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The "If I Die Tomorrow" Quiz — Get Your Score!

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At Cake, we believe being prepared for emergencies — and death — is pretty flippin' important. In fact, so important that we made this quiz to help you understand what it means to be truly prepared. Take 3 minutes to find out how prepared you are!

Appendix: Why it's so important to be prepared for death

  1. You should be able to face death with peace of mind
    Documenting your wishes increases the likelihood you will get the medical care you want at the end of life. Don't want indefinite life support? People need to know that. Your documented wishes can greatly reduce family conflict and the feelings of guilt that people often experience when they are forced to guess about your final wishes. Guessing games aren't fun. 

  2. Our deaths can be easier on the people we leave behind
    No doubt, loss will always be hard to cope with. But it's exponentially harder when you have to dig through a house to find estate documents and answer 1,001 emotionally-charged questions:

    Cremation or burial? — Who gets Mom's wedding ring? — Is this the most recent version of her will? — Did she have life insurance? — Where are all of her financial accounts?  

    Leaving someone a plan with all these decisions and information lifts a massive burden off their shoulders so they can focus on grieving in a healthy way. That's a gift for which they will be ever-grateful. 

Convinced? You can create a totally free end-of-life plan with Cake then share it with your family. Start planning today!