20+ Ways to Thank Your Husband for Being a Good Dad


They say that actions speak louder than words. But words are pretty important, especially when it comes to expressing appreciation to your husband. The following messages and actions should leave no doubt how much your husband means to you.

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How to Thank Your Husband for Being a Great Dad

Sadly, not all kids are lucky enough to have engaged father figures in their lives. If your husband goes above and beyond for your kids, let him know you see and appreciate his efforts. Here are some messages and actions to help you communicate your gratitude. 

1. “Thank you for being such an equal partner in raising our children.”

Studies show that women often take on the majority of childcare, even when both parents work full-time. If your husband is committed to being truly equitable, let him know you notice and appreciate it. 

2. “You have gone above and beyond as a step-parent. Thank you for being a true father figure to our kids.”

When you’re a single mother, you may fear that you’ll never find a partner who truly embraces your children. If your husband loves your kids like they were his own, tell him how thankful you are for his presence in their lives. 

3. “Thank you for staying home with the kids so I can stay on my career path.” 

Society still expects that if a partner gives up their career to raise children that it should be the mother. An increasing number of fathers are taking on the responsibilities of being the stay-at-home parent. If your husband takes on that role, tell him what it means to you.  

4. Help your kids write a thank-you note

Children don’t always understand when their parent is really knocking it out of the park. Sit down with them and help them write a thank-you note to their dad for the special things he does.

It’s not only important for you to show gratitude: we should always be teaching the next generation that it is kind to express appreciation. 

5. Make a social media post

It’s great to express your gratitude directly to your husband. It may make him feel even more appreciated if you post about what makes him great on Facebook or another social media platform you both frequent. It can be really gratifying to know you’re doing so well that your wife wants to share it with the world.  

6. Buy him a thank-you gift

Parenting, as you know, can be really hard work. Get your husband a gift to show him your appreciation for all he does.

Get tickets to a game for his favorite sports team, or even just pick up a six-pack of his favorite craft beer. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion: sometimes the best gifts come when the recipient isn’t expecting them. 

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How to Thank Your Husband for Being a Wonderful Spouse

Marriage is a partnership. But as with all partnerships, there is an ebb and flow. Sometimes, one spouse steps up in big ways when their partner is in need. If your husband is a supportive spouse who sticks with you through thick and thin, be sure to thank him for taking care of you

7. “There’s an unfortunate stereotype that husbands don’t do well picking out gifts on holidays or anniversaries. But you always seem to pick out the perfect thing for me. Thank you for paying attention to what I care about. You make important dates seem even more special.”

If your husband goes above and beyond on birthdays or Mother’s Day, let him know you appreciate his attention to detail. 

8. “Going back to school was really intimidating. I would have never made it through without your support. Thank you for believing in me.”

When you’re married, a lot of your personal accomplishments are actually shared achievements. If your husband stepped up around the house to let you pursue your dreams, say thank you for the support.  

9. “I’ve been having a really hard time since my mom died. Thank you for giving me time and space to grieve.”

When you get married, you promise to be there for each other in good times and in bad. When your husband has supported you in tragedy or times of difficulty, let him know what it meant to you. 

10. Prepare his favorite meal

Does your husband have a meal he loves that’s expensive or time-intensive to prepare? Make an investment of time or money to create a special dinner for him. If he had a childhood favorite meal, you could also get the recipe from his parents to create a new happy memory for him. 

11. Write him a love letter

Sometimes putting pen to paper can make an expression of gratitude a lot more meaningful. In a letter, you can take the time to choose your words well. List all of the reasons you love your husband and are thankful that he’s by your side. 

12. Pull out your wedding album

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. Bring out your wedding album or put on the video of your ceremony so the two of you can reminisce together about your relationship. While you do this, you can let him know you’re thankful for your relationship. 

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How to Thank Your Husband for a Gift, Note, or Surprise

Unfortunately, a lot of times the responsibility of gift-giving falls on women in relationships. It’s a bit of a holdover from a bygone era where the household was the domain of the wife. A lot of times, men are not expected to give thoughtful gifts. If your husband makes an effort to get gifts for you, it’s nice to show your gratitude.  

13. “Thank you for sending flowers to my office. You always pick out such beautiful arrangements.”

Saying thank you for a thoughtful gift is always great. It makes it even more special when you provide a specific compliment. 

14. “Thank you for the sweet note you wrote to me. I was really nervous about my presentation today, but you put a smile on my face.”

If your husband makes an effort to cheer you up, let him know you appreciate the gesture. This creates a positive circle of goodwill between you both and makes your relationship even stronger.  

15. Use what he bought you

Did your husband finally get you the Instant Pot you’ve been eyeing? Or maybe he picked up a KitchenAid mixer in your favorite color. If so, prepare him a special meal or treat to let him know you appreciate his thoughtful gesture. 

16. Buy him a gift of his own 

If your husband surprised you with a thoughtful gift for no particular reason, you can return the favor! Be on the lookout for a special something he would never buy for himself. 

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How to Thank Your Husband for Everything at the End of His Life

When you’ve built a life with your husband, it’s difficult to fathom saying goodbye to him. But there are more than 13.7 million widowed people in the United States.

Of that number, 11 million are women. The sad truth is, you may outlive your spouse. If your husband is near the end of his life, it can be hard to know how to say goodbye. Here are some messages and actions that may help inspire you. 

17. “I wouldn’t have wanted to share my life with anyone else. You have been the best partner I could have ever asked for. Thank you for giving me the best life.”

When you marry someone, you commit to building a life together. Let your husband know just how much you cherish what he has brought to your shared life. 

18. “Thank you for providing me with a wonderful life. I look forward to reuniting with you in our next one.” 

If you believe that life goes on after death, thank your husband for the joy he brought to this phase of your existence. Then, reassure him that you’ll be together once again. 

19. Read him your journal

If you’ve kept a personal diary throughout your relationship, consider sharing your innermost thoughts. Go back and flag pages where you’ve written how thankful you are for your husband and read them aloud. He’ll really value hearing what he has meant to you over the years. 

20. Put together a video tribute

Odds are, you aren’t the only person thankful for your husband. Get family and friends to record video messages letting him know how grateful they are to have known such a great man. Most of us don’t understand how deeply we affect other people. It can bring a great deal of comfort. 

Expressing Gratitude for a Husband and Father Who Goes Above and Beyond 

There’s an old saying that goes, “teamwork makes the dream work.” When you marry someone, the two of you become a team.

Something that makes teamwork go more smoothly is showing gratitude to your partner for their care and support. Whether you choose words or actions to show your gratitude, you’ll be sure to strengthen your relationship. 


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