show her how grateful you are for all the years of happy, full bellies by cheffing up her absolute favorite meal. 

20. With quality time

Your mom loves you more than anyone in the world — say thank you by giving her the gift of your time and love.

Quality time means that Mom gets your undivided attention. You can keep it simple by taking her for a nice cup of coffee, book an extravagant vacation, or plan something in between. 

How to Say ‘Thank You, Mom’ at the End of Her Life

Expressing gratitude to your mom is important, and especially so if she is nearing the end of her life. We don’t want to live with any regrets, and no matter how old we get, we still always need our moms. 

21. Write a letter

It can be difficult in the moment to remember everything you want to say. Write down all the ways you are grateful for your mom. Then you can either share the letter with her or read it out loud to her. 

22. Visit often

Quality time is truly the best way to express your gratitude. Think about all the time your mom spent with you over the years. Return the favor by visiting her often as her life is coming to a close. 

Even though it might be difficult to cope with at the time, when you look back, you will see how much it meant to your mom, and you will be even more grateful for the time you had together.

23. Make a video montage

Collect all of your family’s home videos and photographs and digitize them. Once they’re digitized, you can use free video editing software (such as iMovie for Apple users or VSDC for PC users) to piece clips and pictures together. You can also add music and effects.

Watch the montage with your mom to reminisce on all of your beautiful memories and express your gratitude for everything she’s done for you. This is a very moving tribute to your mom’s life.

24. Create a scrapbook

This is another great tribute to your mom and all of the memories that you share. It’s also another wonderful way to make use of old photographs.

You can use ‘Thank You, Mom’ as the theme of the scrapbook. This is a gift of gratitude that she can cherish and enjoy, even when you can’t be with her in person. 

25. Respect her wishes 

The best way to say thank you is to respect your mom’s wishes at the end of her life. Following her end-of-life plan is a great way to do this and honor her life and memory. 

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Just Tell Her!

The easiest and most important way to express gratitude towards your mom is simply to tell her and to tell her often. Nobody ever gets sick of hearing how much they are loved and appreciated. Set a calendar reminder at least once per month to say thank you to your mom. This is sure to fill her heart and increase the quality of both of your lives!

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